Friday, November 24, 2017

Metal storm the deadliest fastest most powerful weapon on the battlefield, this is scary, scary!

This is the scariest weapon I have ever seen or heard of in my life. A million rounds per minute, 180 bullets being fired in less than one-hundredth of a second is perceived as one enormous noise to a human ear. Wow! Metal storm is more deadly than its name implies. Watch the video this is scary

Metal storm delivers pinpoint accuracy from ships plane helicopters the back of any vehicle, the ground, anywhere any time. This is super smart and lethal. 16,000 rounds per second and can even fire 1/4 million rounds of 40 mm grenades per minute. Metal storm can be operated unmanned and unattended. This is downright sinister. look at the pictures of versatility this is scary

Even unmanned Metal storm can detect movement anywhere watch this silent assassin it is down right scary All you need is a tube to hold all the rounds and it can go anywhere and be carried and shot from anything! It watches everything giving you total situation awareness.

I can't say it enough, this is a scary weapon. There is only one moving part, the Bullet. Bullets or high powered grenades are preloaded and fired electronically. No moving parts no jamming! General Downing former Commander in Chief of Special Forces is the advisor for what is the fastest and most powerful weapon on the battlefield.

This is a weapon the likes of which has never before been seen on a battlefield. It can monitor entire battle fields sensing any motion whatsoever and react accordingly. Using 40mm grenades it can flatten building, crush hardened bunkers, one can take out a battalion of tanks in seconds. watch this silent assassin it is down right scary

This is lethal and can even take down an intercontinental missile in seconds, dispatch a torpedo, used on mines, fired from planes laying down the most lethal barrage known to man. Just one question, if limiting killing noncombatants is a goal I would say that will not happen with this weapon and is the only drawback I can think of after watching the video.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Fidelity is not Human nature!

Cheating celebrities Busted!

Tiger joins a long, long, long, long list of celebrities who admit they are Human!

I do not indulge in or endorse infidelity but I am long convinced it is another part of human nature we do not admit to. Infidelity served it purpose in allowing man to reach the point he is at today. Whether you realize it or not or want to admit it it was part of survival of the fittest, mans need to procreate with whoever and as much as possible that allowed him to survive a prehistoric, vicious, violent world.

I have pointed out for years that what got us to this point is no longer needed or is abused and misused. Man's brain: Man has taken his ability to live and learn, an ability that has sustained and nurtured him for thousand of years and forgotten he ever had it. It had served us well throughout are creation and history.

That said let us talk Fidelity and monogamy in the Stone Age and in society today! Can you just imagine if man was monogamous in the Stone Age? We never would have survived to get where we are today. Man never would have survived. We had to procreate as much as possible to ensure we would survive as death was right around the corner!

That is not the case right now in today’s modern society but many seem to have a problem fighting human nature. It is not that people want to cheat and cheating knows no class “hmm, interpret that as you may” Enough is enough! Unless we wipe ourselves out in a nuclear war we do not have to worry about enough people surviving to keep mankind alive.

As we have progressed through history man has largely forgotten how to use his brain but he certainly has not lost his desire to copulate with every woman he sees. Some of us are monogamous but just knowing what we experience every day in every level of society and look at these two links and watch the video. This is counter to a stable society!

High Infidelity: Rachel Uchitel Joins Ranks of Other Women ...

Top Infidelity News Stories for 2008 - Wellsphere

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The battle for the Arctic takes shape

The Arctic Is Melting, So The U.S. Military Has Another Place It Has To Defend:  The Strategy opens by saying the Arctic is at a “strategic inflection point” because “its ice cap is diminishing more rapidly than projected.” This brings increasing “human activity, driven by economic opportunity” that ranges from shipping and fishing to fossil fuel extraction and tourism. 

Most experts believe there will be no Arctic sea ice in the summer by 2030. Secretary Hagel said in his speech that the U.S. “will remain prepared to detect, deter, prevent and defeat threats to our homeland and we will continue to exercise U.S. sovereignty in and around Alaska.                                                                                                                       

 Putin ramps up the world's fight for the Arctic

Putin said the Russian military has been restoring a Soviet-era military base on the New Siberian Islands that was shut down after the Soviet collapse. He added that the facility is key for protecting shipping routes that link Europe with the Pacific region across the Arctic Ocean.


