Thursday, June 25, 2009

Part 2 The Brutal Reality of Iran! Iran long a police state has become a State off Terror!

Did you see what happened yesterday? As would be Protesters were approaching Parliament 500 Gov't thugs armed with axes, guns, and clubs attacked them.. Hacking them up shooting them clubbing them and throwing them off a foot bridge! Old men women whoever! I just saw a report on Iranian TV that the Gov't forces kept things peaceful. I refuse to believe the truth can not get to the rest of the people. This is sick!

The crackdown on those poor freedom loving Iranian's has become overwhelming as they are terrorizing and killing indiscriminately. Those poor people are scared to hell and afraid to breathe. This has changed in an instant. The Government is now charging a bullet fee! Families have been made to pay a fee of $3000 for the bullet that killed their relative if they want to get the body back. One man's son was caught up in this and shot dead but when authorities found out he was a veteran of the Iran Iraq war they relented and gave them his sons body.

* It now gets worse by the second! They are doing everything to intimidate their own people! They now say they will be trying anyone that is in jail or whose names they have gathered in or out of the Hospital. * Khamenei has extended the deadline for another 5 days for anyone with complaints against the election fraud.What the hell good is that? Ahmadinejad is going to be inaugurated between July and August 19th. Registering a complaint will only give the enforcers one more way of tracking you down and taking retribution.

* One of those running for President even withdrew his complaint because of the violent crackdown and fears. Hamid Dabashi Professor of Iranian studies at Columbia University called Obama's speech on what is happening in Iran spot on and Congresses Resolution as a kiss of death. He said Obama is very wise as he may have to deal with Ahmadinejad yet he may have to deal with Musavi.

* I hate to tell him, those people are in hell. Everything I am afraid is the kiss of death and the Government of Iran is making sure of it. Iranian Officials will not back down! They are rounding up anyone even suspected of protesting or being against them. Iranian's throughout the country are living in sheer terror. They call that a great country? A stable Democracy?

* Iranian's were also warned by an unnamed former President not to wear green as it would make them a target of the Police State. * Some not all stores were closed to honor a call for a national strike. I would not have closed my doors at this point as that too would make you a target. * At this point those poor terrorized people must feel as the German's did in the 1930s when the brown shirts (Nazi's) were running the streets doing their terrorizing.

* also heard 6 members of the national soccer team have been kicked off the team for wearing green arm bans in sympathy of the protests. &* There is a large force of armed Basij and IRG on street corners and swarming the streets. This is more than a crack down! Why would they need so much repression if the elections were fair? Things have quieted down for now but it is only out of fear gut wrenching fear to even be in Iran right now.
* This is not good! I found out Iranian Authorities can monitor all cell phone calls and images because of software purchased March 19th from a German Finnish venture. I understand they can not monitor in real time but lord help those who have been using them during the protests when authorities do have time to dig through them.

** You can not say Iran has become a police state it has long been a police state. This is now a terror state! Two women just arriving State side from Tehran one in a wheel chair from injuries sustained when they were trampled by fleeing protesters said it is now sheer terror. Horrifying! Old, Young, children, they are being beaten to death. Iran has become a state of terror!

** Those poor people need help. People are crying every night in Iran. At this point it seems all we can do is cry with them! Those two women would not use their name or show their face for fear of retribution on them or their family. They are terrified! People are now largely hiding in their houses hoping they are not pulled out and going to bed crying every night. The police state of Iran is going to crush this revolt if they have to kill everyone in the process. This is getting too oppressive for those poor people. For now I am going to wait watch listen and pray for Iranians.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Weaseldog said...

This is another world event that makes me want to go out back and throw up.

We're probably just a few short years from seeing events like this in the USA.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

James, I really like the way you look with such a compassionate hearty´´ at political eventsm, try to understand them, try to explain them... so many other bloggers just come up with nothing but negative, neurotic thoughts of everyuthing being manipulated and corrupted and everybody being out to get them in some way or another.

And this state of mental anarchy can spread to anarchy on our streets as well - so it's nice to read that you stick to facts and try to look at the background and don't just trhow a very radical opinion on the net like so many other people.

I just wanted to take the opportunity and validate you for that! take it as a big compliment!

and re your garden:
I admire all of you guys who have got magic green fingers! unfortunately i'm not one of those...

If you wonder what we're been up to,
this is a typical story:

and if you love strawberries and are also frustrated with cars not getting airborne, perhaps you'll like this:

an average patriot said...

On the media site I do op ed on some tell me I am obsessed with this. I am not honesty truth and justice freak! This is the absolute worse shit I have ever seen.
You know, watching the Basiji axing clubbing shooting people and throw them off a foot bridge blew me away. We are powerless to help them.
The IRG had to give the Basiji the okay to do that and the clerics have were starting to march with the protesters to protect them
This is a military coup against the clerics, the ruling theocracy. There is a lot of things in motion here but I am going to wait and watch. Those people are scared shitless but Rafsanjani and Moussavi will not relent!

an average patriot said...

Sarah Sofia I thank you for that! Check out the comment I just made to Wease. I am firmly convinced they are after Nukes, want us and Israel gone and they are now in a position to get really screwed up. Be concerned! Oh yeah, thanks for the links I will check them out now and yes I love strawberries as well as every veggie, everything.I am easy!

Larry said...

The only difference in what Iran is doing and what Bush the Terrorist has done is Iran has kept their killing within their own borders.

an average patriot said...

Hi Larry
For now but I believe they are after nukes and war period and we'll all pay!

an average patriot said...

You have a point there Lar. There is no way in hell though they can justify shooting beating and clubbing their pwn citizens let alone throwing them off a foot bridge. Now Khatami a supposed cleric thinks they should all be hung. I mean come on.