Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Like Principles, Empathy, walking in anothers shoes, Consideration, It is all necessary to success into the future!

I spent two days gathering data on Cheney who was the real President of the US under Bush because he is doing his damnedest to create a return to the mess created by him and Bush. I see absolute failure in that regard but after months of seeing my reporting of their perverted efforts as my own thoughts I thought I better do a little explaining.

The trigger was yesterday being needlessly corrected for something I do not believe by a good friend who should know me by now. Then I went to all voices and heard more of the same form someone who obviously had a biased interest and was telling me what I thought and he was not even in the ball park.

I have said it numerous times now including in past books but I do not matter. You do not matter. I raised my sons teaching them it was not about them but about the whole of society, the world, the big picture. My ex use to get mad at me because I put others first. She called me a martyr but that is not it. You do not want a return to Cheney's perverted mind set. If their is, the perception that Islam is the enemy will ring true again. That was Cheney and Bush's mantra to enable following their superiority agenda. Not mine nor anyone else's that I am aware of beyond the Republican extremists who want a return to Bush and Cheney's mess.

I have always wondered why people could not see the truth, What the unbiased truth was so hard to get disseminated. Until I was researching Thomas Jefferson for my first book and he said unless someone has the same principles as you save your breath. You will never get them to agree with your view or the truth. I see that enforced every day in every way inn every situation and in every part of the world today.

Everyone seems to think it is all about them or what they want. You should not even be the issue! The big picture, right or wrong! Thomas Jefferson felt that once you join a society that you and your desires are subservient to the good of society. Forget about that. That is no longer true. It is reinforced every day regardless of the subject that people interject their own biased desires and needs into any given subject.

No one appears capable of practicing empathy, of walking in another's shoes. Yesterday majorly emphasized that. It made me think back to Obama in looking for a Supreme court replacement emphasized he wanted someone with empathy for every man. Right off the bat Republican Senator's said that smacks of a hidden agenda and is a no go from the get go. That is asinine to me.

Does that mean empathy, thinking of others, or putting others first is only a Democratic thing? That is asinine. When I supply links or state what others are saying I am simply stating what is out there. Not that I agree with it or that I feel that way. It is simply what is out there. I simply want you to see what is out there. What society and the world is getting for information.

It gets quite tiring to be told repetitively what I think and how wrong it is. We all know about opinion. If have one I will state it. You will know it! Most often especially in regard to our position in Pakistan and Afghanistan in any regard. It is not my thought. It is not my feeling it is that of the ruling Government. Obama. I would not and do not think that all Indians think as their leader does. I do not think they all feel like Mahatma Gandhi.

I do not think all Pakistani's think the same way nor should they. Likewise the entire world should understand we did not think the way the way the past mis-Administration was acting. Often not this one either. We are all simply average citizens of the world and can only endeavor for perfection which will never be attainable.

Primarily because every political Party, every world Government, has their own biased interest in mind not their citizens or the good of the world. Our country's will not do it but we the citizens of the world can strive to put aside our own bias desires for the good of the world and the future.

James Joiner
Gardner' Ma


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Brother Tim said...

I apologize if it was me who 'needlessly corrected' you. I know you, and have talked with you for hours; I know how you feel. I also know you are a man with a good heart and a sense of justice. Sometimes I feel you get duped and sucked in to the Reich-wing talking points. I just get soooooo frustrated hearing people talk about 'killing' to cure the world's problems. About 'banding the world together' to defeat some microscopic organization like the Taliban or al Qaeda. Or how to tame and control countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, et al. There was a reason God seperated the Sons of Noah at Babel.

Sure, there are some radical Muslims, but there are also a lot of radical 'christians'. I almost feel if you want a 'call to arms' to band the world together against a dangerous group of people, you should be calling on the world to put a stop to America's hegemonic empire-building. We are responsible for more death and destruction than all terrorists and rogue governments combined. Hell, we are the Poster Child for rogue governments. How can we look at ourselves in the mirror and like what we see?

I am no supporter, or apologist of Sharia Law, but it does exist, just like Common Law and Civil Law. It cannot be eliminated by shear force.

Sharia Law is Islamic, and just like Islam, comes in many forms and degrees. Muslims, in general, take their religion a lot more seriously than the people of Europe or the West. If the pseudo-christians of the West actually followed their coveted New Testament, their would be no more wars. There would be no more killing, period.

