Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gearing up Jobs and Healthcare yesterday! was this to hide the story of the first GITMO detainee arriving in NY for trial?

Obama: 'Time to Deliver' on Health Care

Obama promises 600,000 jobs in 100 days

Work starts on $8.7b NY-NJ tunnel

Healthcare issue distorted by the Right!
Democrats stoke grassroots US healthcare campaign

Kennedy panel introduces health bill

Senate Dems to start work next week on health care

WE already discussed how critical all this is to our future. Obama's Big Health Care Test

The future of America is stake here. I am increasingly angry as I see how much Bush ignored the average American and our America while instigating war we could not afford around the world. We can not sustain our current course. It is unsustainable as Obama says and it damn sure is. Rising costs are leading an increasing number to catastrophe. We cannot fend off this run away train any longer. Can Health Overhaul Heal the Economy?

Everyone involved with the health care industry at least say they are on board. They have pledged $2 trillion in cuts over the next ten years. I have my doubts. We must have lower costs, improved quality, and consumer choice while providing while providing better care without increasing our Debt. That too I would like to see but any way you look at it, it is critical to our future that we do it and do it now.

62% of all foreclosures are due to sickness and rampant medical costs. 92% of those were due to what is called "the under insured".With 42 million in this country with no insurance whatsoever and more than 1 million foreclosures by year end 2008 I understand why Obama gave Congress 6 to 7 weeks to come up with a workable plan. Can they do it? If you read the prior link you know they can.

With an estimated $1 trillion cost for 10 years for the new health care plan it sounds prohibitive. However think about the prohibitive cost to the country of not doing this! Unemployment is now at a record 9.8%. More than 6 million have lost their jobs since the down turn began in 2007. There have been more than 1 million home foreclosures by year end 2008 and with 325,000 last month the lowest in years there is no end in sight. The situation is dire. The time to do this is now!

To make health care succeed we need the Jewish community behind us. Obama had a great speech while in Egypt. However it is going to be tough to get Israel and the Jewish community behind this plan after the tough speech he gave in Cairo and to get a health care plan that a rapidly growing number of our population needs. This going to get much worse not better.

In Closing knowing how critical this is why are we letting Republicans hold affordable Health care hostage? Fixing health care is the most important part of fixing the economy according to Obama and I totally agree. It is the plan that is in question. Will a public plan work (Government financed) ? Single payer is off the table but it is the only option for many. Single-payer health care - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia There is no way we can count on the medical industry or the insurance companies to regulate themselves for us as is the plan.

It is the timing of these big stories for Obama to hide what the Republicans have created as a big story to use against Obama and that is bringing Gitmo detainees to America for trial and possible imprisonment! First Guantanamo inmate transferred to US for trial

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

You know James, seen from a political viewpoint all that what you write sounds very sensible. I just have one single problem with it:

The subject of medicine and the health care system in general have been completely compromised and corrupted.
And I am not even thinking in terms of profit here.

The problem is what doctors study at university does simply not work and it's therefore that I don't really care too much about health insurance.

Because what good does it do anyway?! You anyway have only got one chnace and that is to take care of your own body, mind and spirit in a responsible manner.
The idea that there is a safety net to catch you when you fall... well, Im sure many people would like that, but we are not living in Utopia!

The simple truth is that there is nothing that can help you if you choose to be irresponsible.

I have to admid, while ordinary medicine, psychology and psychiatry have been completely corrupted, there are still afew alternative practitioners out there, who are at least trying to do a good job. But there you won't have any insurances covering those expenses and if you do - they are really uneconomical.

So even though your point of view is sane, compassionate and sounds like the only decent and right thing to do, there is the other side to it: you would be giving those who earn their blood money on their fellow man's suffering an even bigger access to the market.

I don't know if you ever consult a doctor, but I don't usually even go with things which others would consider rather serious and that's simply because there's no point - I know they will fuck it up even more, because they can't see the forrest for the trees with all that wrong information that they have learn by heart at university!

And as I said, if you really want some qualified advice or help, you have to pay for it privately anyway!

You talk a lot about political issues and I appreciate your sane point of view and that you think in terms of the greatest good.
But how do you feel about the subject of medicine, psychology etc.? Have you ever had a chance to take a good look at those? Or does what I am saying just sound very weird and abstract to you?

Demeur said...

"To make health care succeed we need the Jewish community behind us."

Did I miss something there? What does the middle east peace plan have to do with our health care?

Sarah - This country actually had a health care system that worked. It was simple nonprofit and almost everyone had insurance or if you didn't it was cheap enough that you could pay your bill before leaving. Now it's all nearly all for profit and not many can afford the costs even when they do have insurance.
I'm sure you may not agree with many of the medical practices but even a naturopath would go to hospital if he had a broken arm.

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia
I agree with you 100%. You would not know this but as well as an ex farmer I have have been a life longg health nut. Pretty proud of myself actually.

Anyway most Americans are not like this. It seems like 90% depend on one thing or the other.

