Monday, June 01, 2009

As Mingora goes so goes the Taliban in Swat and Pakistan! But what about Afghanistan?

Pakistan seeks 'hardcore' Taliban

I use to think Musharraf was complicit with the Taliban. Gilani concerned me immensely when to me he capitulated and gave the Taliban safe haven in the Wali's Swat Valley. However, since the Taliban broke their treaty in short order showing they wanted the entire country by closing in on Islamabad to within 65 miles of the city. Pakistan realized the threat is to their very existence and they must be exterminated.

Pakistan in the past refused to enter the Swat, Waziristan area and that created this Taliban situation in the first place. I will always remember that the Wali said 3 years ago the Taliban could have been contained by two policemen. They have been allowed to grow to the point that they have been able to engage the Pakistan army since April. The Swat valley is now almost cleaned out of Taliban but I am sure those that have shaved off their beards and hidden under Burkha's will reemerge to raise hell later.

The Taliban is still skirmishing in pockets and there are two million displaced to feed and take care of. There has been 550 million pledged by UN countries to help do this. I do not know if this is why Gilani allowed the Taliban to become a danger making them appear forced to go into the Swat area. A region where they were not wanted. Now that they are there their presence must be permanent. Pakistan: 2-3 Days From Victory in Swat, Buner

Was this all just a convenient coincidence? I don't think so. Anyway they will now be there permanently in the Swat Waziristan area or the Taliban will regroup and again endanger the people not just the Government of Pakistan. If the Government plays their cards right the people will now want them there. I said earlier that the citizens cooperation was the key to success and it must be forever. They seem to be stepping up to the plate They better, their very lives and existence depend on it. Facebook Pakistanis unite against terror

Mingora was supposedly cleaned out but there are still skirmishes going on and it seems there always will be. The Taliban are now targeting the people themselves in the big cities. Pakistani cities are new battleground for Taliban

Fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, Pakistan fighting the Taliban which has turned into a major undertaking for them, we are told is all about helping Afghanistan set up a Democracy. A democracy we know the Taliban does not want. Pakistan says that only 5 to 10% of their job in the Swat Waziristan area. I hate to be the one to tell them but like it or not this for them too is just starting and they will be there permanently. Forever more they will have to remain forever vigilant if they want there Democracy. They will succeed!

I have my suspicions about our original goal though. I do not get the idea that Karzai wants us there or as a matter of fact even wants a Democracy. A while ago listening to him being interviewed I felt an obvious contempt for us. It seemed like we were his enemy. I get the idea that the Taliban has a freer hand there than most realize. Militants Killed, Governor Wounded in Afghan Violence

The Taliban and Al Qaeda are now focusing on Britain but I do not think that can make the Brits back off.Taliban target Britain on 'orders' from al-Qaeda

Pakistan will handle their end now it is up to us, Iran, or whoever, to take care of the Taliban in Afghanistan. However I am not sure Karzai's heart is in it. We have to try and convince Afghanistan to step up and do their share so the people can have their country back. Their people too must be made to understand that their very existence too is at stake because it is. They must step up and do their share too but I am not convinced Karzai wants a Democracy in any form. I am however convinced Pakistan does!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

Ahhhh Karzai..........

The Karzai Brothers have all been educated in the U.S. They are just as corrupt as the politicians in the Beltway.

And democracy is only legitimate if the U.S. says so. We have a history of overthrowing democracies we don't like, Chile, Iran, and Palestine, just to mention a few.

Hamid Karzai is a dead man walking.

an average patriot said...

I agree Brother, we should just get the hell out of there. I do not think Karzai is genuine or we are going to enforce our will there. I do trust Pakistan to get rid of the Taliban though.

Demeur said...

Considering Afghanistan was a country in name only and has no assets to speak of I see no reason to remain there. And you're dead on Tim about the corruption. From what I hear you can't go anywhere or do anything without bribing some official.

Oh and Jim the Haz Mat work is directly linked to construction and the economy. When things slow down so does the waste stream hence no work.

an average patriot said...

You have to start bribing in Afghanistan as soon as you touch down. Corruption is all encompassing.
I don't know what it is like anywhere else but here Haz mat is needed for every single accident car water land and especially in the ocean and around rivers.