Saturday, May 16, 2009

I have to agree with Boehner Pelosi is the problem but so isn't he. Investigation, investigation!

I am so sick of the blustering crap coming from both party's. I hate to agree with Boehner who is is as big a lying Repug extremist as you can get. That said I have to agree that Pelosi is the problem but so isn't he. The truth does not matter. That is a casualty of Politics today.
Pelosi lays out a third version of what she knew about torture

I keep hearing Pelosi say that the CIA misled her and she did not say anything in 2003 because she was trying to get Democratic Senators reelected. Cut the crap! What happened to killing two birds with one stone? Walking and chewing gum at the same time? She said the CIA did not tell her they were water boarding Abu Zayda they told her they might use it. Okay what the hell is the difference? House speaker says CIA misled her on 'torture'

She has the B's to call out the CIA, they damn well better take her on. I am sick of this crap! I just heard Cheney's request to have all the torture memo tapes disclosed was denied as he knew it would be and the scum will now get even worse than before. Anyway I am sick of the side show our Political system has become since the advent of Bush and Cheney. Pelosi is another enabler and obvious liar. She should have been gone a long time ago. She calls everyone a liar so she can continue her own lying career.

I am sick of this crap! Now she is calling the CIA liars. I am sure like her and everyone else the CIA parsed their words to give Bush the Decider the cover he needed to break laws. However is is not a good thing to call the CIA liars as they have the ability to destroy careers and often do. Hers should be over anyway. Her lying was too obvious yesterday as was Boehner's. This entire torture circus should be investigated but I do not see any truth coming out as per usual. Pelosi And Boehner Urge Investigation

Pelosi is a friggen Liar! I am sick of her changing her story. Some of us have been saying it for years now like everything to no avail that all these idiots, Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer, all the dirty Democrats as well as the Republicans must go. I mean I have had enough if this crap. We would be much better off if we pressed the reset button and started from scratch. Enough is enough!

The Republicans love this! Pelosi calling the CIA liars and her being a liar has become the torture issue not the fact that Republicans are the ones that lied so they could torture. Now Leon Panetta CIA Director has come out and said she is wrong and we have to make a call. I have had enough of this. We will never get to the truth in this issue like all the rest. The issue of torture has now become Pelosi the liar not torture. She to my knowledge has changed her story 3 times. She is obviously lying. I learned as a little kid a lesson none of these Politicians learned. If you tell the truth the first time you don't worry about what you are going to say the next time.
Pelosi should be gone and of course she has Democratic defenders and Republican detractors who remember 2 different things. . I am so sick of these partisan idiots. She is lying like a rug, She has changed more than a kaleidoscope. Torture was used to get false information by Bush to justify attacking Iraq. That should be the only issue. This is an indictable offense. I am sick of the lying and cover ups. Again the real issue is purposely buried in confusion to enable a hidden agenda!

Who the hell is Boehner to cry foul? He is as big an obvious partisan liar as the rest of them. Boehner said all the torture lying happened before he had the need to know. Heeelllooo! CYOA, shouldn't someone have passed the word on? Just maybe? How do they all just continue to get away with the obvious cover ups and flat out lies? Then they get rewarded for it with reelection. What the hell is wrong with us? We have to put an end to this crap!

I wish we could have called Cheney's bluff but I hope to hell we are able to call both Boehner and Pelosi's. They are both right there should be a commission. However truth commissions are a LIE! Not just the 9/11 commission farce they are all a farce and a bad joke. Just another part of the lie we have been living since Bush. Again no truth will be uncovered or at least divulged to us.

Once again everyone is guilty but will be found to be innocent. The finding will declare a "misunderstanding" There was no misunderstanding just one more cover up. Once again as I have to say too often since the advent of Bush and the new standard of lie as long as you get your way became the new "truth" Just another part of the lie we are living today! Create a gray area to enable you to do what you want. That is all that matters today doing what you want. When the truth comes out it is dismissed as a misquote, a misunderstanding, a miscomprehension.

I am sick of this crap! Did I say that yet? These political childish idiots do not care about our or the worlds dire situation as like little kids they continue to play their lying childish games . This isn't kindergarten here. These are supposed to be our leaders not our misleader. The two party system once again proves to be our biggest enemy!

* In closing, Once again Republicans are playing CYOA to spread the blame and cover the real issue. Cheney in the end should be taken to task. Like everyone else under Bush the A@* hole Decider I believe the CIA was doing Bush's bidding. At this point we do not have a choice. Bring the whole friggen mess out. If that happened Cheney and Bush would be found guilty. That will never happen though. Even if Holder calls for an independent commission as he should one again the truth will never be known at least by us.The lie we started living under Bush will continue under Obama. Cynical? You bet!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

I don't care if Pelosi was lying, confused, or psychotic. None of that crap from her is relevant. What matters is she took "impeachment off the table" and betrayed the Constitution. For THAT she should be impeached.

Middle Ditch said...

All that lying and cheating. Here there is a big expense claim issue with politicians from both leading parties. Such a sham!

The best yet was a substantial claim for manure! What!! What for!

an average patriot said...

I keep forgetting about that! She is no friggen good. I just don't know what to think anymore. Those SOB's do so much wrong so quick we can't remember anything. They do it on purpose. I can't friggen stand it. You want to get the focus off create a new crisis. It drives me shit house!

an average patriot said...

Hi Monique
I am so sick of it. It just gets worse and worse. Screw over the people seems to be the watch word. We have made such a mistake trusting those fools to take care of us and not themselves. They all need baby sitters.

Brother Tim said...

Government Investigative Commissions are nothing but 'smoke and mirrors' cover-ups, from the Warren Commission in the early 60s, up to the 9-11 Commission.

I laugh when I hear talk about a Torture Truth Commission. When it comes to government, 'Truth Commission' is oximoronic.

I am so sick of this lying, covering-up, and misleading BS.

" She has changed more than a kaleidoscope."

Nice line, Bud!

an average patriot said...

Brother you and me both man! Those asininely misnamed truth commissions are worthless. They are all a friggen joke just to create another facade of concern.
They are all innocent and no one did anything. Man I was going to get back to you. I am beginning to think there was a deal made with whoever is in charge of the Repugs, Obama has become the third Bush term.

I told you nothing would change in this so called war on terror. The only change will be with average Americans and then I don't think so anymore because he will be able to blame Repugs for anything that goes against his campaign lies. I am so sick of this!

Jolly Roger said...

Boehner is too drunk to deliberately lie. I am sure he thinks whatever he says is the truth, because the pink elephant that sits on his shoulder told him it's the truth.

an average patriot said...

I will always be stunned with the willingness to which these ass holes lie and without compunction or batting an eye. Getting their way is all that matters period!