Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Audacity of hope crashes head on into the Audacity of Reality!

Many of us have been following a catastrophe of humanity which ensued the stolen elections in Iran! I firmly believe because of the brutality of the Basiji with reportedly many Hamas and Hezbollah beating people with axes and clubs throwing them off foot bridges and protesters being protected by clerics marching with them not only did this have to come with the blessing of the IRG but I believe we are seeing a military coup against the clerics! Against the old Theocracy!

To take the focus off the slaughter that was happening in Iran Ahmadinejad turned the horrific crimes against humanity in Iran into a tit for tat with President Obama. He has taken the focus off of the brutality stolen elections and Moussavi and put the focus back on him. I now see that another hard line cleric Ahmid Khatami wants a ruthless crack down and no mercy on protesters in order to teach everyone a lesson. My first thought was who? Then I thought what kind of a Religious leader is that? Then I figured okay so called clerics like him will give cover to this military coup!

Watching Iran devolve into a violent dictatorship seemingly by the military it made me think about event since Obama first came on the scene. I like many others around the world had the Audacity for hope he inspired! I saw great opportunities in America and around the world to recover from the immense mess Bush made out of everything. Obama has inspired us and given us all hope as he travelled around the world announcing that we will not tell you what to do but if you unclench your fist we will extend our hand.

I had great hope that the entire world would extend their hand and move peacefully into a successful future as one! I now see that the entire world seems to take Obama's overtures of peace and cooperation as a opportunity to take what they wanted. This roller coaster ride of emotions going from hope to fear I have to believe is because of our mess of a Republican party who has done their damnedest from day one to make Obama fail and to herald to the world that he was weak and they could take advantage of. Obama Failing? More Like Republicans Flailing

In 2002 Bush declared North Korea Iran and Iraq as the Axis of evil! Many of us thought this was so he could eventually create an excuse to further is wars. Look at Iran Iraq and North Korea today! Because of Bush and his "success" They have all taken control and are now doing that themselves. We are in trouble here. Not just us here in America but the entire world! You have all been watching events with North Korea over the years. North Korea is now threatening to annihilate us in a firestorm of nuclear war

We have also said since Bush found an excuse to attack Iraq to get into the middle east to attack Iran and help Israel form a new middle east order that "God told him to do" that the Sunni and Shiite would appear to cooperate and declaring they want Democracy just until they get rid of us then they would turn on each other and finish this middle east eruption Bush started and guaranteed when he upset middle east order. They have already started!
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I had great hope when President Obama was elected! Hope for America hope for the middle east hope for the world but because from the Republican party to the rest of the world a desire to see one's selfish agenda succeed my Audacity of Hope has hit the wall of the Audacity of Reality!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

This reality stuff is a bitch.

an average patriot said...

Yhep what a bitch.

Demeur said...

Jim you really didn't think this was going to be a cake walk now did you? Democracy like making sausage is not a pretty sight.
Yes I think there will be some stability in the middle east but not until the new generation takes hold. The old hard liners will die or fade away and be forgotten until a new crop is made at some future date. That's just the nature of history you know.

an average patriot said...

I know, I am really dismayed but not deterred at how hard everyone seems to be fighting unity and a peaceful future. I don't get it!

Dave Dubya said...

As everyone knows, there are NO liberals in the Republican Party. What goes unnoticed is the number of corporatist conservatives in the Democratic Party, where liberals are the minority.

Republicans march in lockstep while the Dems are in disunity. America’s failures are the direct result of this corporate lock on our government.

Democrats are the moderate/right party now. And as we know the Republicans are the 100% corporatist/radical right wing power base.

We are still stuck with a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations.

This is not the picture of democracy and freedom, folks.

Like FDR, Obama will need to be a traitor to his class in order for the American people to begin to see a government that represents the interests of the vast majority of citizens.

an average patriot said...

Well said Dave
Both party's are lock step Corporatists. Obama is on his own. The people no longer figure into the equation. It is all about the party's and we are just an inconvenience that has to be placated!