Even Muslim countries that have democraticly elected governments, like Iran, or monarchies run by Royal families, like Saudi Arabia, live under a theocracy of some degree. They are nations of Muslims and live by their religions. Sharia Law is a part of Islamic religion. Right or wrong, that's the way they choose to live and govern themselves.

Yes, there are Muslims that don't like Sharia Law, but that does not give us a right, or obligation, to try to go in and eliminate it. We have given refuge to millions here; is this not sufficient? Must we 'Have It All'?

I don't particularly like America's system of justice. We still barbarically execute people. We have the highest incarceration rate in the world, locking up people who smoke weed or grow a few pot plants. We sentence prostitutes to prison. In Florida, if you get caught driving on a suspended license 3 times, you get a minimum one year and a day in state prison. Yet if you're a banker or financial officer, you can steal billions and get off Scott-free. You can lie us into wars, torture people against all laws (International AND Domestic), steal billions, pervert the Constitution and have immunity. Go figure, huh? But even as unfair and biased as our Justice System is, I would not want a foreign power coming in and intervening on my behalf.

We must learn to 'live and let live'. Although I am not an advocate of isolationism, I find it more desirable than global hegemony. We need to stop with all this bullsh*t like, 'these people need help' or 'we have to stabilize the region'. Or the famous worn-out 'we need to stop human-rights violations'. There are one helluva lot more human-rights violations in China; let's go bomb the snot outta them. Ohhh, there I go again..... I keep fergettin'.

Water seeks it's own level. We can build all the dykes and dams we want in the Middle-East, sooner or later they will all crumble. Our Republic is but a 230+ year experiment and our arrogance has us convinced we can change peoples with a 5,000+ year history and culture. I hate to break it to you, my friend, but it ain't gonna happen.

Ohhhhh, and many thanks to the first commentor; I always wanted to find a discounted Gucci bag. ;)

Demeur said...

Looks like you have a spammer.

As I have stated before it's all a matter of balance. Whether that be money, power or what have you. At present that power has shifted politically. But the underlying forces are still there. Corporations are still pulling the strings in the background whether we like it or not. The leftovers from the past administration are still trying to run things in the republican party.

Jim it's wonderfully altruistic to put the world first but is that realistic? We've seen greed ooze from all sectors. From governments to corporations to individuals. It seems that the only ones who have any compassion left are the ones with so much money they couldn't spend it in ten lifetimes. I speak of the other side of the isle and those that support them.
But here's what I've learned over the last many years. Don't expect any organization government or group to be less than self serving. If you want something done you'll have to do it yourself albiet it may be in a small way.

an average patriot said...

How do those guys get in here? You occasionally unnecessarily correct me but we're good to go. I am getting unwarranted undeserved and out of line criticism on all voices. I know why though now.

I found that my Pakistani readers get me and appreciate it. It is one specific commenter from India who says I am anti Islam and don't get the situation. He commented negatively after I said my Pk readers agree.

an average patriot said...

I know I am naive but I always thought putting others first was normal. I found out after researching Thomas Jefferson that not everyone was like that. My ex use to call me a martyr. I am not to me that is just normal. Yes it has not ever worked in my favor but that is life and I can't change.

Dave Dubya said...

I'll let old Will Rogers say it for me.

"When the big nations quit meddling then the world will have peace."

"One thing that we do worse than any other nation, it is try and manage somebody else’s affairs."

"When you get into trouble five thousand miles from home you’ve got to have been looking for it."

Brother Tim said...

A big AMEN to that, Dave.

Demeur said...

Love your take on things Tim. It's as if you were reading my mind.

Having read many Iraqi blogs I see the smart ones left a few years ago. Iraq was a secular socialist country. Now it's becoming a capitalist theocracy. Didn't we do just a wonderful job of "fixing" that country? You're right Tim we're far better off leaving countries to their own ways.

an average patriot said...

That is right Dave Great! What sucks is large Nations are like the bully in the school yard. They will never stay to themselves.
I taught my sons that when they are in charge they better remember where they came from and most don't.
Man can not even manage himself let alone a country or world matters.

One Fly said...

The good times have long since passed and in this society it's all about me. Accomplished with the help of the whored out media who's job is to brainwash.

Posts like this one doing the job they should be doing.

an average patriot said...

Thanks One fly
I am going to include it tomorrow but Republicans don't want to become known as the party of angry old white men. Too late! I think they have alzeimers as does both party's today as they take care of themselves and ignore us reality and the world. This has to stop!