Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Obama's new tax code crack down necessary to the recovery of our America!

Obama's necessary tax code crack down is being called by firms abusing the system increasingly by Bush "a back door tax increase" Whatever! It is a tax reform we need in order to recover our America from the mess Bush made of it. Those that benefit from this gravy train do not want it to end and will continue to kick and scream to keep it going. They will make us pay for its ending. Tax Haven's abused in the Cayman Island's, Bermuda, the Bahamas, and elsewhere, the likes of China India,I am sure,. they must end.

There are a thousand firms in the Cayman Island's alone. America's average citizen's will ultimately be screwed for making those firms abusing this system but this is about tax fairness not a tax hike as firms that abuse this along with Republican's and Politicians representing those companies and not you, want you to believe. Any way you look at it, it is not pessimism but reality in today's world that we will be mad to regret President Obama holding abusive firms accountable and forcing them to do the right thing and pay their fair share of America's taxes.

We must end tax deferment abuse and once again Obama is the man to do it! When I was researching this prior to Obama's speech on tax reform I was amazed to see a who's who of abusively profitable main stream companies on the list but I guess I shouldn't have been. As I am with Politicians I am sickened to hear how much companies love America and love the people while they continue to screw average Americans and our America while only helping themselves.

There was a letter sent to Congress by companies and lobbyists who as far as I and most likely you are concerned, own Congress and America. The letter was signed by 200 companies such as Pfizer, Oracle, Microsoft, Johnson and Johnson, and G. E. The choke hold these companies have on Congress thus us and our America must end. Obama must succeed in every instance if we are to succeed in our recovery of our America Bush worked so hard to destroy.

Now, Obama said he will assign up to 800 new Federal agents to enforce the new laws. If a company refuses to divulge their practices they will be made public. This is great! Just before Obama spoke I heard a bigger number. I heard there are 18,900 companies taking advantage of the loopholes in the Cayman's. This is low hanging fruit for Obama but it is necessary picking for our recovery and I am psyched. The policy of shifting money around to avoid paying taxes must stop. To avoid raising the taxes of individual citizens and to raise the funds we need to fix Bush's mess and continue to function, these tax loopholes must end.

Cisco and the numerous other companies that play the tax loophole shell game to inflate their profits at our expense will of course will attempt to pass the cost on to us. We then must in turn boycott them if and when necessary until they normalize profits. American's all of us must realize Obama can lead the way and he will but we must all step and ensure compliance. There will be many companies trying to find a way around this and I am sure they are already.

Obama began his speech saying "of course" no one likes paying taxes but most do and It is time to stop the safe havens. Obama understated the problem by saying a small number" of companies use the tax haven loopholes to avoid paying their share. Obama's speech on tax haven loophole crackdown

Small number! I just heard that out of the top 100 companies in the country 83 of them were using the loopholes. That is a bigger problem than we know. Most of us know we have been screwed in this regard too for years. Biden's chief economist Jared Bernstein was dead right when he said US corporations were incentivized to to go overseas. I wan to add that it was really pushed by Bush as part of his program to de-industrialize our America and create a one world economy led by the US. Obama will now de-incentivize them to get them back in the US where they belong. Obama will unify the world again if they all cooperate.

In closing With Bush the destroyer gone and Obama thankfully in charge now is the time to close the tax loopholes that allow a "small number" of companies to avoid paying their share of taxes. Man you really have to wonder. Bush allowed companies to avoid paying their share of taxes while giving the wealthy back much of their contribution. How did we even survive? How much better off if at all would we be if the system was as it was pre Bush?

As you know Bush the mouth was all talk and no action at least for the benefit of average Americans. Obama I am happy to see is all action and as little talk as possible. Excellent! As Obama stated, his proposals will merely be a down payment on a larger necessary overall tax reform. I love it!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

frankly, I'm not much for taxes at all. Personally i hardly use anything that taxes pay for and I can't see how most of the services taxes are used for, do actually improve the life of the average citizen.

re your post on Talibuttfucks and the like: well I watched the movie
"Battle for Haditha" the other night. sound familiar?
anyway, same point there: what we do is just what they want.

Re your sons: yes, you should really be careful when using the term "lifer", it can be misunderstood. however, I knew your sons had advanced training... still not every soldier takes it just as well when he sees his comrade getting slaughtered... so it could have been that someone had done something not quite so optimal...

I do understand your concern for your boys. It's very natural and very touching. However, they have made their choice and it's a wholehearted decision. When something goes wrong... then you know your honor and what you believe in is the only thing that counts then and if you have made the right decisions then there is no regret, no matter how the outcome. believe it or not, but that is at least some consolation. Even though the whole thing is of course unfair and offpissing, but that's life.

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia!
Yes I remember Haditha! I have heard a lot of despicable things and there will be more the longer this continues. I just saw a new video of cnn interviewing Mullah Omar. He was promising to kill everyone we send. This is barely beginning as I keep saying.
Knowing that and my one son is fighting to get back to Afghanistan I know what you say is true but the law of averages you know. I wish Jim wanted to be with his wife and growing family and not in combat. I know, life!

