Saturday, June 20, 2009

Critics Attack ABC News for Refusing to Air Opposing Ads During! Bravo to ABC, start a trend. Ignore them!

Critics Attack ABC News for Refusing to Air Opposing Ads to Obama's Health care Plan

Excellent! I am so sick of their crying and crap. It has peeved me from day one! No matter what he says or does the Republicans are right there to refute it. Every Saturday Obama gives his weekly radio address and the Republicans rebuttal immediately follows. No matter what Obama is trying to repair they instantly come on to say how lame his plan is and then they proceed to put forth their brain dead proposal.

I am so sick of this equal time crap! Where the hell did that come from anyway? I do not recall third from the past. The President is the President! He is the one trying to run the country. What happened to respecting that and just shutting up? Bush who created this entire mess has now come out and joined the din and expressing the dangers of Obama's policies.

How the hell is the President supposed to get people on board of the ship called America when Republicans think it is their right to throw them back over. That whole concept that the other side deserves fair time to put their plan forth to confuse you once again must end. We have got to stop playing the childish Politician's games. We have got to move forward. We have got to focus on cleaning up the mess they and Bush made.

Bush and the Republicans had their chance and you are living what they did with it, Recession, destruction of the middle class, destruction of our societal order, two wars. What else? They destroyed our version of America and replaced it with their version. They want their version back. Seeing what I hope is Obama destroying their version and rebuilding ours is killing them. No more party of No, go away. Let Obama do his job.

Wait until 2012! You will have another chance. You lost, shut up give the man his due. Give us all a chance. My hat is off to ABC, I am psyched. It just dawned on me, those idiots have their mouth piece. They have Fox in their pocket. Whenever those extremists like Rove and Cheney want to spew their swill they have the Sanity's more than willing to give them their forum.

Knowing we just continue to hear the same lies coming out of their mouths that created this mess in every respect I refuse to believe they are even allowed to speak publicly. They do not deserve air time. They do not deserve the right to rebut Obama and express their dissenting opinion. We know what they think and Obama's election proved we do not want to hear it any more.

If they want their opinions out there and everyone has an opinion and on that level deserves to have it heard but not by all of us to just keep screwing up the country, put it on Fox. If you care what they think you can turn on Fox and hear it. The rest of us can have our sanity and Obama can move forward with repairing this mess.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

This would be fine if they actually had a plan or even an idea for that matter. Their "plan" was four pages and their only solution is (you guessed it) lower taxes!

an average patriot said...

They drive me shit house. I am sick of them coming right out and refuting everything he says or does. They had their friggen chance and look what they did. They should be made to shut up!

Dave Dubya said...

Demeur is right, they have NO plan.

The Reich Wing conveniently ignores the fact that we've seen Dick and Liz Cheney all over the place way more often than their complete lack of credibility warrants.

If the media was truly liberal we'd never see them again.

an average patriot said...

I know Dave but they do have a plan and that is to disavow everything Obama does and it pisses me off. Who the F cares what they think? They should shut the hell up and their should be a law!

Naj said...

Jim, can you get this to DAily Kos please?

Important statement by Mousavi ...
i beg you, please!

an average patriot said...

Hi Naj
I am watching events right now! After Khamenei's speech you can be sure. All I heard was contempt and vile. That was not the demeanor of a Religious leader but a dictator. He is peeved. He was in the 1979 Revolution and was using the Holy Koran to control the people and continue the Revolution. He screwed up this time. I think you saw what I said to Fauzia but one guy said this is the 2nd Revolution to replace the first one that failed us. We will do it right this time and we will not fail you Iran!

I have not been on Kos for years now but I will try to get on and leave your link on an apt post. I have been busy on my own end and missed you today, sorry!

an average patriot said...

Okay Naj I put you on a post about what is going on! Iran Protesters Defy Police Shooting, Attacks Shocking New Vids. Take care my thoughts are with you!