Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ponder North Korea! It is a small world after all!

North Korea, what does it mean and how do we respond? Will this be an arms race in South East Asia? A nuclear Japan? Will China get actively involved as they must? What is up with the little mad man? What is North Korea really thinking? Does what they are doing make sense? To a mad man! They are surrounded by American nuclear weapons.

Even China has warned North Korea off and that is what instigated Kim Song Il to set off the second more successful underground nuclear test. North Korea is right, there are double standard. There has to be in this case. This mad man would proliferate and use them. North Korea is incensed, they think they have been aggrieved. A sane man a responsible country would be aggrieved.

This mad man is deserved. China has a major problem and better get in front of this. China does not want North Korea attack as they would have to deal with the millions of refugees and neither do they want a unified Korea with the US on their Border. You may remember that during the Korean War General Macarthur wanted to continue through Korea and take China.

What would South East Asia be like today? What would we be like? China is our Banker as well as North Korea's immediate neighbor. They hold more than 2 trillion dollars in our Bonds.They have more at stake here than anyone. Maybe more than both Korea's. Stakes are now enormous! China has to be a key partner in whatever happens here. We can not do this unilaterally.

China does not seem to have the leverage they use to or I thought they had. They do have an abstract leverage! They should want to be key players here. They are our banker and we owe them trillions. Being North Korea's immediate neighbor they would be the recipient of hundreds of thousands of refugees if not more. Regardless of the past that is gone. We have to be concerned with the future now.

With our economic problems and North Korea's antics China is very much in the balance. As we discussed in the past, China must become key players in this and get involved for their own good. I heard yesterday that North Korea is planning another long range missile test. I will guarantee you it will be timed with the meeting to take place in South Korea in 2 weeks to decide how to react so as to throw more fuel on the fire.

After listening to Henry Kissinger with his 18 to 20 meetings in North Korea and his great insight who says North Korea may be imploding and collapsing you have to be very concerned. A collapsing Nation with an armed to the teeth 7 million man army! We have to worry about the future of South East Asia and the world.

We can not accept a nuclear mad man but we can't risk an all out war either. China is in just as bad if not a worse predicament. They are between a rock and a hard place. They either face North Korea at war and hundreds of thousands if not millions of refugees or a unified Korea with us at their door or worse both and more.

China is in a win lose situation and they better realize it and remedy this situation. They stop this and they win or they don't and they lose. Plus they do not want a scared maybe nuclear Japan. The Chinese Government must realize their situation is untenable. They must realize out interests are aligned in the absolute necessity of having a stable South East Asia.

China realizes they have a lot at stake here and must get actively involved. However I do not want to see them become our Global security partner. Nor do I see them anywhere capable of it any time soon. Russia would be nice but that is not likely to happen. The Chinese American relationship is getting more critical and tenable than ever.

We must also get Russia more deeply involved. It seems like I am saying that often these days. This is not only a new America but a new world. North Korean citizens have suffered tremendously for Kim's Cognac, electronic toys, extravagance, and nuclear program. I believe North Korea one way or the other as at the end game and getting increasingly desperate. We must all come together and act on this. We are all intertwined and interdependent. We are finding that this is a new world and it is a small world after all!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I'm not too conscerned about N Korea for a couple of reasons. One - They may have a multi million man army but how would they supply that army if the rest of the world cuts off aid? Their only source of income is arms sales which should be easy to stop.
China has been trying for the last 20 years to get them straightened out with little success.
Two - All it will take is another draught and they'll stop sabre ratteling.
Three - It takes a lot of money to run a nuclear program. A program that China, Russia, Japan, S Korea and a whole bunch of other countries don't want them to have.
The real question is what is Kim's son like and what will he do with the country when Kim dies?

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

yep, that's also something that bothers me...

you've used the word "madman" several times - at least that's what it seems like to me...
When dealing with people like that you have to know that you simply can't understand insanity. Trying to make sense of it will make you go inside yourself. And that's the very root of the problem: They've got the weapons (or are at least trying to devellop them..., depends on which country you wanna talk about) but they neither have the sanity nor the moral standards that are required to go with them!

For me the conditions in countries like North Korea are not just a question of whether or not "physical" freedom or political freedom is granted. People in such countries are completely broken down - mentally! and are manipulated to such a degree, that no independent soul can survive there. And that is the worst crime. People who work for/ or coopperate with such suppressive governments or who just keep their mouths shut are in fact guilty of destroying their fellow men mentally and spiritually and to me that's a whole lot worse than having to deal with a shooting war!

