Sunday, June 07, 2009

While Obama was in Normandy commending our past his plan for our future was unveiled: Obama's health care plan!

As you know, it has only been three days since Obama made his first of a kind speech explaining to Islam and the world that we were their friends their equals. We were all seeking respect and humanity while fighting those who want to take it from us all. The next day he was in Germany explaining the same while also visiting Buchenwald a notorious Nazi death camp.

Yesterday he was in France where he commemorated allied troops for their courage and bravery in an allied effort that began by storming the beaches In Normandy France. While there commemorating our soldiers bravery in the past his Health care plan you will see as critical to America's future as we know it.

While he was in Normandy speaking on the Anniversary of D Day his plan at home for a comprehensive health care plan was being unveiled. His weekly radio address yesterday given while he was in Normandy and it was about overhauling Health care. He is dead on when he says there is an urgent need to to reform our health care system. He gave Congress 7 weeks which sounded too fast to me but I found out a doable plan was already developed a couple of years ago. Obama's Big Health Care Test

The future of America is stake here. I am increasingly angry as I see how much Bush ignored the average American and our America while instigating war we could not afford around the world. We can not sustain our current course. It is unsustainable as Obama says and it damn sure is. Rising costs are leading an increasing number to catastrophe. We cannot fend off this run away train any longer. Can Health Overhaul Heal the Economy?

Everyone involved with the health care industry at least say they are on board. They have pledged $2 trillion in cuts over the next ten years. I have my doubts. We must have lower costs, improved quality, and consumer choice while providing while providing better care without increasing our Debt. That too I would like to see but any way you look at it, it is critical to our future that we do it and do it now.

62% of all foreclosures are due to sickness and rampant medical costs. 92% of those were due to what is called "the under insured".With 42 million in this country with no insurance whatsoever and more than 1 million foreclosures by year end 2008 I understand why Obama gave Congress 6 to 7 weeks to come up with a workable plan. Can they do it? If you read the prior link you know they can.

With an estimated $1 trillion cost for 10 years for the new health care plan it sounds prohibitive. However think about the prohibitive cost to the country of not doing this! Unemployment is now at a record 9.8%. More than 6 million have lost their jobs since the down turn began in 2007. There have been more than 1 million home foreclosures by year end 2008 and with 325,000 last month the lowest in years there is no end in sight. The situation is dire. The time to do this is now!

To make health care succeed we need the Jewish community behind us. Obama had a great speech while in Egypt. However it is going to be tough to get Israel and the Jewish community behind this plan after the tough speech he gave in Cairo and to get a health care plan that a rapidly growing number of our population needs. This going to get much worse not better.

In Closing knowing how critical this is why are we letting Republicans hold affordable Health care hostage? Fixing health care is the most important part of fixing the economy according to Obama and I totally agree. It is the plan that is in question. Will a public plan work (Government financed) ? Single payer is off the table but it is the only option for many. Single-payer health care - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia There is no way we can count on the medical industry or the insurance companies to regulate themselves for us as is the plan.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

Hi Jim- we know what we need and it's nothing new. What a difference it would make in peoples lives if we had single payer mine included.

Like most everything else and with my really shitty excellant attitude I expect anything that comes out of this congress in respect to revamped health care for the masses will favor the corporations over you and me and will not be anything close to what's needed.

an average patriot said...

Hey man, long time no hear! We do need single payer and Obama took it right off the table. It is disengenuous of him or anyone else to think the industry will regulate itself. I use the VA myslef it is cheaper than paying for insurance.

Middle Ditch said...

Can you understand now how pleased we were here in 1996 to finally have Labour back in power?

Up to then we had no minimum wage and workers were very poor and exploited. The minute (the minute) Blair was elected a minimum wage was set. The health care system here is suffering but hey, what can you expect of about eighteen years of neglect by the tories! Labour can't do everything at once.

Now of course we have the expenses claim scandal and that is a great worry. Brown is a little weak by not firmly putting this right but Cameron is. Very worrying because I for one do not want the Tories back in power (and I'm sure they will) because all the good what has been done by Labour towards the working people will be undone at once.

And this was political nincompoop speaking!


Brother Tim said...

" He gave Congress 7 weeks which sounded too fast to me.....".

It didn't take that long too pass the Patriot Act, or the Military Commissions Act, .......or any of their pay raises. What's the problem?

"I am increasingly angry as I see how much Bush ignored the average American and our America while instigating war we could not afford around the world. We can not sustain our current course. It is unsustainable as Obama says and it damn sure is.".

Then why is he not only sustaining it, but escalating it? It troubles me that the Big O sometimes talks out of both sides of his mouth. From one side, he speaks of how costly war is, and how it is damaging to our reputation.

Then from the other side, he escalates the war in Afghanistan and foments war in Pakistan.

Oh, never mind....I forgot. It's for the good of the country, right?

As for the health care: The only viable solution is to nationalize the industry. Most of the country is tightening their belts, if the health care industry, along with the bankers, car makers, et al won't do it themselves, 'we the people' (government) need to do it for them.

People seem to be under the delusion that high-priced doctors, nurses, medical facilities, etc will not take a big cut in pay. What do people think will happen? What are they afraid of? Do they think they'll turn all the hospitals into Burger Kings and hire the doctors and nurses to flip burgers? Get real!!!

an average patriot said...

Hi Monique
You are no nincompoop. You see and feel the pain like everyone else. Obama did for our minimum wage what Blair did for you. Brown I understand is in trouble and is bringing some down with him no?

an average patriot said...

Hi Brother
I thought 7 weeks was too fast thinking from scratch. Not once I found out there is already a doable plan. I was talking sustain in regards to the Health care system nothing else.
Something has to be done quick. The numbers are really staggerring and getting worse. Hope the house and things are going well!