Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pakistani Army surrounds Mehsud tribal area, sets up checkpoints and prepares for attack! This will end a lot of problems!

Who is Mehsud harboring? Mullah Omar? Zawahiri? Bin Laden? Who?
Pakistan army readies for attack

Pakistan seeks word on wounded Central Asian jihadi

I am impressed! Mehsud is Pakistan's biggest problem as they continue to clamp down on the Taliban Al Qaeda violence increasing in Pakistan. I wish the military all the luck in the world. This is Mehsud's home turf and some of the toughest terrain in the world to fight in. This is a long time in coming and very deserved. We shall know soon but I happen to believe Mehsud knows where they are or is protecting Bin Laden and Mullah Omar at the very least.

I understand that Baitullah Mehsud has built a powerful army in South Waziristan in his local Mehsud tribe by offering guns and employment to young members. He now has a dedicated armed militia of thousands ready to do his bidding. I understand he is threatening Washington and the White House saying we will be surprised by an attack that will amaze the world.

That does not really concern me but I was wondering why Pakistan has not directly gone after the Mehsud tribe? He supposedly had Bhutto killed and is responsibly for hundreds of martyrs with suicide belts and much of the death and destruction in the cities of Pakistan. Then reading the story at the link I hear their is a secret deal between Mehsud and the Pakistani Government. I also heard Pakistan is not strong enough to take his army on and I find that hard to believe.

My thought is that they can't afford not to. I do not understand with the damage Mehsud is doing in Islamabad, Lahore, and other cities, Pakistan does not go after Mehsud. I know they are hoping the US drones kill him but he appears to be Pakistan's biggest threat today.Mehsud wants power and he is not going to lay down arms even if the US did leave Afghanistan. Pakistani warlord threatens to launch attack on Washington

He is not going to lay down arms and before this is to be controlled he will have to be dealt with. Because of Pakistan's offensive in the Swat valley and Waziristan I understand Bin Laden and Mullah Omar are being closed in on and I have to wonder if they are protected by Mehsud.

My thoughts and prayers are with all Pakistani's particularly the active civilian militia in the area and the military. A victory over Mehsud will be tough but the Pakistani army is up to the task. It will take a lot of anxiety and heat off average Pakistani citizens and the Government as well as in the long run prevent damage and save lives. A permanent military presence in the area will take a big part of the threat of civil and Government threats of instability off the table . It will serve notice to any who want to replace him.

Above all you know it will be super good for America since we seem to insist on staying in Afghanistan until there is stability in a supposed Democratic Afghanistan. It will shut down the largest avenue for incoming Martyr's Taliban, Al Qaeda, or otherwise., to fight and die in Afghanistan. It would isolate the Taliban that are there. The best part! It will put the focus on Karzai. I want to see proof that he really does want a Democracy. I want to see if he really does want the Taliban stopped and not part of his Government.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Jim I wouldn't get my hopes up too much for Afghanistan. If you've read their history and fact sheets then you know that they never really a nation as we think of one. From what I've heard from journalists who've been there there isn't much governing going on outside the major cities. The eastern part of that country is under tribal leaders much as it's been for centuries. Corruption is rampant in the country. Nothing gets done without bribes including travel. I think it would take more money than the U.S. has to build their nation.

an average patriot said...

I know! They ware all tribes as is the area " Waziristan" Pakistan is right now trying to clean up I can absolutely not see Afghanistan as a Democracy. I would like to see them put up or shut up so we can go home.