Friday, May 08, 2009

Republicans save yourself!

Stop wasting our and your time and efforts on this crap! It annoys me that Republicans are getting so desperate that they are now parading Bristol Palin around the talk show circuit spreading new lies. I saw her with her Father saying do as I say not as I do. Remember when Paling was running for VP? Bristol then said that while she was in labor her mother was her biggest worry and nightmare. She said Paling did not have a clue as to reality. Of course we know that is still true.

Now all of a sudden as Republicans get increasingly desperate, try to find their feet, get on their legs, and find some sort of viable following Bristol "sees the light" With her Father by her side Bristol says abstinence is the only thing that works in stopping teen age pregnancy. Gee that would have nothing with a Paling 2012 run would it?

Six months ago Bristol said abstinence was a ridiculous idea and no teen ager would listen to it. She is also still insisting her ex boyfriend is in the babies life while he is on TV saying the Paling family keeps him away. Hot just paling Palin but they all have to stop lying. Let these right to lifers go. Republicans you killed your base! It has eroded you are nothing.

Get with real life, the real issues that matter to Americans, Our Survival as a country and a people. Debt, houses, jobs, the environment, our future, those are our concerns. Not gay marriage and pre marital sex, those are individual choice we have to deal with. They are not for Politics. Wake up! Get with the program. We all wish to god or whoever that was all we had to worry about. Those are dead issues. We have life to worry about. We are here we are now. Get with it worry about us, our real concerns.

Drop the Business Industry, drop the social issues. Stop the blame game for the myriad of problems you created. Concern yourself with the real issues. Our economy, Afghanistan and Pakistan that continue to get worse every day while you play games those are all our problems. Get with it!

Pakistan is getting more volatile every day. Yesterday in Pakistan and around the world was that Americans were killing Pakistani citizens, 150 I heard, encroaching on Pakistan's sovereignty more and more. I was horrified and concerned like the rest of the world. Then I wake up to hear an investigation found that in order to get sympathy for their fight the Taliban had murdered their own people.

It makes you cringe at the inhumanity and desperation but the Taliban rounded up families and dropped grenades on them. I think Pakistani's are starting to wake up to the fact that yes Americans sometimes kill civilians. However, accidentally! We have to kill the Taliban before they kill us now. Whoever started all this no longer matters. The Taliban will not stop until they accomplish their goal so whichever side of the whose fault issue you come down on we can not relent either.

The people of Pakistan must unite with us before it is too late. The Taliban are moving in on Islamabad and murdering them. The Taliban is the enemy not Democrats. Republicans better wake up. Stop crying, stop looking for people to follow your selfish Partisan agenda. Join the crowd, join the world. Help save the economy, help save the world and save yourself!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Middle Ditch said...

It seems that things are just not getting any better.

an average patriot said...

Hi Monique
I am afraid I have to agree with you. There is so much to be concerned about and it seems to just get worse every day. What a future, you just relax keep doing your thing and take care.

Demeur said...

You don't actually think the No Party will change any time soon do you? Every time a repub spoke up about change he was quickly put in his place by their party leader Rush Limpballs. And you saw how they changed their tune when he spoke. Their strategy is like an American in a foreign country. If the foreigner doesn't understand just speak slower and much louder. I now hear their mascot Joe "the not a plumber" is leaving the party. Guess Joe grew tired of his 15 minutes of fame.
They seemed to have missed that America is no longer made up of a bunch yuppie wasps. They're looking like a bunch of old angry white guys set in their ways. Yeah that plays well to the younger racially and ethnically mixed crowd that is becoming the majority in America. Seems they are saying "come to our big tent and be part of our show as long as you believe in a very narrow ideology that's self destructing".

I'm sure the Russians are quietly snickering to themselves as the U.S. get its life blood sucked out by two wars.

The "No Party" will quietly fade into the sunset just like the Whig Party of old.

an average patriot said...

I am sick of hearing how they are changing to be all inclusive as they just keep getting farther right. Limbaugh pisses me off. Cheney and and rove are the same. I just heard Cheney say the Party better stay far right and take care of the Religious right and ultra Conservatives. The bastard. I guess that should be good as that will keep them the worthless small party.