Friday, June 26, 2009

Former Prince Reza Pahlavi is being contacted by IRG sick of killing and looking for a way out!

Did you see what happened yesterday? As would be Protesters were approaching Parliament 500 Government thugs armed with axes, guns, and clubs attacked them.. Hacking them up shooting them clubbing them and throwing them off a foot bridge! Old men women whoever! I just saw a report on Iranian TV that the Government forces kept things peaceful. I refuse to believe the truth can not get to the rest of the people. This is sick!

Mir Hossein Moussavi has been put under house arrest! I was listening to Prince Reza Pahlavi saying he is being increasingly contacted by Basij and Iranian Revolutionary Guard who just cannot harm and kill their fellow citizens any more. Some are seeking a way out of the country. Some of them have been taking off their uniforms and joining the people in protests. The other day I mentioned citizens know where they live and have started marking and targeting them. They have had enough! lPhoto from Reuters Pictures - News, photos, topics, and quotes of Former Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi is seen before he speaks at the National Press Club in Washington June 22, 2009.

I said yesterday I was going to give the Iranian people a break as I thought they had been beaten into submission and now indiscriminately killed. The force being used on them I thought was overwhelming but I am so proud of them. They want their freedom period! They refuse to give up! Police have now taken to confiscating cell phones to keep people from communicating with each other.

Something has changed in Iran! This Brutality performed in the name of the brutal killer the so called Supreme Leader is way beyond police stat brutality. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has been beating old men and women to a pulp. Breaking arms and legs, maiming and killing their brothers and sisters, fellow Iranian's. Can they possibly live amongst the very people who they have been trying to destroy? Can the people live with them more importantly? Women are on the front line and being beat to a pulp. I just heard from an Iranian Woman that the beatings are being done by foreigner, Hamas and Hezbollah because Iranian men will not beat a woman. I don't know about that!

I understand the organization Reporters without Borders has just listed Iran as the country hands down with the most reporter in prison. 40 reporters have been rounded up and arrested under the auspices of pursuing illegal activities. This has not been declared but this is martial law! Protesters are fewer but they are fearful not dissuaded. I just saw pictures of armed uniformed police with their civilian clothes showing under their uniforms. The ranks seem to be cracking but not not the protesters but of the Gestapo who have had enough and are joining the people.

I just saw the official Iranian TV station is airing so called confessions this one was a Woman saying she and her son carried grenades to protests. That peeves me because even though they are being slaughtered I have not seen one lift a finger yet. That woman also said she was influenced by western sources. Gee she isn't being coerced is she? People are being taken out of their homes and told if you do not say what we want we will take your family away. Gee!

You know, It just dawned on me! These phony confessions are going to be used on the thousands of people they have captured many of them erroneously to punish them later as they have promised. Their fascist crap is only going to make this unrest fester and resurface later. These people are brave and I truly admire and respect them. They want their freedom and their tenacity humbles me. I personally believe that with all that has happened the last few days that this False Fascist Theocracy is crumbling!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dusty said...

Putting this up at Sirens Jim. Lots of information, thanks sweet man. ;)

Demeur said...

The crown prince needs to be careful what he says. Remember it was his father who did exactly the same things to the people before the revolution in the 70s.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Dusty

an average patriot said...

I know! At this point even some IRG are looking to him for help. I think due to circumstances things will be different now but you never know.