Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Rant: A Personal analysis of the Obama Cheney National Security face off!

As you may know by now Obama categorically rejected torture and Cheney defended it though it was only used 3 times with information stopping once torture started. All information gained was received prior to the water boarding Cheney wants you to believe was success. Once again it makes you realize what success is to Cheney.Also torture stopped in 2005, does that mean we were kept less safe?

Don't listen to Cheney. His twisted logic will only lead to harm in many regards. You have to wonder why they did not water board the 74 guys they released before they released them back to the battlefield? They were water boarding so they should not have stopped at 3. I am just sick of it. Cheney is a bald faced liar.

Cheney knows all the information that can be released is. He knows certain information can never be released. I am sick of him covering his lies saying he wants more information released and says he would be vindicated and Obama knows it that is why he would not release it. Another lie! What Cheney said while defending torture was in essence we had to destroy the Constitution in order to defend it. Remember when the vice scum said the Constitution was just a piece of paper? I am sick of his lying and fear mongering!

Speaking of cheap shots Michael Steele accused Obama of releasing terrorists into the US. The worthless scum forgot to mention they would be in a super max prison which since the beginning no one has ever escaped from. Also Cheney said once there tax payers would be expected to foot the bill. The as who the hell does he think has been supporting them in Gitmo. I am sick of saying it but his speech proved once again that he thinks we are as stupid as he looks!

Cheney stupidly sad that if you want verification that torture works you should go to George Tenet and he will verify it. Tenet? Tenet who among numerous enabling lies called Iraq having WMD "a slam Dunk" He was the biggest disgrace in the history of CIA directors. What does that tell you about honest Dick Cheney?

Obama is dead right when he said those who say torture is the right thing to do is on the wrong side of history period. Cheney the ass made fun of Obama who was speaking the truth for making him wait to speak and then he went on and took even longer with his lies. I am sick of his wise guy childish hypocrisy. Cheney is busy defending his legacy while President Obama is busy trying to defend the country without compromising our integrity.

Cheney was chastising Obama who when he was running for President said that Bush had to much power at his disposal and now he is keeping it. As I said years ago it is not the power it is the person wielding it. Give Bush a right and he made it a wrong. Bush abused every power he stole. Obama will not. I happen to trust this President to do the right thing for us not himself as Bush did!

I am sick of hearing that any one of those so called terrorists is not secure in one of our super max prisoners. They house the worst this country has to offer and not one has ever escaped. Saying Obama is endangering the country while putting the prisoners on "the main land" is asinine. It is just more fear mongering. Sadly many will fall for this crap too!

I am sick of Cheney mocking Obama. Cheney as soon as he got camera time immediately derided and took cheap shots at Obama. It took him 5 seconds to start his smart alec BS! I am sick of Cheney saying torture saved thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands of lives. Why does he get away with saying that? How is he going to prove it? Why doesn't someone hold him accountable? The smug liar is delusional. He is taking a serious subject and once again manufacturing lies and confusion people are falling for. The more he lies the more his polls go up. I don't get it!

I am sick of Cheney saying him and Bush kept us safe for seven and a half years. 9/11 happened on their watch. They allowed 9/11 to happen. They knew about the threat of planes being used as flying bombs. We were forewarned and they did nothing. Cheney sat on his thumbs for seven months and did nothing. No preparation no searches! Yet they blame Clinton for doing nothingwhose hands were tied by Congress and laws.

Obama clearly won the debate with Cheney but inexplicably his polls go up. The national security issue is said to be Cheney's but not as far as I am concerned. Obama is on the right side of history here. Cheney ridiculing Obama plus his lying and torture stance shows Cheney is on the wrong side of history. Obama hit that out of the park. Okay I guess that turned into an anti Cheney rant!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

You realize that this is what the right wants. To have us focus on them and not the real issues. My advice to all is turn them off and they'll go away.

I've received several calls from the republican party wanting my opinion. Sorry guys you screwed things up so bad you are no longer a party anyone can trust. I will not talk to them.

an average patriot said...

I know! Keeping that ass hole up front and harping on Pelosi is their recipe for success. We can not let that happen. So far they have succeeded but I hope we are smart enough to take this off the table. Sadly to us I do not see any intelligence coming from Democrats.

Dave Dubya said...

The neocons keep lying and the media still allows them on the air.

That is what is truly sick about all this.

By the Bush/Cheney cartel's own definition, they are terroists. They thrive by instilling fear in the people and starting wars for their own political agenda.

That's terrorism, folks.

Middle Ditch said...

Great rant Jim. I enjoyed that, even though you know that I'm a political nincompoop.

Take care ....... X

an average patriot said...

I am sickened that people are still buying Cheney's lies. The ass hole got away again saying there was a connection between Saddamm and 9?11. He is the friggen enemy. He is our problem. It just drives me shit house.

an average patriot said...

Hi Monique
Drives you crazy doesn't it? What makes it worse is that it is a rant but all true and worthless. Hope all is well!