Saturday, May 02, 2009

McCain becomes the new old face of the GOP as Obama set to gain more influence!

McCain becomes the new old face of the GOP as Obama set to gain more influence!
I was preparing my story on the Republicans ripping themselves apart and once again trying to reinvent themselves to once again become a competitive party but I was blind sided by Souter announcing his retirement sometime in June. Souter was waiting until a President was elected that he could trust. I am sure he would have left as soon as the Supreme Court got involved and gave the election to Bush if he could have. Souter news sets off succession speculation

He hates Washington and longs to return to his New Hampshire farm. Souter's retirement will not change the voting block of the court but I do believe it will change the race gender make up as I would expect Obama to appoint a Woman but Hispanic or Black remains to be seen. Knowing that Sojourner Truth was the first Black woman to be honored with a statue in the White House and of course there have been many firsts with the election of our first Black President I was thinking.

I do expect a minority woman to get the appointment so once again there would be two woman in the Supreme Court. However do you realize how much President Obama can really change the face of the White House if he so chose? He really is walking a tight rope. Republicans would be rolling in their graves if Obama made the White House "too Black" I can see it now.

You think Republicans are fighting mad now. Anyway on top of everything else Obama now has the opportunity to put his signature on the highest court in the land. Everything has been so intensely Political and increasingly so as Obama and Democrats get an ever growing unrelenting firm grip on everything to do with running America this will be no exception. Another side show I would expect.

Republicans have been imploding since Obama was elected. They rip apart everything Obama says and does and as you know are ripping themselves apart as they continue too flounder looking for something anything that works. Anyone that can pull their party together and set it on the right track. I do not see it happening any time soon if in my life time even though another rebranding effort has been launched. National Council For A New America: GOP Launches Rebranding Effort

MSNBC on the new GOP initiative

There is no way in hell the Republican party has bottomed out as they think they have. Every time I turn on the news I am happy to see they in even more disarray. I was appalled when I heard so called conservative radio hosts blaming Mexicans for swine flu wondering if it was a terrorist attack from Mexico. That should go over well! Steele has been a joke right from the start as far as I am concerned. Another Republican mistake! I heard Gingrich call him a shock to the party. Long term Republicans distrust him and are trying to clip his wings. I heard Steele comparing warring Republican factions to to Israeli's and Palestinian's.

Lindsey Graham is right saying the brand is tainted. It is! He said they lost their principles but they did not. They are simply showing their true colors. In the National Council for a new America you have the same old group choosing the old face as the new face of their party. Nothing has changed. You saw the real McCain running for President. He is not the man he wants you to think he is. Nothing will change as they still have a long way down to go. While I was reading about the phony GOP launching another rebranding effort I saw the new Republican commercial and they are worse than ever. The commercial depicted Obama as weakening and endangering America. It is so Cheneyish! The commercial is played to dire sounding fear music. Nothing has changed.

If they really want to portray change be true conservatives. Do not just voice change live it mean it prove it. They keep saying they want to be inclusive. They should main stream the real McCain Meghan embrace her and mean it then I will believe they are changing. Meghan McCain: The New Face of the GOP? | The Moderate Voice Any way you look at it, it is too late to make a difference in my life time.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

Just imagine what would be left of the Republican Party if there was actually a news network that was as liberal as Fox is right wing.

Democracy would have flourished and our economy would would have been stable.

Larry said...

All these old dragons have gotten used to raping and robbing the American people for so long they can't comprehend doing anything else.



Re: "They keep saying they want to be inclusive."

They'd say anything to be in the news.

an average patriot said...

I know! Msnbc is getting credit for that and being a fox disinformation source trying to bring them down. But MSNBC is right on and the truth is bringing Fox down.

an average patriot said...

You are right! At the same time I was listening to the same old scum saying they have to be all inclusive I was watching their new racist fear mongering commercial about Obama! E GOP extreme makeover would only bring more of the same. I just can't stand it.

an average patriot said...

You are right! Every time they reinvent themselves they get a little worse. They need an extreme makeover. I just heard Romney and forget it, Jeb is involved in this. I hope to gosh America is smart enough not to let another Bush happened. He has already caused enough problems.

Lisa Allender said...

Average Patriot, Hi there. Thanks for checking in at my blog. And RIGHT ON, man!
Peace, bro!

an average patriot said...

All right Lisa
Love seeing you around. You're all right glad you agree!