Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sotomayor a good solid Political choice!

Obama makes nomination announcement for Supreme Court

You may remember that on 5/3 we discussed her nomination. We closed saying A brilliant fair minded President is going to make a brilliant fair minded liberal pick who will set the tone for years to come. I am psyched! Did I say that? There has been 115 Justices appointed in 220 some years. I fully expect Obama's appointment to be even among such an elitist field, exceptional.

I do believe Obama wants a female minority as I said but when all is said and done he will make sure he picks someone with the principles he so eloquently stated. Privacy, Justice, and equal opportunity for all! How about Sotomayor? She is more than qualified and Hispanics are due. A champion of Justice will be priority one, the Constitution and how it affects everyone period.

In closing Republicans will create an issue where there is none with the goal of rallying their base to divide and conquer the Democrats. Once again they will fail. It is a Conservative court and Obama will pick a Liberal with the goal of centering the court again. Gays and guns will continue to be an issue and once again Obama will make the right decision for the majority. However, Republicans are already busy trying to dig up dirt on every possible choice they think Obama may make. They are gearing up for a big fight. However it is waste of time as whoever Obama picks will be our latest Chief Justice.

She is now his nominee! She definitely has the common touch President Obama was looking for. She has had diabetes since a child, her Father died when she was only 9, she grew up in a Bronx project. She is a great historic choice. Got her Bachelors Degree at Princeton and graduated from Yale Law School, the first Puerto Rican Woman on the bench and the appeals Court.

A self made woman who has already been bipartisanly confirmed twice by the Senate. She was nominated to her Federal positions by both party's. She was nominated to the Bench by G.H.W. Bush and elevated to the Appeals Court by President Clinton. She will be confirmed but not on President Obama's schedule.

Republicans want time point out all the negatives and highlight them first. They will drag their feet to excite their base, raise money, and unite their party. Republicans will say her past is inspiring and fascinating but should not influence her decisions on the bench. They wonder if she is arguing a key case does she have what it takes to make the right decision. She does but they will not like it.

They wonder , How Liberal is She? I think very liberal! She is not a moderate but not a liberal firebrand. I think she is a great fit but for average Americans not Republicans. She will bring a different background, a different story, and transform the court in a meaningful way to average Americans and our version of America and not the Republican version.

Obama gave a hell of a speech as usual while nominating her. Stellar! She has already passed the confirmation test Bipartisanly twice. She reads like a book and sides were her idea of the down trodden. That is obvious and the Republicans do not have to point that out. However they will hopefully for their Political gain. Their aim is to raise funds and unite the party. Partisan confirmation hearings expected for Sotomayor

I say go Sotomayor go! Like Obama as far as keeping the constitution goes she will not disappoint. I was listening to her acceptance speech. She was humble to a fault but genuine. She is going to be great! I am impressed, her speech was phenomenal! She was as good as Obama. You can not find fault with what she said but the proof as they say is in the pudding!

I do not know if you noticed but we saw a picture of the new America on the stage. Our first Black President flanked by a whit Vice President and the first Hispanic female Supreme Court nominee. What a picture, the new face of America. They say she saved baseball. while siding with the players during the baseball strike. I do not know but it should tell you where her heart is. I would say that her siding with the city over cancelling the fireman's test because only white's would have gotten promotions not minorities speaks volumes.

I expect she will be a major asset to Democrats as she does have empathy. Empathy Republicans do not want affecting decisions. Forget it! She sides with the down trodden in my mind right or wrong. I like her as a pick but I am a right or wrong kind of guy and yes you should have empathy but in the end you must do the right thing. Uphold the law like it or not, do not interpret it for personal feelings or gain! I heard her described by a childhood friend and fellow Princeton Grad as very dedicated and scholarly, a lover of the law and Constitution but we will see!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I don't think it's about race or gender at this point. Unlike the past misadministration it's about putting the most qualified people in a position. I didn't vote for Obama because he was black. I voted for him because he was the best person for the job.
As for Sotomayor you need to consider that she voted 95% of the time with her fellow judges who took conservative positions. How this will all play out is anyones' guess. Remember past republican presidents have nominated justices who turned against them.

an average patriot said...

I did a story on that once because more often than not like Souter they end up voting just the opposite of expected. She has been on both sides of the fence after researching her record but she will be a plus for our America.


Bravo for the justice in wating!

You're right! She's gonna be a plus for America -- she's the talk of the town already where I sit.

Brother Tim said...

I think she is a good pick. However, I would stop short at calling her a liberal. She is more of a moderate. After reading several of her decisions, I can see her leaning right just as easily as leaning left. Time will tell.

BTW-- I put up some pics of the house. :)

an average patriot said...

Hi Anna
She was a great pick and it puts the right between a rock and a hard place wanting to chew her up while wanting to court Hispanics. They are already calling her a racist. Imagine saying that to someone who has gone as far as she has and been confirmed twice already. Once for GHW Bush.

an average patriot said...

Brother I agree and I see her as the equalizer. I understand she was picked so she could sway the one Justice who sometimes goes both ways.
Liberals have a problem with her too and wonder if she will uphold Roe v Wade.