Monday, May 25, 2009

Why not reinstate the Wali of Swat and support him?

Pakistani Troops Fight Taliban in Main Swat Town

Merger of Swat State with Pakistan - Page 1, VALLEY SWAT

The Wali of Swat mourns his lost land

Pakistani troops retake 'bloody intersection'

I must admit that after learning about the Wali of Swat and reading much of the history of the region I have to agree with him. I know it was an Autocracy but they controlled the Taliban. As he said, in those days the Taliban was not an issue and three years ago could be controlled by two policemen. The Wali controlled the Swat and that seems to have been the problem for Pakistan.

There were no problems! There was no Sharia or Pakistani law. Only fair law dispensed fairly, quickly, and evenly, by the Wali. The more I learned about it the better it seemed and I could not understand why it was a threat to anyone. They believed in educating women, built schools and hospitals, and health care was free.

The country of Pakistan took over in 1969 and therein lies the problem for what was once an idyllic paradise known as the Switzerland of Pakistan! The Taliban only gained a foothold there because they promised money to the poor. They gained control over the region only because of Pakistan who it seems let them thrive to get US money and power behind Pakistan.

The Taliban will now be driven out and Pakistan will have control over the region and its people that has eluded them and compliments of the west. I really do not understand why such a beautiful idyllic region as the Swat valley came to this. It was run from what I can see quite well prior to Pakistan wanting to take it over.

I do not understand why the Wali could not have kept control of his area in conjunction with a Democratic Pakistan? It seems to me that the only problem was with Islamabad. A lot of lives could have been saved and 2 million displaced people could have been saved the anguish. Pakistan's military has been valiant here but along with our brave military I am really starting to question their misuse for a Governments personal agenda and it is not what the people are led to believe it is.

When all is said and done I now think Pakistan will be okay but it is us I wonder about as Afghanistan does not seem to want success by our measure. Are we wasting our time money and American lives? For what? oil rights, passages,other energies again? Were we used by Pakistan? Or are we using Pakistan?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Karen said...

Hope you're having a restful holiday weekend, Jim!

Demeur said...

It's always easier to manipulate countries that are poor and ignorant. Exactly what our motives in the region are at this point I couldn't say. I thought we were there to go after Bin Ladin then our leaders said they didn't care. So then it was to spread democracy which would involve nation building which we are in no position to do at present. So why? You got me. (shrugs sholders)

an average patriot said...

All right Karen
I would like to have a son or four here but it is gorgeous out and I am in and out watching watching the sox game and playing in the garden. I have watched the celebrations and am having a nice day. I hope you are too!

an average patriot said...

I know it is old but the lie we are living today is all encompassing and the more we know the lies we know. Who the F knows anything anymore?