Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Swift boating Obama's healthcare plan a failure from the get go!

Obama announces Healthcare Proposal with Healthcare system on Board

The ass hole swift boaters who sank John Kerry with their lies are already trying to do the same with President Obama's Health care plan showing horror stories from Canada and other Nations of patients having to wait inhumane lengths of time for emergency care or operations. Hell it sounds like our system. They stupidly point out that some of those patients have to come here for treatment. They fail to point out that we have worse waits here. Worse in the worlds wealthiest nation we have 45 million with no health care at all. That is unconscionable!

We are already ahead of the game! The health care Industry has already signed on board President Obama's plan. They have already proposed $2 trillion in future cost raises. With President Obama's proposed additional cost of $2 trillion tempered with an estimated $60 billion in tax increases for the wealthy ant to speak of the ending of off shore tax shelters. we are already ahead of the game.

We are certainly ahead of the game and while the underhanded swift boat tactics have worked in the past when they should have failed in the name of patriotism, honesty, and the good of the nation not the Repug party they will fail this time. Average Americans have had enough! We are sick of the lies and the games while we are simply allowed to go down the tubes.

Doctors do not enforce patients following their recommendations or taking their medication because they make their money not in prevention but in resultant operations. In the same way pharmaceutical companies make their money in keeping you sick not in curing you. All that has to change.

Health care must be sped up but health cure has to be the ultimate goal! Proper Health care is only a means to an end. The entire health care industry is on board as no one wants the train to leave the station without them. Unions, Doctors, insurers, everyone is on board. As Obama has proposed publishing a list of those who refuse to cooperate in moving from the off shore tax shelters the same should be done in this regard. Obama, industry leaders join to cut healthcare costs

They will come around when their services are no longer needed. I just can not understand what the hell took so long. This will blow Hillary's and all past efforts away. Of course Republicans are scoffing at all this. However, as I keep saying, that means it is a great idea and it will work. It is a good thing for average Americans and our America so the Republicans of course are against it!

* Besides what the large Banks, The insurance Industry, and Wall street has done to us Obama has me convinced that health care is our major block to recovery. It must be reformed now and monitored closely if we are to recover. This was another historic announcement and day but just a start as Obama also works to reduce abuse, waste, and fraud. Total reform and monitoring that is what it is going to take.

We must drastically reduce rapidly inflated rising costs. You must be able to pick your own Doctor and their must be quality health care for all not just for those who can afford it. I still say I would like to see Congress forced to use this same system. That would insure that is is made a Quality system. This is about the quality of life. A quality that is rapidly diminishing. We must have this at the very least. It will give people a sense of safety where today for so many people there is none!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

The health care problem isn't as easy as it looks. Some stats: The U.S. spends $2 trillion dollars per year and rising on health care. There are now 60 million without coverage. With the baby boomers set to retire (if we're that lucky) the number of people going on medicare wil rocket. The money to pay for that will go down ( remember that money comes from payroll deductions) with the increase of retirees. Add to this the fact that we're experiencing a shortage of doctors especially primary care doctors.
So it looks to me like we're setting up for the perfect storm and even if Obama puts these plans in place we're still set for very bad times ahead. It will be like putting a finger in the dike with a gushing gaping hole.
We will have to decide on priorities. As it stands now those in Europe pay 52% in taxes to cover health care, unemployment and other benefits. The U.S. pays 30% for its dismal system. But we really can't do a comparison with Europe because there are many differences in culture and additude.
The Canadian system at the very least gives basic coverage. It is according to what I've read made up of 70% public and 30% private health coverage.
What will need to be done is a study of all systems and finding out the shortcomings but that should have already been done.

an average patriot said...

I was listening to warnings that the Industry is placating Obama and they will effectively stop everything. That is why I said it has to be closely monitored and abusers outed. The swift boaters are running ads depicting horror stories of the Canadian system. That pisses me off. We have to try something as this will just get much worse.

Karen said...

Rethugs are so *yesterday*, nobody's listening to them, especially chenhead!

Prez O is our refreshingly change president, even with his fashion statement, aka (black 'long' tie instead of black 'bow' tie to the Correspondents' Dinner.

Love it!!

an average patriot said...

Me to Karen! It is really refreshing seeing a President doing the right thing for average Americans and not the wealthy. I love it too! It is sick, sick Cheney advocating a return to the destruction under him and Bush. I still firmly believe Cheney was the real President and he is defending his own legacy.

Larry said...

This supposed savings is another con job to get the public off real healthcare for all, to the insurance industry has done enough.

More lies!

an average patriot said...

Many are saying that and that is the way it looks. It pisses me off that Bachus said single payer was off the table. We have to work with what we have. That is Bullshit.
The same old problem is not going to stop their gravy train. I hope Obama gives them a seat at the table Mike Farrell of Mash fame spoke well on it and he will be heard. Back to hope again!

Dusty said...

Good post Jim, putting it up on Sirens Chronicles ok?

I believe, like you, that ALL American's, including the idiots in Congress, should be forced to use whatever health care plan they all come up with. ;)

an average patriot said...

All right. I really wish they sat up a system for all of us and forced Congress to use it. Hell then they'd make sure it was right!

landsker said...

Hello Jim,
Living in the UK means access to a taxpayer funded national health service.
It means that no matter what illness or ailment, no matter if employed, or homeless, billionaire or pauper, any person can call at any hospital, any doctor, and expect to be seen.
It also means that resources such as ambulances, helicopters, transfusions, transplants, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, whatever is needed, is provided..without any extra charge to the patient/citizen.
Not just in the UK, but thanks to agreements of reciprocation,in all of the European Union.
There is private medicine, but the majority of people are content with, and extremely proud of our national health service.
It has faults, sure, but it ensures the health of the nation, rather than the wealth of the medical insurance agency and big pharma.
America must surely change soon ?

an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker
Your system is much lauded. That is why it pisses me off that the same people who swift boated Kerry are dredging up horror stories and posted a video saying this is what you are in for. I an friggen sick of this crap!