Sunday, May 10, 2009

Snarling Mad dog Cheney wants a return to Reaganism Jeb Bush says it's time to let it go! What say you?

Is Dick Cheney a psychopath? You know he wants the country to get hit again for Political gain!

Cheney wants to press the reset button back to the Bush years! Success! Once you have had it you are drunk with it, you want more. You can't get enough. Sadly success for Cheney and Bush equals total failure to average Americans and our America. I don't really want to talk about Specter abandoning the sinking Republican ship. I don't want to dwell on the lying torture and Bush destruction enabler Pelosi, Reid, or the rest of them. They are al guilty. They were all guilty. I just want to say a few words about the snarling scum who beside Rove I consider the real reason for the so called success of the Bush Cheney mis-Administration.

Hopefully you will read the story at the link and watch the video about Cheney being a psychopath. He is I think many of you know and he is doing his damnedest to justify the torture, death, and destruction, that marked the Bush years and their so called success. bush, Cheney, and Rove were the real axis of evil.We can not allow them to rewrite history. We can not allow them to glorify this mess. We can not allow them to fool people into thinking those Fascists were good for us and the world and we should return to their policies.

No kidding: Cheney mentioned he thought some of us were upset that, that snarling maggot cast the tie breaking vote in the Senate. Along with everything else that gave many of us to give in to the inevitability that we were now going to be totally controlled to follow an agenda good for none of us and of which we had no control whatsoever.

The 2000 elections, 9/11 attacks, anthrax attacks, Cheney. Katrina, the whole 9 yards of this Bush Cheney mis-Administration is just a part of the total lie we are still living today. I am stunned that anyone can get away with calling that abortion success, I was sickened knowing the total mess Bush and Cheney made of us and the world and the scum Bush rode into the sunset bragging about his destruction. I have said it before but it is time to call Cheney on his Bluff. My overwhelming thought it the Senate was blackmailed into submission and at this point all of them on sides are guilty and complicit.

From beginning to end with this Bush mis-Administration including both sides of Congress we will never know the truth. Cheney says it would be a mistake for Republicans to be more moderate. A mistake for the small minded "big tent" party to try and be like Democrats. What a sicko! It is exactly what they need to compete with Democrats. At this point I guess we can only hope they hold on to Bush era priorities all the way to obscurity!

Listen to Cheney. He will keep the diminishing Republican party diminishing. The Cheney Bush way of doing business has hit the point of diminishing returns. Cheney is punch drunk, insane. He said most Americans are happy with water boarding. Snarling Mr. Torture thinks torture made us safe and is the reason why we have not had another attack. Hell we have not had another attack because they aided and abetted the first one to enable them to follow their fascist misagenda. Doesn't anyone get it?

* In closing! Cheney stupidly thinks Republicans and thus the country should stick to the values that were employed under Cheney and Bush. Reagan the Father of all our problems. The Reaganism that got us into 2 world wars,a recession,and the worst jobless rate in 25 years with the ling term unemployment rate at 27% the highest since 1948. Progress you can be proud of, that guy is an idiot! We should hope that Republicans do return to the fundamental philosophies of Reaganism that started this big spending war mongering mess. The big tent party will continue to shrink and flounder and thus will be the party of no return.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


betmo said...

snowe speaks the truth. the above post also reflects the nature of the rethugs- status quo and looking to the past instead of planning ahead and looking towards the future. hannity is pushing the plan that many of the neocons rethugs are switching voting parties- to the conservative party. i am looking at that to mean that there won't be a rethug party soon- the name will change along with diebold, blackwater, aig, etc. and they will try to 'rebrand'

an average patriot said...

Hi B
It kills me how anyone can advocate a return to the past under Bush. We wouldn't survive it. I have to agree with Jeb that it is time to let Reaganism go. I would like to see proof of people jumping to the rethug party. What are they skin heads? Thanks for the link I will read it. Meanwhile get out in the garden it is a gorgeous day.

Demeur said...

Is Cheney a psycopath?
Do bears poop in the woods?

I say let Cheney blather on as long as he wants because the longer he does the more he'll bring down the party. And I hope he slithers out from under his rock around election time because it will remind us all what the republican party did to this country.

an average patriot said...

I know! It blows me away that the scum has any forum whatsoever. I refuse to believe the Nazi still has followers.

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
Speaking of "Nazis", the parallels between the German war machine of the 1940`s and that of the present day Anglo-American war machine are rather disturbing.
Allthough the locations have changed, the bullshit has not.

They (the Germans),believed in, and supported their military... right or wrong... "my country over all others".
Deutschland uber alles!
Cheney has the same mindset, that`s for sure, but fortunately, the support for a militarised goose-stepping government is now dwindling in modern America.

I`d guess that Cheney has figured that if peace breaks out, the manufacturing base of the military will close down, and he will face not only a war crimes tribunal, but the anger and wrath of his peers.

Larry said...

Jeb Bush is just like all the rest. They want everything to continue the downslide into hell that Bush pursued and their agenda will never change.

an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker
Yes they are one in the same only even worse. Cheney isn't done yet.

an average patriot said...

Larry I know! I refuse to believe the scum want more of the same crap and have the balls to say it. One of my fears use to be a third Bush Jeb. Most gave learned but these scum just will not give up. Thr friggen Nazi's.