Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mancow gets water boarded and admits it's torture so Olbermann donates $10,000 to veterans of valor in Mancow's name!

Mancow's water boarding!

Olbermann donates $10,000 to veterans of valor on Mancow's behalf!

This should not take too long. I want you to watch the videos showing "real" water boarding! This is still majorly mild but check these out. I have been sick listening to the Torture King say water boarding is not torture. It is just a "enhanced technique? This has been troubling to me on more than a few fronts. I am a firm believer in calling a spade a spade. If I am going to do something not only will I admit to it but I will tell you. I always thought that was just normal. Now I am finding lying is normal!

I do not care what you call water boarding but before I even watched these it was torture to me. You know I have a few sons in the military but water boarding if the least I worry about happening to them were they to be captured. With that said,we know one of the terrorists was water board 183 times and as the videos illustrate, the average time of endurance is 14 seconds. That is 42 minutes that guy endured that.

Not that I feel for him but knowing we kept hearing that information was being given readily until water boarding started and knowing we now know water boarding was used to get an admitted link between Saddam and 9/11 I have to put 2 plus 2 together. We still have Cheney lying and saying there was a link to 9/11 and Saddam Hussein even though we found out the hard way there was none.

We have also now seen how horrific water boarding is and heard the admission that they would tell you anything you wanted to hear to make it stop. Journalist Christopher Hutchins volunteered to have it done to prove it was nothing. Not only did he instantly capitulate he now has nightmares of drowning and smothering. He too volunteered that he would say anything you wanted to hear to make it stop.

Republican shock jock Mancow Muller who I could never stand as he represented just another big mouthed Republican willing to say anything top see his party persevere now has my compassion. Mancow went in to this to show boat but that did not last long or end up being the result. I started feeling sorry for him before it even started as it was obvious he was not up to it.

He never should have opened his mouth especially knowing what I found out. However open mouth and insert foot seems to be a gift to both party's. Mancow was failing just having his feet tied and being told what was going to happen. He should have backed out when he had the chance. They were still nice to him and pinched his nose as he instructed though as you know, that would never happen in the world of real torture.

The expert who was going to do it said the average person can handle 14 seconds. Mancow vowed 15 and cried uncle in 6 seconds. He took a while to compose himself. After watching his extremely negative response I have to hope the experience does not affect him permanently. He said that had he known it was that bad that horrific he never would have agreed to it.

He fell for the idiocy Cheney is still espousing and people are still believing. I suggest that they as well as Cheney and Hannity get water boarded just for fun. Mancow explained he instantly experienced flash backs to drowning when a child which made me ask how could you be so stupid?

Colonel Jacobs retired is the only man with experience in this regard that I have been hearing besides an actual interrogator who said it doe not work backed that sentiment up. He said in this regard it was immoral because no life's were in danger. He said it was unnecessary and gained nothing useful except for the lies they wanted to hear. Food and medical care would work much better if honest information was the goal.

* In closing after watching water boarding and the results by once advocates who now say it is torture and they would tell you whatever you wanted to hear to make it stop as we know was the desire and result there is only one obvious conclusion. The issue is not that water boarding is torture or not. We know it only gets the lies you want to hear to cover your rear. That is the only issue!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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