Monday, May 11, 2009

Gilani: Fighting the Taliban is our war we will persevere! Yee ha! Plus Top 10 reasons why Sharia is bad for all societies!

I am feeling much better about the situation in Pakistan! That 1.3 million man Pakistani army is not a joke. Now that I know Pakistan realizes the Taliban is hot just ours and Afghanistan's enemy he is theirs. The Taliban is the number one threat to their Democracy and they now know it."> Remember the Taliban get their wish? That was one wish too many and now Pakistan knows it.

Pakistan found out quickly the Taliban was not going to be placated with the Swat valley. They quickly turned it into a place everyone but their murderous male only club would think of as a hell on earth. The Taliban upon taking control of the Swat valley immediately instituted Sharia law amongst many other things banning girls from school saying female education is against the law. The Taliban have burned schools and Colleges, some 150 I understand and not just in the Swat.

Gilani: Fighting the Taliban is our war we will persevere! Yee ha!
From Air and Ground, Pakistan Strikes Back at Taliban

Villagers trapped between Taliban and Pakistan's war machine

Swat residents 'urged to fight'

Operations against Taliban till their elimination: Gilani

Top 10 reasons why Sharia is bad for all societies!

You read the 10 reasons why Sharia law can not be allowed to rule anywhere let alone Pakistan. The Taliban told the teachers at all the schools that if they were enemies of the US they would not be touched as long as girls are no longer taught after 4th grade. The Taliban had opened its own court system dispensing Sharia punishment in Public places

I reiterate that I know Pakistan we are told has the 7th largest army in the world with a standing force of some 650,000 and around 500,000 reservists. We are told they are more than able to handle the Taliban but I don't know. It is the ISI I am concerned about. The history of a myriad of military coups in Pakistan is more than a little disconcerting.

Whose side will this large military force really come down on? Will they tear themselves apart? Turn on the Govern? Split? Join the Taliban? With a population of a rumored 45 million Pashtun how many can the Taliban drag behind their murderous cause to kill those who disagree with them and kill and drive us out?

* In closing! You know the the complex convoluted history of Pakistan despite its core of good hearted innocent civilians who I call friends. The promised hell on earth for America and the world along the Pakistan Afghan Border is rapidly taking shape. Think about the possibilities, the volatilities, the convolution that is the entire region. How will this play out? I want to say time will tell but not in its entirety, not in the ending story, the turnout?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I thought I had left a comment for you below, but it must have disappeared in cyberspace!

Anyway if anybody wanted to solve a problem for real, he would negotiate his way out of it. It's very seldom and only when dealing with truely and completely anti-social individuals that one needs to use force.
On the other hand I'm definitely not somebody who is afraid to do so, when needed.

re Talibuttfucks: obviously they're not the most social type of people around and as you write as well, they do herass and hold hostage the lokals there on the ground - not just in whatever the staging area might be this time 'round, but in general: they are truely herrassing the average Arab citizen in those countries!

This is also nothing to do with religion or races or anything like that. You just have a few sick individuals who recruit low-IQ-dudes or those who have a reason to be filled with hatred.

What we can do, is to create friends and to inform and to expose those very few but incredibly sick fuckers behind it.
I can understand how somebody ends up becomming a forreign fighter or how locals get tricked into aiding or joining the talibuttfucks.
We have to see to that they run out of reasons to develop that hatred and that the trick that is played on them is exposed.
And that's just it: the real guys behind it get never exposed, everybody just keeps getting at each other, not realizing what the real cause is and who they really should target!

I read your answer below re your sons and as I said before it is just so very touching to see you care this much and to be this concered. You clearly love them very much and that is also why I would like to give you this award as well:

As far as your son is concerned who's been in it for a decade, I wonder why he claims to be a bad father?

Also having been in combat so many times, you don't know what insuries he has. It doesn't usually show on the cerface and he might not even be aware of it himself, but there might be a number of things, which don't exactly make it very pleasant not to be in action. Do you know what I mean? It's when it's all so nice and quiet and so unbelievebly "safe" that those things then kick in!
Also he might have a much harder time living with what he's seen and done than anybody realizes and how can his wife possibly understand what life is like in the real world?!
So he is bound to feel like an alien and things of what many perceive as normal daily life, he would found rather rediculous and some part of him might hate all that superficialness and would wish that people would wake up and realize what the fuck is really happening.

You can't blame him if he wants to get back to those who understand and you can't blame him if he doesn't wanna know what his body feels like and if his only way of handling it mentally is to just focus on ridgid discipline and doing it the hard way, because he knows that that's gonna get him through it - all that soft BS won't.

If you really want to have him stay then you have to find what he isn't telling you, find out what upsets him and where he's hurting, both physical and mentally without handing him over to "experts". You will just have to handle it yourself otherwise it won't work.

an average patriot said...

Sarah Sofia
I hate that when that happens! I have been remiss and certainly have gotten nothing done today because Joe is gearing up to drive back to South Carolina today. He is going to be bringing a lot of stuff to Jim.

