Sunday, May 17, 2009

I see headway for Pakistan but is the US and Pakistan really warning and attacking each other?

Taliban retain control in parts of Swat valley - 15 May 09

Pakistan army pounds Taliban hideouts in Mingora

Who do you believe? In Pakistan headway or not this is still barely beginning! Are we really attacking and warning each other?
Pakistan Claims Advances in Swat Offensive

Pakistan Eases Curfew in Swat

Pakistan readies assault on Taliban in Swat town

Bombing, US strike
kill dozens in Pakistan

Pakistani forces raid Taliban bases

France backs India-style nuclear deal for Pakistan

Pakistan missile hits Afghan mosque

I wanted you to see the latest conflicting news between Pakistan and the Taliban as I see headway for Pakistan. However it depends on who you believe. At the same time as Pakistan is declaring victory over the Taliban the Taliban still holds mountain towns and say they will not be defeated. Also while Pakistan is firing missiles at the Taliban some "accidently" found their way into Afghanistan and though they missed and killed civilians they appear to have been aimed at an American base.

Once again we are getting conflicting information. Once again we are getting conflicting information to hide what one side or the other is really up to. What the heck is really going on? Is Pakistan targeting US bases in Afghanistan? OOPs sorry? Everything today is purposely confused and convoluted to hide the real truth so a hidden agenda can be followed.

After reading all the links all it did was confuse me. The Taliban vows to kill Americans in Afghanistan. We keep killing civilians and Taliban via drones. Pakistan is at the same time attacking us in Afghanistan. Knowing there are over a million refugees and we may or may not be the reason looking at one of the links it brought this mess home.

It was mentioned that with 1.3 million refugees it is the biggest exodus since 1947 (we did that too) England decided it was time to pull out of the area and established an ad hoc boundary separating India and Pakistan and Pakistan and Afghanistan. As was done in Africa peoples were separated that should have been together and mortal enemies were put on the same side.

Knowing this mess is barely beginning you have to come to the conclusion that agree with it or not we are the enemy. We seem to do no right! I have written on it numerous times but you have to wonder out loud the truth about what is transpiring in Afghanistan knowing we do not have clean hands anywhere not just in India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

* In closing I am sorry to say that I now think of Obama of being our first Black President but nothing more than a third Bush term. He has reneged on everything he ran on and as Bush would have done is only getting us deeper and deeper. You can only wonder what is really going on in Pakistan and Afghanistan? Who are the real enemies and allies? The million dollar question, How will this end for the US? I see nothing good here nothing at all!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

Think of it this way, Jim: You can bad-mouth (or treat) your family as you see fit, but God help the poor outsider who would try the same thing.

These peoples are all closely related, and almost all are Muslim. Who do YOU think will come out on top?

5,000 year history vs 233 year history, with 'home field advantage' being at the former. My money is on longevity.

I think the Big O better do some 'recalculating', or to use your words, 'engage brain'.

Demeur said...

When will it end? When people get tired of see our soldiers coming home in coffins. When it's sucked the economic life blood from our economy. When we run out of money to fund the war. When we can't borrow money to pay for the war. When the refugees die from starvation. When we wake up and realize that this is an unwinable war. When we realize that we can't be the world's policemen and countries must stand up for themselves.
Like Tim has pointed out many times before it will end when the U.S. leaves the area. It happened in Vietnam and Lebanon.

an average patriot said...

As you know, I was pretty pissed at Bush but this shit with Obama and Pakistan and Agfghanistan is just all frigged up.

I am really wondering about Obama's true intentions. Bush kept things to himself and I didn't like that because you knew he was up to no good.
Now Obama is divulging things and it seems counter productive except as a threat. Telling Pakistan we have teams on the ground ready to take the nukes if we think the Taliban might get them, well...

an average patriot said...

I am very concerned because there is no way in hell this country is going to do the tight thing this time around. I saw another Saigon right after we attacked however now I see worse because this is Obama's war and people think they have to stay fight and win this or they won't be great Americans like the greatest generation. It is all over but the screwing. Man oh man.

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
I`m sorry to hear of your disappointment with first he seemed able, and full of hope.
Now he appears to be going nowhere, but actually, in the cloud of global war, maybe there is a silver lining.
If...If, the US gets thrashed in Iraq, and driven out from Afghanistan, then he, and the whole world may have seen the end of the American "Military Industrial Complex".
A sort of downsizing.....
without political debate!

After all, sending redundancy notices to armed soldiers is a risky business.

an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker
Obama is a better man than Bush but that does not take much. Obama does have a lot of pressure purposely put on him as Republicans want him to fail and do everything possible to create contention. I just can't stand it!