Sunday, May 31, 2009

The world better be concerned: When it comes to the US Government all Politics are NOT local!

What is happening in Asia and around the world better make what is happening in the United States right now with the childish Republicans badmouthing a very qualified nominee for the Supreme so they can hopefully have their way once again. They ultimately want to get back into power to impress their will and agenda started by Reagan and continued by the Bush's that was so destructive to us and the entire world. The world should be very concerned as to what they are saying and doing and are getting worse daily the more desperate they get.

Regardless of how you feel about Sotomayor I have to ask how did something that seems so perfect be made so artificially ugly? Their is no concern for truth coming from Republicans only a concern in keeping Sotomayor off the Supreme court and they will and are saying anything they have too. I do not get this! They seem to be going after our first Black President through attacking his Supreme Court nominee.

This is not good! Does anyone else see what is going on? The entire world better be concerned because these are the dirty underhanded tactics employed under Bush and they want to impress again on the world. They couldn't do it while he was running for President but they can now and are. They are saying Obama is a racist and you must be a racist to be part of his administration.

I can't stand this childishness! A female Puerto Rican Supreme Court nominee is getting a thousand more times attention and lunacy than a black man running for President. I do not get this or once again how they are getting away with this obvious underhanded childishness. Obama is now involved and forced to defend his pick for the Supreme Court.

I should no longer be surprised by the senseless lunacy spewed by Limbaugh, Gingrich, and Tancredo but I was stunned to hear Limbaugh the mouth liken nominating Sotomayor to nominating David Duke who as you know was in the kkk and Sotomayor is said to be in the Puerto Rican KKK. I am really stupefied as to Republican childish lying defaming lunacy and how they continue to get away with this crap!

Rove is even in on the lying once again! Rove quoted Sam Alito saying Alito worked with Sotomayor and amongst other things she was not too intelligent. That really sickens me. They never worked together. They worked in different courts. Them bastards they say this crap knowing it is a lie and they have a shit eating grin on their face. They just do not care if they speak the truth or not just following their Republican Fascist agenda. The entire world better be concerned because they want to impress it on the world once again.

Sotomayor better speak up before these scum damage her reality beyond any correction by speaking the truth. We must hear from Sotomayor mending her words. as Republicans have have made her words taken out of context take on a life of their own. Her words are being called a window to her Judicial soul. That is BS because those are her words taken out of context by those who ultimately want to go after Obama.

She has a large body of work. Over 425 cases with only 4 decisions overturned. Quite remarkable I would say and that should be the window to her soul. An analysis was done of Sotmayor's discrimination cases and she rarely sided with the plaintiff. That should be a window to her soul. Last confirmation ten Republicans voted against her. She should make those Senators her first visits and explain the statements in question. This is a good woman a good Judge. Her race and gender have been made the issue and only to go after Obama who they can not go against because of his popularity.

President Obama said Sotomayor would have restated her words and well she should now the sooner and the more often the better. She is up to the task. I would like to see her confront Gingrich and Tancredo. These attacks are not only childish lies they have become racist and sexist. themselves. Why would they be trying to keep the highest court in the land down to one woman? Going after Obama is the only reason. If she was a Republican she would be in already.

Republicans went after senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson and they likened Nancy Pelosi to Pussy Galore in a stupid commercial to James Bond music the idiots were smart enough to pull but the damage is already done, hopefully to them! Now they are going after Sotomayor. With the childish antics they have only succeeded in alienating women and minorities. What ever happened to the Big tent party? They are more and more becoming the pup tent party and they must be doing it on purpose.

With Obama responding to Limbaugh's idiocy the Sotomayor issue has now hit the White House. and given the Republicans a stay of execution. Instead of joining the game Obama should have said point blank that Sotomayor is not a racist. He should be defending her not lending credence to her critics. Cornyn is right! What the Republican extremists are doing is pure idiocy, childish, wrong and better stop. It is only showing the country and the world how mean and lyingly destructive the Republican party continues to be. Nothing has changed.

You can not give Republicans any fuel for this destructive fire and the White House has. Cornyn was covering his backside with the large Hispanic population in Texas. That said he has done what Obama, Gibbs, and other Democrats for whatever reason has not done. Republicans are trying to get at Obama and to make Democrats waiver but they will not.

Republicans are only succeeding in alienating women and Hispanics. Newt, Tancredo, Limbaugh, they better dial it back. They are not only going to lose this war they are going to lose the Hispanic community for challenging Sotomayor with meaningless unsubstantiated childish remarks. They better shut up those incendiary idiots up for their own good!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

"An analysis was done of Sotmayor's discrimination cases and she rarely sided with the plaintiff.".

This is troubling to me. She has empathy? For who?

One of the few times she ruled in favor of the plaintiff was in Bartlett v New York State Bd. of Law Examiners, 970 F. Supp. 1094 (S.D.N.Y. 1997), where she stated a petitioner should be given 4 days instead of 2 to pass the rigourous bar exam, because she had dyslexia. Oh, never mind, she was sticking up for a future lawyer.

Who, in their right mind, would want to hire a dyslexic lawyer?

Demeur said...

This is all just a poor excuse for the republicans to get their mugs in the press. You realize that Sotomayor will be nominated and for the most part forgotten by most of us by the time the Supreme Court meets in the fall.
The republicans will either shrink some more or go away all together. The democrats will seek bipartisanship that the republicans won't give them. Eventually the democrats will get to big for their britches and either the republicans or some other party will take over. It just seems that that's how things work. History repeating itself.
So Jim I hope you'll take this for what it is. Grab some popcorn. Sit back and watch the show because that's all it is.

an average patriot said...

That's funny I remember that. You must have been by the ponderer! I thought being dyslexic came with lawyership.

an average patriot said...

It really pisses me off because they hate having Obama as a President but could not attack him. Now they are through her saying he is a racist or reverse whatever the hell that is?

AdB said...

Re: "Republicans are trying to get at Obama and to make Democrats waiver but they will not."

Obama must stay the course. There will be more diversions, distractions, distortions, etc., etc., in store for him from the Repub gang and for a host of other mudslingers.

He is being tested. He can come out of this victorious if he behaves "presidential".

an average patriot said...

Now their really talking filibuster because Obama filibustered Alito. I knew there was a reason Coleman is still fighting in Minnesota. When the Supreme court does give it to Franken Democrats will have a filibuster proof majority. I do not like this ignorant childish crap,