Saturday, June 13, 2009

Amid cries of Fraud Ahmadinejad declaring Landslide victory, I still see the middle east coming back together!

Iranian Presidential Election - Bloomberg

I am inclined to want the links tell the story. This is all good and it gets better at the end. I will add my two cents at the end! First, under Bush in the middle east there were two voices! General Powell was the voice of moderation that truly wanted equality and peace. When he went to the middle east and tried to repair damage in the middle east particularly between Palestine and Israel Powell knew he was out on a limb. Cheney would then go to work and cut the roots to that limb out from underneath him. No one at all knew where they stood or where we stood.

Ahmadinejad now 34% ahead and declaring a landslide victory. This is getting confusing I just heard that both sides are claiming victory so hold on. Iran election rivals both declare victory. Riot police are dispersing crowds of Mousavi supporters wjo said Mousavi should have won hands down and I agree! Cheating and fraud is the accusation says this will be to the detriment of Iran. Mousavi is also saying he should have had a landslide victory and this election will be contested!

Anyway you look at it I believe Obama has made the difference as Ahmadinejad had his platform cut from underneath him and his people have spoken. His hard line will have to change but once again the citizens are going to have to get involved and speak out as they have during this election. With no one watching the election I am very suspicious that something underhanded was done by Ahmadinejad, Mousavi to me had overwhelming support!

President Obama's speech in Cairo we hoped changed the course of Bush's mess and I for one am extremely pleased to see that it has. The middle east appears to be coming back together one country at a time. I am excited for Iran's election. I have been watching it closely. After the Hamas win in Lebanon a loss for Ahmadinejad definitely means running as the enemy of America is no longer a winning message. I now believe the middle east will heal itself of Bush's damage and have hopes the world will follow. Check this out!
Lebanon Election Could Boost Middle East Peace Efforts

Saudi Arabia Finds New Political Muscle in Region

Netanyahu may yield to two-state solution

I hope you checked out those links! I believe the middle east is coming back together one country at a time as a result of hearing in Cairo the we have a unifying leader not a divide and conquer Decider. Millions of Iranian's went to the polls yesterday. Like us they too had an obvious choice of which path to follow into the future.

There were others running but in the front they could either vote for the anti American policies of the past represented by Ahmadinejad or they could vote for peace unity and the understanding that all all countries are equal espoused by Mousavi. Women also deserve equality and there is room for all countries, also espoused by Mousavi. The abrasive politics of hate and division are over. Citizens of the middle east and the US want to give peace a chance! The US has chosen Obama, Lebanon has Chosen Hamas, and now Iran "I hope" has chosen Mousavi and a better relationship with the US!

The enthusiasm in Iran was palpable you could have cut it with a knife. This election is significant. The turnout was phenomenal with a large turnout of Women and young voters. This is significant as half of Iran's population is under 25. Iran wants something different too. They want a successful peaceful future.

They too are not frozen in time. They want to move forward in a new direction with the world. I love it! Mousavi wants to end Iranian isolation and I see that happening. Khamenei being the Religious leader is ultimately the final word in Iran. However I believe Mousavi and Khamenei are on the same page. Together they can bring Iran back into the fold. In Iran, candidates cap a bitter campaign

*In closing, I am excited and I just heard Obama say the same thing at the White House. Poll times were extended twice, That in itself is extraordinary. Iranian's are demanding change. They want a better relationship with America. Here too hope and a vision for the future is the driving force behind the election. This can not be ignored. I am excited for the entire world as I too see hope for the future. Oh yeah! One last important thing. Rumor has it that Pakistan is closing in on Bin Laden in Waziristan. I understand the CIA while not officially there are also helping. What if Obama captures Bin Laden? Wow what a coupe de grace!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I don't think Ahmadinejad is going to give up power that easy. It will depend on the military but then stop to consider that he isn't in charge of the military. Mousavi if he is smart needs to broker some deals in the background to take power.
I guess for them if Ahmadinejad wins it'll be like two terms of Bush.

an average patriot said...

I just listened to him thanking the Nation. The bastard said Iran belongs to the core of the people! If I remember correctly, isn't that the Revolutionary Guard?