Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We can not even make a destitute third world country listen to us what makes us think anyone else will?

SNAP ANALYSIS: N.Korea pushes US, risks economic hit for test

Obama: North Korean nuclear test 'a grave threat'

As you know by now Bush lifter terrorist state status from North Korea and they destroyed their nuclear cooling tower. Since, they have threatened to rebuild it and are. In April they attempted a failed missile test despite the worlds condemnation. Yesterday without forewarning Kim Jong Il fired 3 short range missiles and had an under ground nuclear test. We have obviously had a great impact on North Korea.

Once again Japan like the rest of the world vows they will not tolerate this. I am so sick of hearing this crap. Growing up if you said something you better be prepared to back it up and instantly because you were fighting. I am sick of this phony blustering. We won't tolerate this! Shut up! All of us and deal with something anything, forcefully and succinctly! What the hell can we do to stop anyone in the world from doing what they want? It seems nothing and the world knows it.

I am sick of the strong condemnations. They are worthless. North Korea does their own blustering but okay they have a nuclear weapon but they can not deliver it. Their biggest threat is that they will harm themselves. Screw em! All we can do his starve their starving citizens and I am sick of harming the innocents. Let these damn Governments grow some and go after each other and leave us the hell alone.

North Korea has made their only means of existence butting heads with the west who when you rattle their cage feeds them. This has to stop. Guaranteeing Japan that we have their back and coming through with it when called on is all we can do. I still refuse to believe that someone who should be under constant watch like North Korea can prepare a nuclear explosion even under ground and we do not know about it until it explodes. That is not good!

North Korea is the most sanctioned country in the world. Sanction away, it is worthless except to further harm the innocent civilians. Supposedly the world is angry because North Korea is threatening global security but I believe it is solely because North Korea refuses to be kow towed. From what I can see they are their own worse enemy and only a threat to themselves.

North Korea is supposedly threatening global security because they tested a nuclear explosion that was 20 times as powerful as the one they set off in 2006. I really refuse to believe it but I am also sick of hearing supposedly strong condemnations. We are again hearing strong condemnations in the most complete terms from Britain, Japan, and the US. Big friggen deal. It is worthless beside showing those strongly condemned that you are powerless to do anything else.

Stop the blustering. Do something concrete about it beyond making the citizens who we know do not matter suffer further. Like us, Iran, and the rest of the world they are under the mistaken impression that their Government cares about them. Trust me they do not. By the way, where is North Korea's money coming from?

Who is funding North Korea to be another thorn in the west's side? North Korea is only the size of Mississippi with no real exports beyond weapons you would have to be more of a fool than Kim Jong Il to trust let alone buy with ever valuable money. I hear that North Korea specializes in counterfeiting Hundred dollar bills. Kim Jong Il then imports western electronic toys along with exporting $800 thousand dollars a year worth of cognac every year while starving his loving people.

Once again as we are in Holiday mode thus a position of perceived weakness North Korea is threatening us and the international community. North Korea is getting the attention she wants but I hope it backfires this time. This is another big test for Obama. Obama said North Korea is violating international agreements and we must act. Okay do it but what? We can't as an international community attack North Korea or we won't That would work but short of that nothing would so Obama better put up or shut up.

In closing I am sickened that the world threatens and condemns the errant child North Korea for provocation while we know no consequential action has ever been taken but Obama is at bat and better step up and hit a homer. I do not know what we can do about this or any problem around the world but this is a big test. North Korea, Iran, and the rest of the world know our plate is full. We ca not even make a small impoverished 3rd world country do what we want. How do we realistically expect any nation in the world to listen to us when they see how powerless we are to back up anything we say? We must do something but what?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

Not to worry Jim I understand the angry letter from Leahy is on its way.

Where do they get their money? It's one damn thing after another and this shit never stops because there's no accountability here either.

Why can't the most powerful nation in the world make this guy an offer he can't refuse?

Great post!

jude cowell said...

Yes another reason, imho, why the banking crisis was engineered - to undermine 'the most powerful country in the world' and it's ineffectual to boss others around when your coffers are raided into emptiness. jc

Demeur said...

Wow where to start? N Korea is pissed because the U.S. and now S Korea are stopping N Korean ships to check for weapons. N Korea has declared that an act of war and is threatening S Korea. They said the pact signed in the 1950 is now invalid. My guess is that China who had been providing aid to N Korea has slowed down as China's economy is slowing. I'd also venture to say that conditions are getting dire in the country so Kim is trying to rally the people. China doesn't want to push the issues for fear of a government collapse. Imagine N Korea with a destabalized government and nukes.
What are we doing? Clinton and Pelosi just went to China to discuss the issues. So we'll see what happens.



Difficult that question of yours is!

North Korea is a very frightened nation -- it's been living like a hermit that its people don't know that there's even an outside world.

All I can think of is that the least thing to do is to tell them that we will punish them for violating some international law of which I'm sure tens of millions of N Koreans don't even know exists.

If only a repeat of the McDonald and Coke operation in the former USSR could be done, I'm sure we wouldn't even need to lift a finger, N Koreans themselves would put a stop to the inanities of their revered dictator.