  Last month, a Russian navy squadron led by the flagship of Russia's Northern Fleet, nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great, visited the archipelago, which occupies a strategic position on the Arctic shipping route. Putin said that the military has already re-established a permanent garrison there and will restore an airfield and other facilities.China granted observer status in Arctic Council: The meeting also witnessed the signing of Kiruna Declearation, which recognized "the importance of maintaining peace, stability and constructive cooperation in the Arctic," and "the importance of the sustainable use of resources, economic development and environmental protection."

U.S.'s Arctic plans may serve as a wake-up call for Canada and the world as they scramble for the resources as the Arctic thaws.
The Cold War for Arctic resources is not just heating up – it’s leading to a growing militarization in the remote North.

That’s the conclusion a study by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, which claims that Russia, Canada, Denmark and Norway are all developing their military interests there. Also, more countries are seeking access to the region’s important natural resources and transport routes, such as “outsiders” like China, India and Brazil.

U.S.'s Arctic plans may serve as a wake-up call for Canada: The Pentagon wants to know what’s happening in the Arctic; there’s an app for that. Well not yet, but Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants one in a hurry. In a call for proposals this week, it said it plans to pick, deploy and test two systems this summer. “Remote sensing may offer affordable advantages over traditional methods of monitoring the region – aircraft, satellites or manned ships and submarines – due to the great distances in the Arctic,” the agency said in a call for bids. 
The U.S. military wants “new technologies to monitor the Arctic both above and below the ice, providing year-round situational awareness without the need for forward-basing or human presence.” Nothing nefarious about that. Except that slicing up the Arctic as retreating ice heralds a 21st-century resources rush and shipping boom at the top of the world is shaping up as a race for riches and control.Do you think it will matter?
I have been covering this for 6 years now, remember: The scramble for the Arctic: Russia to station 2 military Brigades in the Arctic: Vladimir Putin said Russia would strongly defend its interests and Putin is back.

Russia's defense minister has said he plans to create two specialist army brigades to be based in the Arctic.The announcement comes days after Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Russia would strongly defend its interests in the region.

Denmark to lay claim to North Pole: DENMARK which already counts Greenland and the Faroe Islands as its Arctic territories, is planning to lay claim to the North Pole. 
This will put Denmark on a collision course with Russia, the US, Canada and Norway but they all better make a share deal and avoid conflict over this.

I wanted to discuss that in 2007 when Russia declared that it had successfully planted their flag at the bottom of the Arctic claiming it as Russian territory Russia was disturbed that Canada the US and others dismissed it as a joke saying that is worthless in the 21st Century. Myself I wasn't as sure as it seems like a scary ratcheting up of the race for future resources and world domination. Well attitudes are changing when recent events are taken into account. I am sure Denmark's joining this venture will simply be dismissed.

It has been noted that Russian nostalgia for past greatness has been seen stretching from the North Pole to the Mediterranean via the Caucasus. First the Russians planted a flag on the bottom of the Arctic. Then they promised to return to the Mediterranean. .

Russia's Mediterranean plans pale in comparison with its audacious foray into the Arctic where they collected soil samples and planted the Russian flag two and a half miles below the sea. The official purpose of this first-ever manned mission was "to prove that the North Pole is an extension of the Russian coastal shelf." Geologists say the region could have big oil, gas and mineral reserves. Massive oil reserves is more like it!

Knowing that the Arctic features prominently in Russian Imperial mythology and the rising desire for Russia to regain prominence as a world power you have to be very concerned about this and Canada now is. Canada's prime minister went on a three-day trip to the Arctic in an effort to assert sovereignty over the region a week after Russia symbolically staked a claim to the North Pole by sending submarines.

Five countries -- Canada, Russia, the United States, Norway and Denmark -- are competing to secure subsurface rights to the Arctic seabed. One study by the U.S. Geological Survey estimates the Arctic has as much as 25 percent of the world's undiscovered oil and gas. PM Harper, who has pledged to spend billions defending Canada's sovereignty over the Arctic, is said "Economic development -- unleashing the resource-based potential of the North, environmental protection -- protecting the unique Northern environment, national sovereignty -- protecting our land, airspace and territorial waters were his priorities.

