Friday, May 22, 2009

Cheney Obama dueling National Security speeches!

After listening to the two speak it is an obvious choice. With the backdrop of learning one in seven that is 74 of 534 released from Gitmo 14% released by Bush after all his and Cheney's great work returned to the battlefield. The Bronx terror plot under investigation for a year and just brought to light as to 4 Muslim's plotting to blow up synagogues and shoot down planes with stinger missiles. You have to come to the obvious conclusion that the Political childish game playing over what the CIA told Pelosi and having her and them investigated by the FBI per Republicans is asinine as the FBI has enough to do keeping us safe. There is no keeping Democrats and Republicans honest I am afraid.

Against that back drop I listened to the two speeches, one eloquent and measured the other fear mongering as expected. You know which one was Cheney's and which was Obama's. There is no need to discuss them but if you are interested here are the links! Obama Defends Plans to Close Guantanamo Prison

Cheney defends waterboarding, says Guantanamo prison essential

Now it is obvious listening to Obama speak that being a Constitutional law Professor he loves the Constitution and is going to do right by it but he will not endanger us. Keeping the people safe is his first responsibility. Highlights provided by Obama and ignorant lowlights by Cheney:

* Obama was right saying we have replaced tyranny with the rule of law! as he said, we had decisions made on fear. He should have added if there was no reason for fear it was created so Bush could follow his agenda.

* I happen to agree with Obama who said he categorically rejected the notion that past methods kept us safe and were in our best interest.

* I have to ask since torture was discontinued in 2005 does that mean Bush and Cheney kept us less safe?
* Obama ended many of the illegal practices of Bush once and for all and all methods will remain in the past.

* Gitmo only produced 3 convictions since it opened so I ask is that success?

* Not only Cheney but continued growing fear mongering harms and weakens the US!

* We will not release harmful prisoners and terrorist into the United States and our prisons are adequate to handle GITMO prisoners if called upon!

* Obama allied some of my concerns as to what I thought was going back to Bush policies. In this instance it was in regard to tribunals or Military commissions. Obama pointed out that in some instances they will be used but he pointed out they are not Bush era tribunals they have been brought under the rule of law!

* Obama correctly that these torture debates will foster more fear mongering! It started about 2 seconds after he spoke and Cheney started his fear mongering lying name calling games.

* Obama pointed out that he released the torture memos because the practice was already nullified and discontinued.

* To my satisfaction Obama adequately explained why he decided not to release the additional torture photos.

* Obama pointed out he ran on transparency and accountability and meant what he said! He will insist on oversight. There will be checks and balances. There will be watchers on the watchers. Built in redundancy I love it!

That was the highlights now the low lights provided by Cheney! There was nothing new here. Cheney couldn't stop snarling. It was worse than ever and it dominated his so called speech. Cheney looked meaner than usual with dagger eyes and a constant gnashing and flashing of teeth. He was all ignorant mouth. He pointed out all the past terrorist attacks we will never forget and do not need that Fear monger to remind us of and it does not justify his and Bush's Nazism. Ignoring Cheney's lies about torture, Gitmo, and Abu Graib, I conclude Obama is right.

* In closing I agree with Obama we can look at the facts and continue protecting America but keep the integrity of our founding documents. Obama rightly said we must keep faith with the documents in this hall, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. I was touched by Obama's speech and thought it rivaled his heroes Gettysburg address!

* I was stunned knowing it is a lie that once again the lying scum Cheney linked Saddam once again with 9/11. I did agree with one thing he said. He called it a tiring left wing mantra that we brought this on ourselves. We did! Now we will deal with it.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I don't bother listening to Cheney. He's lied to us so many times. It's apparent that since the republicans have no solutions or ideas that they'll resort to any means to keep themselves in the media eye least they disappear for good.

an average patriot said...

I agree with you! I was sickened listening to the wise ass lying scum speak after Obama. It sickens me that people still believer that fear mongering swill. His friggen polls went up 8 points after his lie fest!