Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama sets the standard for the future and US Supremacy!

Greener Emission Standards

Obama just set the standard for the future of the world. A new direction where hopefully we will now lead where Bush has set us up to follow. Under Bush we were turned into a third world economy dependent on others to do the manufacturing for us and our survival. Drastically improving our fuel standards and emission standard putting them both under the control of the Federal Government and not individual States sets a new standard and will put us on top of the world as we move into the future.

Right now we are dependent on other Nations for our fuel and thanks to Bush, for our manufactured goods as Bush shipped the plants overseas along with their taxes. Obama is forcing them home, closing the tax shelter loopholes, and now rebuilding the Auto Industry while preparing us for a greener more prosperous future. Iran, China, and Russia, are now nervous. This is our future to command. Obama has taken the first step and the rest of the so called civilized world is now worried.

California, DC and 13 other States, the Big 3 and at least 7 big foreign auto companies have all been meeting in secret for this to happen. Once again Obama is moving the country and the world forward. The options were join the effort and dominate the future or stand aside and be left behind. They knew the world was changing and wanted to be part of it. Thus a coup was scored while Americans and the world were listening to the two party's feast on each other.

We were intently listening to Republicans childishly call Pelosi names instead of their talking about Bush and Cheney torturing to get a false reason to attack Iraq and get back into the middle east so Bush could follow his Christian Crusade. While Democrats were focused on torture for political gain and Republican's accusing Pelosi of using Botox, being too big for her britches and lying about the CIA the World changed. Anew standard is being set and we will be on the cusp!

Secretly the big Auto Gyro's of the world met and made a deal for their and our successful move into the future. We are going Green! Republicans and the big fought tighter fuel standards and emission standards saying any improvements would destroy them. That made this the perfect time to act. They had no choice as they are now destroyed by their own hand. Thus what they once said would destroy us is now forced on them and will rebuild us. Cars will now by law get 35 MPG by 2016 and emission standards cut drastically. Moves Bush representing the Industry said would destroy us as he set about doing it instead.

Gas prices have jumped on the news as summer starts and new transportation standards have been set. This is supposed to save an estimated 2 billion barrels over 10 years. Actually 1.8 billion barrels of oil over the lifetime of the vehicles sold in the next five years. That's more oil than the United States imported last year from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Libya and Nigeria combined. Obama has accepted California standards Bush said would destroy us. They will hopefully now thanks to Obama be our salvation and future. Obama Announces First Nationwide Regulation of Greenhouse Gases

The entire auto Industry does not have a choice but to cooperate with Obama. As we said from the beginning, for any environmental to succeed the Government will have to get on board, provide incentive, and and lead the way. Bush refuse but once again Obama has stepped up to the plate and will lead the way. The country and the world will follow!

This is one standard for the whole country with pick ups and RV's being consumer choice. When all is said and done the additional cost will be $600 per vehicle that supposedly will be offset by fuel savings. It still remains to see what incentive the Government will utilize in order to get people to buy new but you know there will be one.

The writing is on the wall! Auto makers and the American oil and fuel industry fought this tooth and nail with Bush's help. They wanted one set of standards one rule and thanks to Bush they were able to play us because Bush would not let this happen. However this is Obama and it is happening. The entire Industry is backing Obama. They are boarding the ship before it leaves port without them. Ending dependence on foreign oil is a top priority, one of our biggest challenges and this is a good start!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I was all set to buy a hybrid when the economy tanked. I think any plans Obama has will be dependent on when the economy picks up. Who's going to buy a car when they're on unemployment? And with the pending lay offs it will take a few years to get back on our feet. As for incentives I don't think he'll have to resort to those if gas prices go back up. When gas was in the $3 to $4 range you couldn't find a small car or hybrid so people were turning to motorcycles and scooters.

an average patriot said...

Incentives to get people to buy new vehicles (cars) is one thing he still has to address.