It's so sick and so covert and you never get people away from that. They're just always far too scared, willing to accept anything, live like rats rather then standing up to fight for their rights and for their dignity!

That isn't a life that they have there; it's completely degrading and it sets the standard for everybody that one really should succumb like this and not lift ones voice at all!

so yet another terror regime with a nuke... but who cares... there've gotta be plenty around anyway on the black market! Mind you I really would like to know what happened to all the trash that the Russians lost, due to rougue opperatives/agents and corrupt(and pretty stupid! if I may say so)soldiers, who thought they could make a rubel or two at the collapse of the Sovjet Union, by selling off their nuclear rubbish to anybody who wanted it at almost no cost...

Or worse... you read my post on Kirkenes... what do you think is lying around there a couple of bays farther east, just quietly rusting away... as far as I know the Russians don't feel too responsible when it comes to handling their old nuclear submarines and the like... sooner or later something is either gonna leak or blow up or get stolen.

an average patriot said...

I agree but all that armed camp has to do is head south and hundreds of thousands would be dead in no time. You have to wonder about the 26 year old kid and where the friggen money does come from.

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia
It sickens me that many countries of the world including us sacrifice their citizens for the Governments agenda. Those people have been made to suffer egregiously and for what? The world will eventually intervene and it will not be good. Speaking of Russia I am afraid they are not alone. If you want I will dig up the story I did on the pirates and how the west was dumping nuclear wast off their coast that is why their fish are dead. I do have the link but have to look for it.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I know about the pirates, Brother Tim, amoungst others, brought it as well and I support/worked with different organizations... so I'm not exactly green when it comes to that sort of thing...

Yeah sadly you are right, when you say the Russians aren't alone and the only liability we face. I guess the reason I mention them is simply because I have always had their shit wiped into my face - all my life, in one way or another and that's why I'm still a little touchy when it comes to them - perhaps not fair after all, because the all too happy news is: others are just as bad!

However there are also more positive things, not known to everybody: not everything that goes on behind closed doors and not everybody who has an agenda that may not be known by too many is on the side of the bad guys or out to harm others.

I saw you guys discussing the middle east and Israel before...
there are also goodhearted and good-willing people working for peace that you don't know of. These are non-violent people who work together, both Israelis and Palestines, who improve conditions and create understanding amoungst the population for their fellow men. There you actually have Arabs and Jews working together and being friends... it's not at all the picture that the news try to serve us and I am happy to say, they are successfull in turning people away from violence and misury every single day.

But like a former Israeli CO told my sons: if you wanna have a long life in the middle east, you'd better not sign any peace-agreements!

It's not the people who want the conflict, it's just a couple of sick bastards who can't get enough blood money, who buy and manipulate everything.

Same goes for Talibuttfucks: why should anybody handle them or get rid of them?
do you see anybody being interested in who's actually really paying them? Well if that's not the case, why should they stop?
They're just gonna mess around forever, unless somebody makes a real efford to shut down their money flow - and I don't mean the fonds that can be traced fairly easily, I mean those who allow them to opperate, those who pay for the disturbance and the turbulance they create - for what ever twisted reason they may have.

And all that bullshit about them not being able to find this and that bad guy... I mean all of a sudden any intelligence agency is completely useless?! oh give me a break, if they wanted to, they would get them, and if we can't do it ourselves, i'm sure MOSSAD would certainly be glad to lend a hand or two... - if anybody significant enough actually wanted that to happen!

Brother Tim said...

I think (contrary to most) that North Korea is doing exactly what China wants. Hidden agendas can sometimes take a generation or more to come to light.

As for a madman in a rogue, nuclear-armed, terror-sponsoring state: What do you call the last 8 years of the Bush Administration?

It is wise to remember, that the U.S. has been the ONLY country to use nuclear weapons on others. A country that has as much innocent blood on their collective hands as we do, has little to no moral standing to deride others.

We have both the arrogance and audacity to believe that WE are the ONLY ones sane enough, or moral enough, to possess nukes. History is glaringly apparent that, that is NOT the case.

Be it a family or a government, ruling with an iron fist, and saying, "Do as I say, not as I do", will always bring resentment.

We need to lead by example. A 10,000+ nuclear arsenal is the toybox of a bully. It's a prime example of overkill.

I love my country, but it has gone horribly awry. Those that seek to be greater than God, are doomed to failure.

Sarah Sofia's first comment was made regarding North Korea; but take a minute and read it again, it is a perfect description of the United States of America.

God help us!

an average patriot said...

I know, scary! I always thought North Korea was working in proxy for China but at this point it has gone too far and China better reign them in. They stand to lose the most now.