For the Taliban it is al about the exclusive male murders club and nothing else. They merely use the Koran to get what they want.

As for Jim, again I have to laugh. He is his fathers son and a hell of a leader. He said if his troops ever heard me talk to him like that they would all run and hide.

He is a serious hard core jobber who wants to be working the field and commanding troops to keep them safe. Making friends is not his goal.

He started teaching today and expects a lot of trouble because they no longer want hard core trainers. They demand trainers who flunk people through as they need more bodies.

Jim's commanders both of whose lives he has saved are trying to get him into combat or an assignment teaching in the advanced EOD school where they need guys like Jim. We will see what happens there probably later today!

Brother Tim said...

As you know, I have more sympathy for the Taliban than I do for the war-mongering christian neo-cons.

You keep writing like this is all the fault of the Taliban. The Taliban has not invaded and occupied our soil, it is just the opposite. It was only 8 short years ago that the Taliban was our friend (must have been, they were Bush's guests at the Crawford 'Ranch'). As I've pointed out before, the Taliban is not out for global expansion. We seem to forget that Pakistan is 97% Muslim. Do we honestly believe that we can turn it into a Christian nation? Get real. The Muslims can see our hypocrisy and want nothing to do with it.

Our military, by the Constitution, was formed to protect our borders. The last time I checked, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc, etc, were not American States. Where do we get the arrogance to decide what form of government, or culture, other sovereign nations adapt to?

America's idea of democracy is hypocritcal at best. We have overthrown democracies to replace them with despotic governments; Chile and Iran are but two examples. Democracy is only legitimate when it is doing what America wants it to do, otherwise, we denounce it. Palestine and Venezuela are a couple of examples of that. Do we really want for the world to turn to democracy? Let's start with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, et al. Hell, let's illegally invade and occupy China. Oh, never mind, I forgot, we only do that to smaller third-world nations that pose no threat to us.

Make no mistake about this, my friend, Empires are unsustainable; they always have been, and always will be. Peoples who try to 'play God' are doomed to failure. We may get some small, fleeting successes, but in the end, we're goin' down, Bud. If our Foreign Policy is not drastically overhauled, and quickly, our demise may be closer than you believe possible.

It's time for you to quit bolstering our failed Foreign Policy, and start writing more on changing it. You wanna make friends with the world? Start by getting our hegemonic military off of foreign soils. Station them on OUR borders, protecting OUR country. Stop dictating to the world what forms of government they should live under. And last, but certainly not least, STOP supplying everyone with military hardware. Do you not realize, that we usually supply both sides in every conflict?

What caused the flaw in our genome that makes us hell-bent on seeing death and destruction? This country is in dire need of advanced psychiatric care. This type of behavior affects not only those that have fallen, but also those that survive.

As for this statement: "For the Taliban it is al about the exclusive male murders club and nothing else. They merely use the Koran to get what they want.", replace the word 'Taliban' with 'Christian' and the word 'Koran' with 'Bible', and you have an equally valid statement.

Just my two gigabytes worth. :)

WeezieLou said...

'sharia' scares the hell out of me - and few things arouse my fury more.

an average patriot said...

Hi Brother!
It was you that first turned me on to " we don't have clean hands in Afghanistan" We friggen caused all this shit I know that.
As far as I am concerned we created the whole problem. We trained and armed the Mujaheddin to see the Russian's defeated. Bin Laden is only one who now seeks to defeat us but to take the entire area as theirs.

We must help Pakistan to help ourselves. I saw today that the US will not stop the drone attacks. That I would say is what the US perceives will give added incentive to Pakistan to quell the Taliban and get us the hell out of that entire area like we all want.

I do not blame this on the Taliban but at this point we are stuck and the Taliban are running the show and will not stop. I think I told you but I write on a civilian media site I am sure I asked you to join before because you would be a good fit.

Anyway I correspond with some living in Islamabad who get what I am saying but I just went there and noticed there is at least one that says the same thing you do. I get it! I get it but that no longer matters. Take care and stay in touch Bud!

an average patriot said...

Hi Weezie
Sharia is scary! It is fine if that is what the people want but they do not. It seems to be only for the all male Sharia murders club!

Demeur said...

Sarah you have to remember none of the groups in Afghanistan are the brightest bulbs of the bunch. They have been fighting wars for the last twenty plus years. There is almost no resources in the country except opium their number one export. Corruption is rampant. The Taliban has a 12th century mentality while our republican party is stuck in 1952.

As usual Tim is dead on in his anylasis. We've created the entire mess we now face. Whether it be Sadam or the Sha of Iran we created them and backed them until they changed and didn't fit our needs.
What will the end be? That will come when we're sick of war and Bin Ladin dies of old age. When are we going to learn that we can not win these types of war?

an average patriot said...

You and Brother are both right but no one cares. No one seems to care or understand. During the enlightenment when we founded America the industrial revolution was started and it opened up a rift between Islam and the west that will never be breached. Not because you or I want but because others want it that way and what we think does not matter to anyone but us.