" In response to the building interest in the shelf Canada's PM Harper announced that six to eight new patrol ships would be built to guard the Northwest Passage sea route in the Arctic, which the United States insists does not belong to Canada. Canadian PM vowed in 2007 to defend Arctic

U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins had criticized Harper's promise to defend the Arctic, calling the Northwest Passage "neutral waters." This is all very troubling as we watch the ratcheting up of tensions around the world as we try to move into the future. The increased militarism around the world is tenuous but throw all the recent developments in with what is shaping up to be a fight over the Arctic and its resources which will only serve to ecologically destroy another very important part of the Ocean's and world's ecosystem in what is increasingly appearing in trouble.

Denmark's interest and claim is also old. The scramble for the Arctic also gathered pace in 2007 as Denmark prepared to challenge Russia's bid for the North Pole and Canada vowed to defend its "sovereignty" over the region's frozen waters. Boy are they getting desperate! Over the next month they searched for evidence that the Lomonosov Ridge, a 1,200-mile, underwater mountain range running close to the Pole, is a geographical extension of Greenland, a Danish possession. 

The mission it was felt would strain relations between Denmark and Russia, which claims to have found evidence linking the ridge to Siberia. Both countries will seek adjudication from a United Nations commission in the next few years that could award a large swathe of Arctic territory to the country with the most compelling case. The scramble for the arctic The time is coming closer!

With the ice melting all of a sudden everyone has a claim to the land below and we are racing to destroy the Arctic. It sickens me to hear lies like China, India, and the rest of them saying they just want a faster route of travel and want to protect peace and the environment. Russia and Canada are not the only ones who have long voiced the willingness to fight for what they believe is theirs. That Arctic Council is a joke and will stop none of the impending destruct but merely enlarge the amount of Countries allowed to do it.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

We are fighting the wrong war(s) this forever war has barely begun!

I am pretty pleased to notice I have many readers around the world and we all have a stake in what has been happening in the United States and around the world in this mis-directed so called war on terror. I want to challenge you to do a search Here of absolutely any problem, any country, anywhere in the world that has been a problem since President Bush was elected. Anything I discuss right now you can go to that link and do a search on the upper left. ! have written over 1750 stories about this lie we are living, the inconvenient truth, the convenient lie.

Watching what Israel just did to those trying to break their embargo I am really stunned. In the past I said numerous times that Israel, Iran, or any of the major players in the Middle East want peace. Also that Israel was the chief war monger and we were their patsy ready to come to their rescue. Turkey was right a while back when they said Israel was the biggest threat to peace in the Middle East.

Numerous times I have stated there will never be peace in the Middle East and Israel killing those people and the way they did it shows that they do not want peace, Turkey was right, and there will never be peace in the Middle East and we are fighting the wrong war. I was disappointed watching Israel's instigation and talking to one of my career military sons who loves Israel and wishes we were more like them.

Wait a minute! Think for a minute and please do an eye opening search on any topic any subject any country, anything. 9/11 gave Bush and Cheney the excuse to ignore what we knew were our problems. As you remember Bush labeled Iraq, Iran and North Korea an "axis of evil, a term first used in January 2002 to enable him to follow the misadministration's hidden agenda.

We largely ignored North Korea who we knew has nuke's and they are now threatening war and at a time when we are over extended because of unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The 9/11 commission and the 9/11 commission hearings were a lie and of course all guilty parties were found innocent. Bush could not get the Patriot Act passed so his cronies promulgated the anthrax attacks and attempted to blame them on Muslims even though we knew the anthrax was ours.

The attacks scared Congress enough so they passed the Patriot Act to give Bush the power to abuse and do what he wanted period and not have to answer to anyone. We let Osama Bin Laden and his entourage escape Tora Bora while we watched his 83 vehicle caravan at night head into Pakistan. We then started a war in Afghanistan then Bush put all our efforts and excuses on attacking Iraq and unseating and killing Saddam Hussein who had nothing to do with this so called war on terror which turned out to be a war for Islamic oil.

Read "we do not have clean hands in Afghanistan" and too much will make sense. Search here or look at our own Government's documented facts. The plan went back to 1996 and they only needed an idiot to push it through. Along came Bush and the stolen election. Cheney picked himself for vice President and the new middleast war drive began

Helping Israel form a buffer zone and going after Iran were only 2 of the goals and real reason for attacking Iraq. So now we have the war in Afghanistan being our longest in our history and the hell Bush created in Iraq spreading throughout the Middle East which any idiot knew would be the case from the get go. Now we are over extended with the army and the marines and we are told if war breaks out with North Korea we will use the navy and they are not over extended.

