Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Was Notre Dame the best forum to discuss Abortion? Consider the source! For Obama it was!

US anti-abortionists heckle Barack Obama during speech

In the environment of today where pro choice pro life is still a very contentious issue President Obama took the subject on head on as the principle speaker at Catholic Bastion Notre Dame. Obama spoke amidst much ballyhoo as to why the school allowed him to speak but I heard nothing about commending the man for attending knowing he was walking into a potential hornets nest. Outsiders tried to cause a problem but with the exception of a couple outside protestors the faculty and students were overwhelmingly supportive and shouted down the hecklers.

As usual Obama handled a very contentious subject exceptionally well. Yes as usual he was tap dancing but Obama was not talking out of both sides of his mouth as detractors are saying he was again looking for common ground. The right to life dominated dominated Obama's speech. Obama's speech echoed with what has become his watch word, Empathy. Looking for empathy became a call from Republicans that Obama was trying to be partisan in picking a new Supreme Court Judge. At Notre Dame, Obama tackles abortion debate

He was looking for empathy Sunday and his talk made me think about his upcoming pick that will make a difference one way or the other in the Abortion issue. Republicans are saying they do not want someone who is going to ignore the Constitution. What they don't want a repeat of Bush? They do not want someone who votes for their party not the Constitution. Hmm! Steele said he does not want to go to court and face a Judge who has empathy for a mans color or that a woman before him or her is pregnant.Obama agenda: Notre Dame speech

Why not? Empathy should not be a Partisan thing, a Democratic thing. It is bed side manner if nothing else. You can have empathy and still adhere to the Constitution. I do not understand the problem. This is sick! I think you can expect a community organizer and Constitutional Lawyer to do the right thing for average Americans and our Constitution. Not the Cheney Bush version of what they called "just a piece of paper" The Constitution and their version of America and therein lies the real problem.

At any rate Obama handled handled the subject of abortion very adeptly. I was pleased to see the audience embrace his standard stance that we can talk, we can find common ground. As he said and we know there will always be a gap between pro life and pro choice but we must realize abortion is not a decision made lightly by anyone. You must have empathy for a woman whose life may depend on abortion. We should be making adoption of Americans more palatable. It is easier to go overseas.

It really drives me crazy but if the Republicans are the protectors of life why does it end at birth? They protect the rights of an unborn child but once born they do not want you to empathize with it. I must say I am Catholic and Obama represents my outlook of humanity, life and death far more than perverted Republican Religious zealots.

The Republicans have to let go of their my way or the highway Bush Cheney extremist stance and embrace the Colin Powell's of the party, the moderates, the pro choice, if they are to survive. We can agree to disagree. It is not the Catholic way, the Christian way to say do it my way or else. That is the Republican way. You lead by example. You command respect you do not demand it. Make a good product and people will buy it. I do not like the way Obama is packaging his product with incorrect Bush policies but Notre Dame again showed why people are buying it.

Back to when Obama was speaking. I was very offended with those hecklers yelling incessantly "you have blood on your hands, you have blood on your hands" That was not the time but I was happy to see them shouted down by staff and students. That was disrespectful! The students graduation and allowing the President to speak to the masses that elected his should have been all that mattered. Common ground open hearts open minds be all inclusive. Isn't that our Constitution? Our true Democracy?

* Does it take empathy I don't know but I am glad Obama want to Notre Dame. In the end as to Honorary degrees Obama is batting 500, 1 in 2. Keep an eye on him he will get more. Is Notre Dame a catholic bastion the right place to gauge Obama's message of mutual respect and understanding? I think it was! Obama's message was highlighted illustrated by a small number of planted partisan extremists. Despite calls to not clap for Obama it illustrated how much people long for healing and his message of inclusion and unity. So it continues! Reduce the number of abortions, find common ground, break through the Religious and media clutter. Embrace the church. Get rid of the zealots. They endeavor to keep us divided. We must fight that and our America as one again. Regardless of your Politics Obama is the only chance at that I see. What say you?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Utah Savage said...

James, I'm with you on Obama's going to Notre Dame, and it was a great speech, maybe one of his best.

Demeur said...

The media sure didn't help things by pumping up the protests a week before he was to speak. And what were there maybe three dozen protesters? We'd never see such things when Bush was in office. Hell they used to line the route Bush would take with buses so that boy George wouldn't see the angry masses. But you didn't see much of that on the news.

an average patriot said...

I am glad he went and I thought he did a great job. Bush would have made a mess of it.

an average patriot said...

The MSM did what they could to instigate a problem but I thought it went well.