Sunday, May 03, 2009

Obama Holding Court!

Justice Steven's leads the Left in the Supreme court so Obama does not have to concern himself with choosing a leader but of course he will. What Obama needs of course is a female version of himself. I think he is married to her. Too bad he couldn't appoint Michele.That said I am sure he will make an awesome pick. As usual he will make the best decision for the Constitution and our America. As you know, Souter told Obama two days ago or so we are told.

I loved Obama interrupting the daily press briefing and announcing Souter's retirement and how he would pick a replacement. His enthusiasm and desire to do the right thing for the Constitution and all Americans never ceases to impress me. He will pick someone like himself who is tried and true and has a real passion for the Constitution unlike Bush who picked people who would parse the Constitution to do what he wanted period.

I think Obama can find a very qualified Hispanic woman who fits the Bill. However he will pick the absolute best regardless of sex or race. In a perverse way I am looking forward to his decision whoever it is because regardless the Republicans will find fault. I have to wonder what kind of idiocy we are going to hear this time. Obama said he will pick someone who is sharp and can empathize with people in every situation.

Obama wants who respects and has love for the Constitution. I love it! I love Obama's love for the Constitution and doing the right thing for America and not himself as Bush always did. Because the laws did not allow his interracial parents to marry at the time I think Obama will pick someone who allows gay marriage and equal rights for all. A Supreme court pick is a super bowl decision for a President. This is a super bowl Obama will win!

Obama wants empathy, I really am impressed. With that in mind and knowing Bush picked totally Partisan and people who would parse the Constitution for him Obama voted against Alito and Roberts. I have not followed them to see if Obama made the right decision but I must admit I myself have not been disappointed with Roberts. Please feel free to fill me in.

Following President Obama has been interesting from day one and this will be no exception. A brilliant fair minded President is going to make a brilliant fair minded liberal pick who will set the tone for years to come. I am psyched! Did I say that? There has been 115 Justices appointed in 220 some years. I fully expect Obama's appointment to be even among such an elitist field, exceptional.

I do believe Obama wants a female minority as I said but when all is said and done he will make sure he picks someone with the principles he so eloquently stated. Privacy, Justice, and equal opportunity for all! How about Sotomayor? She is more than qualified and Hispanics are due. A champion of Justice will be priority one, the Constitution and how it affects everyone period.

In closing Republicans will create an issue where there is none with the goal of rallying their base to divide and conquer the Democrats. Once again they will fail. It is a Conservative court and Obama will pick a Liberal with the goal of centering the court again. Gays and guns will continue to be an issue and once again Obama will make the right decision for the majority. However, Republicans are already busy trying to dig up dirt on every possible choice they think Obama may make. They are gearing up for a big fight. However it is waste of time as whoever Obama picks will be our latest Chief Justice.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

Think the wingers have been squealing now -just wait when his pick comes out.

Then it remains to be seen how many dims will side with them.

an average patriot said...

One fly
I know! I was just listening to Romney who was my Governor and I can not stand. He was talking about being the all inclusive party. I am so sick of their BS!

Demeur said...

Rumor has it that he might pick our state governor Christine Gregoire. Why I don't know. She has her hands full right now with our state budget crisis.

an average patriot said...

Hi Demeur
I've heard that. I have also heard my worthless Governor Duval Patrick. They are friends but that would be a big mistake. I really would like to see a Woman preferably an Hispanic!

D.K. Raed said...

OMG, I never thought of Michelle but now that you mention it ...

As a woman, I want to officially state it doesn't need to be a woman, just liberal as hell, no wishy-washy centrist BS.

And please let the current swing-Justice Kennedy have a Souter conversion. Or is that asking too much?

an average patriot said...

Hi Red
That is too much to ask but it should not be! You know, I doubt if anyone has thought of Michelle. She has too much on her plate already and their would be great cries of nepotism from both sides but she would actually be a stupendous choice,