Thursday, May 07, 2009

What does turn on Republicans beside being against Democrats and Empathy?

What does turn on Republicans these days? They say ending borrowing, bailouts, and a return to fiscal discipline. However that is BS! Bush is responsible for all that and much more so by definition now that the Democrats are in they are against everything Bush because Obama is now the face of those problems created by Bush and Republicans do not want a return to our America.They want Reagan and Bush's version.

I was listening to R Representative Pence being interviewed and he made the stupid statement that he does not remember poll numbers. No kidding? Numbers only matter to Republicans when they can be used against Democrats. That was in response to him being questioned as to what he thought about the fact that only one in five today have the stomach to admit they are Republican. Yeah right that is still too high anyway!

I was more than a little bothered that Pence kept invoking Jack Kemp as his hero and the man that stood for everything good about the party and being his hero was responsible for him becoming a Republican. That is too bad to me. I guess everything good about the Republican party died with Jack Kemp. He was a good man but the guy just died. I never heard his name invoked before. Rally your base on a dead man that makes sense coming from Republicans trying to bring back Reaganism.

Reaganism got us into this in the first place. However, hell they have no one alive to lean on. Republicans have a split position on science, evolution, everything. They still cannot answer a question straight. I have to laugh! Officially they think prehistoric bones were planted by liberals interested in furthering their partisan agenda. Their stance bar none since Bush, Schiavo, everything really is sickening and counter to morality.

They are a joke a bad joke! The party of Revolutionaries, the all inclusive party, the Big tenet party reinventing themselves yet again or so they want you to think. Did you see Joe the Plumber the real fake Nazi face of the Republican party This is sad but true. This was put together by the ever prodigious diligent Jolly Roger at Reconstitution!

What a coincidence another Republican who is not what they say they are. Joe the wannabe plumber was actually a sprinkler installer. This friend of Palin's another truth sayer when on the campaign trail for Palin and McCain stated he had gay friends and does not have a problem with them. A couple days ago when questioned on it he said he would not allow "Queers" anywhere near his kids. No wonder he doesn't have a problem with them! With his definition of "Queer" being anyone that goes against the norm, their norm we are all Queers.

The lies and idiocy does not stop it only continues to get worse every day as Republicans get increasingly desperate to stop Obama, Democrats, and empathy. Lindsey Graham says Republicans are poised to come roaring back. God help us! He better look at his big tent party again, it is the Big Top party, a circus. I was stunned to hear Graham say Republicans are closer to Americans than Obama. Where has he been the last few years? Obama is polling at 70% and Republicans at 21%, Hellloooo!

I know Republicans supposedly do not care about polls and numbers but I see they do not care about elections or Americans either and you know that is true. The party of No continues to have no ideas despite constant retooling other than to fight Obama, Democrats, and empathy. They have no ideas they have no product they have nothing but hate for us and a desire to control us once again. I still see no new faces, no one taking charge. listening to Pence who was obviously afraid to say what he really believed about science and evolution in schools, this is seriously counter American and wrong.

The so called all inclusive Republican party must stand up and really tell the truth, really be all inclusive. Stop talking the talk and walk the walk for once. They do not want to be all inclusive. They merely want their way and to be in control again. That will not happen. They have it all wrong again. Under normal conditions saying you want smaller Government may be okay however thanks to Bush these are not normal times. We need the Government to to supply us with answers. We need their control. We need direction and Obama is supplying it not Republicans.

* In closing look at this again! Pence the fool said we need a return to fiscal discipline and making the Hard choices. Fiscal discipline that was discipline. Hard choices that is Obama. He and all Republicans better learn to engage brain before opening mouth and learn to be accountable for what comes out of it. Pence wants an unapologetic return to moral values and American ideals. Republicans? Again, isn't that Obama? I am listening to Pence speaking for the Republican party hemming and hawing. Nothing has changed they can not answer a straight question. They can not care about the environment. In that respect their only passion is to drill baby drill.

Their only real passion is to defeat Democrats and their empathy and that will not happen under any of them I see alive. Pence could not say he believed in evolution, come on get real! He would not say he believed in science. He would not say if he thought creationism should be taught in school. He wanted to know what the questioner was getting at. What's he getting at? Speak the truth. Be up front as to what you really believe and let the chips fall where they may. Republicans know that would keep us in power for ever as truth be told they are the exclusive party not the inclusive party.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


an average patriot said...

I have to run up to Maine to do the seafood ocean thing with a son just back and on leave. I will be back!

Naj said...

hi Jim: Israel won't ask US permission before bombing IranWhich is fine; but I guess Americans would then not be obliged to help Israel when Iran strikes them back :)

Demeur said...

Remember republicans are not to listen to average Americans. They are to tell Americans what to think. These instructions brought to you by Rush Limpballs the drug popping pedophile.

an average patriot said...

I know! If they ever felt obligated they do not now. I am concerned with Israel, They know Obama wants a two State solution and will work with Iran. Is rael will not let that stop them and if they want to attack Iran they know the Israeli lobby here will make us have to get involved somehow. I still have hopes Naj!

an average patriot said...

It drives me crazy! All the while they say they care and want to be the big tent party empathy is a no go. AAARRRGGGHHH!

Jolly Roger said...

The Klanservatives are still running as if it were 1859 instead of 2009. That tack is guaranteed to get them the inbred vote, which is substantial down home and various other rural outposts-but the rest of us aren't going to buy into it.

Let them burn their crosses, and don their white sheets. They'll find ever-fewer of us standing around their old flaming cross.