Karen said...

Prez O is spot on regarding the tax code. I'm sick of the tax cheating fat cat Wall Streeters!

an average patriot said...

As usual and as usual I agree with you. When they are held accountable they will try to pass it on to us and then we will have to hold them accountable. They are going to fight this all the way yopu can bet on it!

Demeur said...

I say we do exactly what Eisenhour did. That was raise corporate taxes to 90%. That's what Romney did in Mass. to balance that state budget although not at 90%. Am I not wrong on that Jim?

an average patriot said...

Hi Bud! Despite popular belief on how great a Governor Romney was it is all a lie and he left us a total mess. This is Romney's official record His great health care for all is a mess like the whole State. My big concern was the Big Dig Boondoggle and paying for it but the worse things get in the country the more obvious Romney's messes are becoming. Romney is one of those idiots anyway who thinks he can tax cut us to prosperity!

Larry said...

Katie bar the door they will sell their ugly kids and their worthless souls to stop this from happening.

an average patriot said...

Larry they will try anything. They threatened to move their companies to another country. We should make them and if they do bar them from selling here. Screw em!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

James, you concern for your sons is very touching, you are indeed a good father and naturally my heart goes out to you.
I wonder what it is that makes your sons lifers in spite of all? Is it the companionship they found amongst their comrades, the feeling that it's a brotherhood or is it that once you've seen life from a very different point of view that you think normal daily life is just rediculous? Or with some people it's even like taht that they have personal issues that they don't wish to take a look at, so standing in the middle of a thunderstorm makes them feel alive, or for that matter being in combat.
There has to be a reason and if you really don't want them out on a battlefield, you could dig up that reason and get to the root of their decision.

I have nothing against somebody doing what it takes to get the job when he completely believes in the cause. But then you don't get married and you don't create a growing family.
-But having said that... it's not always that easy to make decisions like that and often you think something can work out and you can relate and manage the risk, when you're in fact just kidding yourself. So I am definitely no good example there myself!

Re tax system and health care:
you know everybody is so damnj scared of terrorists and I really wonder how on earth they really can keep that going. I mean would all the scared people please take a look at the statistics?! Dying in a terrorist attack is the least danger that you are exposed to!
But talking about health care... what else do doctors and psychiatrists do, than torture and kill innocent civilians?
What they study at medical school is mainly bullshit and it doesn't work, yet everybody is still so scared that they put their lives into their hands anyway - rather than finding out themselves what really helps and how they can be free of doctors and deseases!

you might wanna chcek this out as well:

re moving companies to other countries: boykott their products, vote with your dollar!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia
You know, As to why a person joins the military during war and stays in: It is not always Patriotism but it is with the son I dwell on. For many in the US it is the only option.

Most people in other countries think everyone here has a golden life. The total opposite is true. Many rural, small town, hill, Southerners, etc. would just die if they did not have the military option especially in today's environment.

Tom enjoys being a combat engineer and that is good I guess. I do not think he could do anything else. Joe was a good plumber but wanted something different. He is a fly boy and likes the special treatment.

Jim now he is a special case at least in my eyes. He went in before all this started. He is EOD and extremely hard core. He has been in 10 years and just got his first State side assignment but he is panicking. He hasn't even started teaching EOD yet but talked to his Colonel and Chief both of who he has been in combat with and they are going to pull some strings. It makes me nervous.

Jim has two young daughters and a pregnant wife but he is running. He says he is a lousy father and just wants to be in the desert.

He has so many medals and ribbons he is embarrassed to wear them in front of others. He was a very good wrestler in high school you know the type. The law of averages and knowing this in Pakistan and Afghanistan is barely starting scares the hell out of me but Jim loves it so what can I do.

I raised men and I am their Father not their keeper so I can only advise and hope for the best. Take care!

Anthony said...

The Cayman Islands are not a tax haven. The Cayman Islands have full tax transparency treaties with the IRS and the European Union jurisdictions and cannot be used to evade tax as all the information on any account is available to the tax authorities in the United States and Europe.

The term “tax haven” actually describes those jurisdictions that have no tax transparency treaties. These jurisdictions include countries with close ties to the U.S., and the U.S. government is fully aware of their status. They include Switzerland, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Andorra, Lichtenstein and Monaco.

According to the IRS, a tax haven generally involves “foreign jurisdictions that offer financial secrecy laws in an effort to attract investment from outside their borders.” In addition, “Tax haven service providers and their clients know their actions are veiled from tax authorities by banking and commercial secrecy laws and by lack of tax treaties or tax information exchange agreements.”

None of the above applies to the Caymans, where the financial sector operates under full transparency. In fact, the Cayman Islands have comprehensive agreements and treaties in place with both the U.S. (Tax Information Exchange Agreement) and EU (All Crimes Anti-Money Laundering Treaty) that provide complete transparency and prevent tax evasion.

an average patriot said...

There are many reasons why they are called a tax Haven but this should help. Offshore Bank Secrecy Havens: Cayman Islands