Saturday, May 30, 2009

It is Payback time in Pakistan, Batullah Masoud must be killed!

34 insurgents killed in eastern Afghanistan

Residents seethe as Pakistan army destroys homes

Swat Taliban chief Fazlullah killed?

UPI newstrack topnews plus extremists threaten wider war Besides the recent attacks in large cities I caught the warning by Batullah Masoud that civilians better abandon the large cities because they are going to be targets as the Taliban and other insurgents look for retribution. It is payback time!

Pakistan 'fears destabilizing' US policies

I have to laugh! I hope you at the very least just looked at the titles of those links. I say often that when I set out to write a story by the time I research it,I most often learn something new and what I am going to discuss ends up taking a new course. This is no exception. I started to discuss the fact that Pakistan has done a hell of a job fighting the Taliban but...

I am very concerned with the destruction of the Swat valley. The land of the Wali! The Switzerland of Pakistan! There was not an issue three years ago with controlling the Taliban, two policemen could have done it. That sad there is an issue now. Pakistan has done a hell of a job cleaning out a problem they created in that they gave the Taliban a haven a safe place to gather.

Yesterday when I was gathering information I realized the US and Afghan army was succeeding in their efforts to contain the so called Taliban and the insurgency along the border. Meanwhile Pakistan has done a hell of a job squeezing them from their side. Of course at one time the concern was that insurgents from around the world were gathering in Pakistan to gather train and arm to cross the border and fight the US and Nato in Afghanistan.

Not due to our success in Afghanistan but because of Pakistan's success in cleaning up the Swat valley the Taliban were now leaving Afghanistan to head into Pakistan to help their Brother insurgents. That is a good sign of something that has not been mentioned. This is a sign that we are making headway. It is not a bad thing that the Taliban are going into Pakistan primarily because they realize they are up against it and are getting desperate.

The pincer move with the cooperation of Pakistan is working. The Taliban is getting desperate now in Pakistan and are now bring the fight to the bigger cities telling civilians they better abandon them. Batullah Masoud is said to have hundreds of martyrs with suicide belts ready when needed. Recently some of the insurgents killed in a firefight were wearing suicide vests and blew themselves up so I tend to believe this. Batullah must be killed and that will greatly quell the problem in Pakistan.

However this is just beginning! The added US troops have not caused insurgents to head to Pakistan as Pakistan thinks. Their success has brought them there. I believe they are up to the task of dealing with them. Whether it is done in Pakistan or Afghanistan does not matter. It has to be done period. I do not like that the Taliban are doing the Iraq thing and targeting civilian areas. We have seen it before.

Civilians are going to have to join this too. They have the power to nullify Al Qaeda and the Taliban! This is a guerilla war. Armies can do their fighting and win battles but to put this to an end it is going to take an all out concerted effort involving the entire population. Success is in their hands and will not come without them. Like Iraqi citizens those in Pakistan and Afghanistan must be mad to realize the so called insurgents want to kill them. They want to end their life, life as they know it.

At one point I thought this was going to go on for generations and I still think it will like it or not. However I do believe civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan will have their life as they want it if they get involved and fight for it. Eternal Vigilance!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

Killing Batullah Masoud will serve no purpose other than massaging the egos of the hegemonic U.S. Military and their puppet governments.

Killing the 'king' to end a war is an archaic and medieval concept. Leaders nowdays, be they in armies, insurgencies, or drug cartels, are figureheads at best. When one falls, there are ten others standing in line, ready to take their position (al-Zarqawi is a prime example). Does anyone honestly believe that if Petraeus, or any other high-up military commander were to be killed, the U.S. military would crumble? The same goes for al Qaeda, the Taliban, et al.

You want world peace, Jim? Let's work on getting our troops off of Muslim soil. THAT is the ONLY solution to the problem. In the globalized atmosphere we are currently experiencing, even genocide would prove impossible.

an average patriot said...

Hi Brother
Killing Masoud will be up to Pakistan as he is there. He has 200 martyr's with suicide belts attacking the major cities. I wish to hell we would get off their soil but we know that will never happen.