Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tough sanctions may provoke N Korea says US envoy Of course they will! and they are, that is the idea at this point!

New sanctions against N. Korea approved

In response to the new sanctions Of course once again North Korea has threatened war. They finally admitted that they are enriching Uranium and will weaponize all plutonium. The new sanctions are already working, Yeah! Having my coffee this morning I just heard North Korea threaten a nuclear war on the peninsula and the US is turning more nukes their way. This is not good and comes in advance of a meeting with the US and South Korea. More threats I hope!

UN Security Council imposes new sanctions on North Korea

Tough sanctions may provoke NKorea: US envoy Of course they will and more so if boarding of ships takes place! These sanctions are worthless because no one will forcefully board the ships and food and medicine shipment will continue. We have 2 sanctions already. This is worthless!

North Korea declares all-out push for nuclear weapons

The UN struck back at North Korea with what they call tough new sanctions approved unanimously! The sanctions include UN and other Nations that signed on to these new sanctions, the ability to stop any ships coming or going to North Korea searching for WMD and missile technology. Any ship refusing to be boarded will be reported.

Just what we need, more worthless sanctions without teeth! I find it humorous that Obama says he is pleased with the new so called "tough" sanctions. Tough? Yeah! No one can forcefully board the ships, it is still unsure if China and Russia will help check ships, and food and medical supplies will continue to be sent for the citizens. Yeah that is tough all right! Because of Kim's willingness to make his people suffer these sanctions too are worthless!

At the very least I see more missile tests coming and soon! Threats yeah that is all they are, of more worthless sanctions against the most heavily sanctioned Nation in the world this is worthless. They will do what the other sanctions have done, nothing! I hope they don't think these sanctions are going to matter! They will serve only one purpose.

As everyone must know by now, it sickens me but Il is willing to sacrifice his people, for what? Militarizing while starving their people? To instigate the world to get the fuel and food they should be earning? militarizing while secretly selling WMD to whoever? Who in their right mind would buy anything weapon wise that North Korea made anyway? It would probably go around and hit you in the ass!

In response to the new sanctions Of course once again North Korea has threatened war. They finally admitted that they are enriching Uranium and will weaponize all plutonium. Rumor has it that North Korea is preparing for another nuclear test. When remains to be seen but those sanctions were a success huh?

China and Russia are on board this time but you can see what that is worth with more worthless sanctions. As we discussed in the past, being North Korea's next door neighbor China has more at stake than anyone except North Korea. They must do more! China does not seem to have the leverage they use to or I thought they had. They do have an abstract leverage! They should want to be key players here. They are our banker and we owe them trillions. Being North Korea's immediate neighbor they would be the recipient of hundreds of thousands of refugees if not more. Regardless of the past that is gone. We have to be concerned with the future now.

I do have to wonder what his 26 year old son would do if he was the leader right now. I have yet to learn anything about him. I have to believe that his stance will be the same or a unproven youngster would not have been chosen as successor. One way or the other boarding North Korea's ships will get this going. It is not North Korea's navy I would be worried about. It is the 7 million man army heading south that should be the big concern. That and our definite involvement should be China's big concern and her motivation to stop playing games and make sure that this is put to an end! What say you!
James Joiner

Gardner, Ma


Karen said...

LOL! Love the "blowing smoke out his arse" old Korean fart!

The way I look at it, if you're going to attack someone, you sure as hell don't keep announcing it!!

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen
Funny huh? I agree but you have to wonder both they and China are up to.
I am still convinced those two Chinese authorities that escorted the 2 Journalists were NK sympathizers. You can't tell me they didn't know were their border was and they escaped while the two Americans were caught for barter.
China has a lot to lose here. You have to wonder what is up. It is NK's 7 million man army heading south that concerns me!

Larry said...

More of the fallout from the Bush years of failure and threats.

Demeur said...

You may recall some years back North Korea had a draught so they called on China to bail them out. China did with aid and advice on how to fix some of the country's economic troubles. Il did take the aid but not the advice.
Now for the $64,000 question. What would China do if North Korea started moving troops into South Korea? Or worse fired nukes at South Korea.

an average patriot said...

You know I agree! I am very concerned about North Korea but getting increasingly concerned with Iran. After becoming Dictator Ahmadinejad is going to the UN and say if anyone raises a hand against Iran they will have it cut off. Not good!

an average patriot said...

It is a mess for sure but now I am more concerned about Iran. This just gets worse and worse in leaps and bounds and on all fronts!