Friday, May 01, 2009

With Obama riding so high where does the GOP go from here?

With the Dow rallying Obama seems to have saved the economy. Despite Republican efforts to not be partisan and make him fail. I have to laugh! If you can call spending $12 trillion saving the economy. As you know, since day one it has been Obama against Limbaugh, Gingrich, Palin, Rove, Cheney, all Republicans and even many Democrats. He will succeed despite them all. He is on his own but he is saving us from the worst crash since the last one the Republicans caused in 1929, the so called Great Depression.

As the Fascist right wing extremist party is proving the smaller a party gets the more small minded a party gets. Republicans as you know also have a deep demographic problem. I will say the shrinking Republican party is down but not as far as they are going to go and by no means out. As you know they have become the party of No and Arlen Specter made the right move and the right vote on the stimulus. The party of no must stop their childish blocking games if they are to come back. They should have voted no on the stimulus as they did but to make believe they had some concern about fixing our America they should have supplied 10 or 15 votes.

As far as I'm concerned the party of no should stay the course as they continue to throw moderates overboard and sink. The sooner the Republican Fascist extremist party is gone and they reinvent themselves as a viable party that can at least make believe they care about our America the better off we will all be. We know where the Republicans are going but what about Obama?

As far as I am concerned I do not agree with everything Obama has done but he has done a hell of a job. Arlin Specter joining the Democratic party may have been to continue his career but he has more in common with Democrats than the Republican extremists. Specter is very interested in Health care and energy reform so I am sure he will do what he can to see those bills pass. Obama is going to defend Specter to start with even against a Democrat as he endeavors to raise money for him and get him reelected.

We are heading in the right direction and continue to make progress. However as you know, Obama is trying to solve many Republican crises at once. Even with out the developing flu Pandemic Obama has more on his plate than any other President except his heroes FDR and Lincoln. With all the problems in the world and still another crisis under development in Pakistan and Afghanistan I am convinced Obama has already passed some tests but much bigger tests are coming.

I have to laugh! Obama has great poll numbers as he should but he has competition. He is playing second fiddle. He has competition in his dazzling role model I mean wife. They are a pleasure after Bush and are an inspiration to watch for every American. Obama will have plenty of reasons to grow and become even better if that is possible as I am afraid there is many crises to come in our future. Thank god the world is once again behind us and waving American flags. We will long be dealing with the crises Bush left behind and as such he will not be forgotten but thankfully the world forgives us for letting him happen and is back with us once again.

Americans feel good about America and President Obama despite intense efforts of Republicans to make them fear President Obama and what he is doing to return us our version of America. President Obama knows we still have a lot of work to do but we will win. In closing I want to say Obama said to his Republican "friends" to stop waving fear and failure in front of Americans and complaining but get to work and help us succeed. He said we can make the 21st century another great century and I agree! What say you?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

You can only use fear as a weapon or tool for only so long. Americans woke up to their tired tactics and aren't buying it. If they wish to remain a party they will have to move to the center and it doesn't look like they're prepared to do that. Bye Bye No Party.

an average patriot said...

You are entirely right. Did you see their latest commercial? I gets worse, they will never learn!



Re: "the world forgives us for letting him happen and is back with us once again."

Hate to be a kill joy but seems the Repubs are hell bent on inflicting damage to Obama.

True that the world is forgiving of America (thankfully you've got Obama!).

But every time Condoleeza Rice opens her mouth to defend torture, i.e., "if authorised by the President, then, it's not a violation of the Convention against torture", she re-ignites a resentment against America's then very unfair foreign policy and whether we like it or not, there's bound to be a backlash somewhere along.

Obama is right to do a 180° turn but could Rice please shut up?

an average patriot said...

It is sick! You wouldn't know it but we listen to Bush the idiot being defended all day every day as Rove Cheney Rice and the likes try to rewrite history.
It really is sickening, that ass did nothing right. That crap of if the President says or does it, it is legal hearkens back to Nixon. You know how that turned out.

landsker said...

"Just don`t mention the unemployment figures"...
The figures are really bad for April, but the press is quiet...

The figures are rising, the worst since the sixties, and no let-up in sight, house prices are still dropping.

Personally, I reckon the feel-good factor will soon evapourate, no cuts yet in defence spending, whereas over here, as Britain has now completely left the Iraqui theatre, there`s already closures announced of (BAE)factories that were making armoured vehicles.

The military and the public want out of Afghanistan, then the US will be alone on both fronts.

So far, the Talibs have only conducted harrasment attacks, and have had minor skirmishes, if they get a few surface/air missiles, then watch out for helicopter attacks, which is how they terminated the Russian occupation, and some say, may have accelerated the break-up of the USSR.
Rumours surfacing, of much drug use amongst American and NATO troops, so who knows, maybe we will see "flowers in the gun barrels"

an average patriot said...

Landsker the so called experts think we are in recovery but we still have a long way down to go.
You are right the Taliban have joined Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan and if NATO backs out they are all screwed.
They are all on the menu including Iran and I think the majority of them realize it. The whole world must unite if we are to have victory.