I do not like the Medical Industry either. They could cure you if they wanted but their goal is to keep you needing the medicine not to fix the problem and stop their income.

I have seen Doctors many times take family members and friends piece by piece know2ing they were going to die anyway only to keep themselves going.

Everything seems to be a scam and I don't think that is cynicism just ugly reality!

an average patriot said...

Hi Demeur
Maybe but to most Israeli's Obama dissed them siding with Palestine while in Egypt. I am sure Israeli interests here are going to use that if they can.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Demeur - I wouldn't know if there had been such a system that worked.
But if there was - it seems to me that you are purely talking from a financial point of view, is that correct?
If it was like that and if you all agreed that it was good for the greatest majority - well then you might solve the financial dilemma for many people in going back to it.

Still - I my point of view was an entirely different one: their treatments simply do not work. James is right: they wanna keep the costumer, they don't want the patient cured!

That is partly because a few corrupt bastards behind the scene want to make the cash. But partly also because even the most well-meaning M.D. doesn't have a chance of getting a degree, unless he swallows one lie after another and just keeps doing as he is told. Never switch on the brain, never think for yourself, never notice that things don't add up.

Here in DK doctors have the highest suicide rate. I know so many who are just completely in trouble, since the crimes they have committed on their patients are just more than they can live with, even though they constantly try and explain it away.

Same goes for psychologists. I never met one who was not suffering from the wrong information he had had to swallow during his studies. And you know - I am talking about friends here - my heart is bleeding, seeing them suffer like that from having been so mislead!

And psychiatrists... well there you really are talking torture, brainwash and completely insane people! You would never believe me, when I told you about the things I have witnessed, so I'm gonna save myself the breath, but it really pisses me off, just how many psychiatrists are bought and are working with a hidden agenda to do their fellow man in.

And then you have them there - inside Amnesty, inside any aid organization, or directly causing conflicts and wars. Like the war in Bosnia - two psychiatrists with their patient wanted an ethnic cleansing. Not new at all! Hitler also was a psychiatric patient - on cocaine - serving not only his own insane ideas but in fact the ethinic cleansing plans that several psychiatrists behind him had!

Check out all the aid organizations, see where the money goes and who actually does what and what results they in fact produce!

And as for "naturopaths"... I suppose that's also what you would call me then?! But that's alright, it is understandable that you have that point of view, considering the line of work you are in - if you start worrying too much about health there ... you just get too introverted on the potential risks and would go crazy, so I suppose your attitude is the best one to have under the circumstances and I must say I do admire you for having the balls to deal with that sort of stuff - that really takes some confront!

Anyway, health-freaks like myself, who occassionally eat a tomato or two do not nescessarily go to a doctor, even if they have multiple fractures or other serious conditions. Because even in such quite obvious and simple cases the doctors tend to mess it up!

So even when I had blood poisoning or fractures or that sort of thing... I had to fix it myself - and that's just too bad! Afterall: we are paying rather a lot of money for their incompetence!!!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

And now to you James, in case you are still with me and awake:
Nice to hear about the "health nut"-side of you! No, I didn't check you out and therefore didn't know either, but I must say, your profile-picture does suggest something like that, since you haven't been special forces.

What are you doing then? Anything specific?
Do you know about natural hygjene?
Talking about blood poisoning - that's actually how I handled it and many other things as well - on many different people. Always worked like magic - if you can manage to stick to it! Most people chicken out far too soon because they can't take the de-tox-symptoms.

Are you sure the medical industry could cure if they wanted to?!
It would be nice and I can see that there is a potential there - lots of stuff that could theoretically lead to something, but I feel that their biggest problem is that they really believe in killing the symptom, never handling the actual cause behind it. I call that "symptomania" and tend to claim - half seriously - that that is a mental disorder they have caught, while locked up in medical school.

I guess you are probably right, 90% will be dependent on something else than their own scills and the strength to pull themselves out of the mess and they are unwilling to take the complete resonsibility for their own condition. Perhaps even more. But what do we do with them? Is it really right to send them off to the medical system, knowing what will happen to them there? Shouldn't we rather see to that alternatives are available and push sane, unmanipulated information and and alternative education foreward?

It is a difficult question - no easy answers at all.
I unfortunately feel the same way as you do: so much of what I once believed in and have been supporting has been compromised and corrupted. Still I am not giving up that easily. The only way to succeed is to keep informing the public, to cease supporting destructive people/ causes and to bring those to justice who are guilty of crimes against humanity!
Keep at it and you will win eventually!

an average patriot said...

I was just reading your reply to Demuer. You are a rare one. I am getting ready to read what you said to me but I have to laugh, It is 3:12 in the afternoon here. I can never get the time differences straight. Hold on!

an average patriot said...

Sarah Sofia
I will never give up. I was a farmer by vocation but an accountant by profession.
I absolutely 100% eat what I want. I am a big and very healthy eater.
You would never know if you looked at me for sure. Anyway I have a hell of a story but this is not the place. Stay in touch!