I beg to differ! Isn't that them defending the gulf? What about the tsunami? Haiti? They are needed in this Gulf disaster I would say. Anyway we should have focused immediately on North Korea and Iran now they are both threatening to erupt in what I long ago coined correctly so as Bush's forever war. It has taken on a life of its own and we will have no choice but to react.

I know we have armed our so called allies in the Middle East to fight Iran on the ground supposedly while our so called unextended navy can go after them from the Gulf. Remember the hundred years war? Enough said! Don't forget the worlds growing water wars and food wars. Look what we have let the oil companies in this corporatocracy do to our environment in the Gulf of Mexico compliments of Bush and Cheney, look at the worlds financial collapse compliments of Bush and Cheney, look at our on going wars compliments of Bush and Cheney I will stop but what a frigging mess we have coming.,

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, November 20, 2017

Beijing's Pollution Alarms Neighbors, environmental secrecy angers public and the world

  Microbloggers, state media and even delegates to this week's session of the National People's Congress, the largely rubber-stamp parliament, were already critical of the government for poor air and water quality. Now they are also expressing disquiet over the scarcity of information about the environment available to them.

*The bad news is that the country's hell-bent drive towards industrialization has brought in its train a host of collateral problems, not the least of which is pollution. Last month Beijing's air pollution soared past levels considered hazardous by the World Health Organization (WHO).

*Prior to that, the government often played down the pollution in Beijing, insisting it was merely fog, despite evidence to the contrary that was plain for all to see. Earlier this year, following public pressure resulting from hourly air-quality readings first published in 2011 by the U.S. embassy in Beijing, which Chinese authorities had previously denounced as "foreign interference," the municipal officials took notice. 

Pollution in China is one aspect of the broader topic of environmental issues in China. Various forms of pollution have increased as China has industrialized, which has caused widespread environmental and health problems. According to the World Bank in 2007, 16 of the world's 20 most polluted cities are in China.[1][2]
 *China, in Guangdong it is Province is made up of four small villages. It is the location of what may be the largest electronic waste (e-waste) site on earth.[1]: Once a rice village,[9] the pollution has made Guiyu unable to produce crops for food and the water of the river is undrinkable. Guiyu as an e-waste hub was first documented fully in December 2001 by the Basel Action Network.

For example, a November 2008 news story by 60 Minutes, a popular US TV news program, documented the illegal shipments of electronic waste from recyclers in the US to Guiyu. While taping part of the story on-site at an illegal recycling dump in Guiyu, representatives of the Chinese recyclers attempted without success to confiscate the footage from the 60 Minutes TV crew.

                                                     * 10 most polluted countries in the world

 Latest industrial pollution to batter China environment:  BEIJING, Hundreds of thousands of dead fish were left floating in a Chinese river after a chemical discharge, officials said Wednesday, the latest industrial accident to pollute the country’s battered environment.

About 100,000 kilograms of fish were cleared from 40 kilometres of the Fu river in Wuhan, the capital of the central province of Hubei, the official Xinhua news agency said, citing “local government investigations”.

I was overwhelmed thinking about the dire state of the environment in China in every respect then I was thinking wait a minute Fukushima's nuclear fall out has greatly affected Russia, Japan, and the entire world not to speak of Chernobyl.

 Russia has made many environmental disaster area's in many former USSR countries. Much of South America is a mess, the United States has it's great amount of guilt and is now concentrating and fracking our frigging country to pieces for gas and oil.

Canada is doing its share with its grotesque oil sands in Alberta that they want to pipe through our heartland and its aquifers and wildlife migratory areas.  I saw countries in South America where it was impossible to eat the food grown as it is in areas of China. These areas are all over the world.

We don't even want to get into the ocean with its numerous growing dead spots and continent size garbage swirls. Remember the pirate problem down around Somalia? We created them. At one time we had permission from tribal elders to dump all our nuclear and electronic waste in what was there fishing area and we killed everything forcing them into piracy. What we don't know about our pirates. We do this all over the world!

China was the focus at the outset but every continent every country is doing its share to destroy the only planet, the only place we have to live and the powers to be could care less that they are destroying it for their gain. I am disgusted!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma