Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The growing Republican idiocy on Obama's Judicial intentions!

I can not believe Orin Hatch and other Republicans are accusing Obama of using code to hide what his real intentions are in choosing a new Supreme court Judge. He does not need to use code. He does not have to hide his real intentions nor does he. Wanting someone who has empathy for the little guy Republicans say means he will be Partisan. What the hell is that? Republicans being stupid enough to even think that let alone say it speaks volumes about them not Obama.

I thought they were all inclusive, the Big tent party? Does that mean they are not for the little guy as we know they are not? Hatch said Obama called him and assured him that he does not want a radical. To Republicans a radical is someone who will put individual rights and average Americans first. To them empathy is a dirty word on par with Liberal.

Senator Leahy too said he wants someone with empathy as only makes sense to an idiot. He wants someone who will side with real Americans. I have to laugh. That is scaring the hell out of Republicans. Real Americans average Americans they do not matter to Republicans only they and their supporters do. Someone that puts real Americans first, does that mean same sex marriage? Free choice? Pro abortion?

You get the distinct idea that Republicans are scared to hell that concern for real Americans will hold precedence over the Republican party. This is a really good thing.The Republicans constantly show their lunacy and true colors. This is one more opportunity for them to do so. This is actually funny! Republicans can not stop doing themselves in.

Senator Hatch is an idiot! He said choosing someone with empathy is unacceptable. What the hell it that? He said if Obama is Pragmatic he will be okay. He is afraid Justices will make decisions he thinks should be left up to elected officials. I was under the impression that Supreme court Justices knew better? Hell they supposedly did in 2000. Since when can we trust a politician anyway? Especially a Republican?

Roe V Wade, Brown verse the Board of education, that should be left up to Politicians? Republicans more specifically if they had their way and you know what the decisions would be. Why do they not just cut the crap and say give us our way period? Obama as usual does not agree with activism I would say but he will once again do something no one expects.

I heard all 8 but at least 7 of the 8 justices went to Harvard or Yale. If Sonia Sotomayor is Obama's pick as I expect the Republicans are promising problems. However read about the youth of Sotomayor More about her shortly but I still think Sotomayor is the right choice for the job. Regardless of ignorant Republican concerns when all is said and done Obama will get what he wants and it will be good for average Americans.

The word "Liberal" is the as you know like empathy is a dirty word.Republicans are against everything Obama but the word Liberal is why. The word Liberal has become a good word to the rest of the country as they will save us from the mess Bush created and Republicans want to keep us in. A constitutionally minded Justice who has empathy for average Americans may frighten Republicans but it is just what we need. I hear speculation Hillary may be the pick but no way, Obama is happy about the job she is doing as Secretary of State.

* This is a lifetime decision! Obama has been forced to make many important decisions since day one because of Bush however this choice will be the most important decision he will have made to date and it has nothing to do with Bush. I have heard Obama's pick could come in as early as a week. As you know, Obama wants someone with real life experience and if you read the Wikipedia above on Sotomayor you know she fits the bill. However knowing what Hatch said about a pick that thinks they can get in his way and that Sotomayor said in 2005 that the Supreme Court is where policy is made there will be a fight as promised by Hatch.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Don't get your hopes up.

There is no way that Obama will 1) nominate anybody to the left of Ed Meese; or that 2) the Senatorial Pukes/Dinos will approve ANY nomination that doesn't cleave to the right...

No Fuukin Way!

an average patriot said...

Hey Woody
You may be right but I think he will maker a thoughtful appointment that will benefit average Americans.

Demeur said...

I don't think it will matter who Obama nominates the No party will hold it up as they always do.

an average patriot said...

You know you are right. That makes you wonder if holding off confirmation of Franken would have any affect there if they fought it as you know they will.