Thursday, June 04, 2009

Cheney blames George Tenet for attacking Iraq, General Sanchez calls for a Truth Commission!

Cheney bore false witness and should be investigated! Blames George Tenet for attacking Iraq!
General Sanchez once lauded by Cheney when he was Commander of Iraq is now calling for a truth commission on what led us there, the torture, and everything involving the lie involving Iraq. I agree of course but you know the truth like everything since 9/11 will never be known. Cheney continues to say he wants all the torture memos released and they will vindicate him but the bastard is the one who had them sealed forever. He knows they can not be released as I keep saying so he says that just to appear righteous when he is a total liar.

General Sanchez rightly pointed out that their was no actionable intelligence gained from the so called enhanced interrogation techniques. As we pointed out in the past we know that is true because a CIA interrogator pointed out that information was gained but stopped as soon as torture was used. Of course he was dismissed as just another disgruntled ex employee. I am sick of that and wonder how they are going to lie off an honorable General? Former Top Iraq Commander Calls For Truth Commission

I'm telling you Cheney really irks me. His disregard of the truth in his resolve to wage war in the middle east. When Bush was President and we use to discuss Cheney we referred to him as Darth Cheney. The other day when he was speaking at the Press club defending his torture and relentless quest to supposedly keep us safe the idiot was laughing saying that is why they call me Darth Vader.

It really sickens me! Jimmy Carter was asked if he would want Cheney prosecuted for what he did. He said no and we know it will never happen but the scum should be in many regards. Full disclosure or the truth will never happen and it is naive for Carter to even call for it or think we will ever get it.

Cheney said Obama made a mistake saying he would close Gitmo and that it should remain in use keeping the terrorists off American soil and away from the Constitution and our laws. He fails to remind people that Bush was the first to propose closing Guantanamo and did so as early as 2006. Also while speaking at the Press club the lying scum said he would do everything all over again including attacking Iraq. He sickens me!

Finally while speaking at the press club the idiot smirking and using his sick form of humor said that we either have to keep the worse of the worse in Gitmo or kill them. He also lied when he said we don't do that though. I guarantee you they would already be dead if he had his way and he could do it. Anyway I can agree with that but I do believe our super max prison can and should be housing them as ex Republican Governor Bill Weld said. Weld by the way was our Ambassador to the Vatican and also voted for Obama.

Everything Cheney said about their being a long term major connection between Saddam and 9/11 was disproved and found to be a lie. Like the war mongering idiot he is Cheney simply dismissed it by saying it is not what Saddam did it is what he could have done.What? With that reasoning we can attack any country we feel inclined to. What the hell is that?

Cheney flat out bore false witness about Iraq and torture and should be investigated.Cheney continues to criticize Obama using his lies. Knowing Cheney is lying from beginning to end a panel did a fact check on him in regard to everything Iraq and about torture, him, Obama, and Bush, and the entire thing came up false. However that will not stop Cheney's lies nor his daughter defending them and torture.

Cheney's audacity and idiocy never stops. He actually blamed CIA Director George Tenet for our attacking Iraq. I want to scream! It was him. He was looking for an excuse to attack and found it. As I kept saying, it was not the intelligence it was the fools in charge of acting on it. They found the lies they needed by torturing and using known unreliable sources. Cheney tortured so he could say see there is a link and be able to attack Iraq.

You know we learned that if water boarded you would say anything to stop it and so didn't Cheney. He knew he would get his excuse to attack Iraq and he did. Getting even with Saddam was the excuse to attack Iraq and get back into the middle east to help Israel create a new middle east order. The lie we are living from that misadministration will never end.

* In closing, Cheney was the first along with Rummy the Dummy to blame everything on the CIA saying they were not being truthful. Now that Pelosi said the truth about them Cheney is all of a sudden their best friend. He does not want them to tell the truth about him and his quest for lies so he could attack Iraq. The lies just never stop. A few bad apples was not the problem Cheney was and he should be investigated!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Cheney would sell his grandmother to promote his position. He's busy trying to rewrite history. He thinks that by peppering the airwaves with his face that people will somehow believe what he's saying. As I said in my latest post he and his party are operating in a time of newspapers when the rest of America is using the internet to fact check his lies.
I say let him blather because the more he does the more damage he's doing to the republican party and as I see it when the extremists are forgotten much like the Whig party then the moderates will regroup and start another party.

an average patriot said...

I agree but what sucks it he could care less if we believe his lies or not. He does and that is all that matters.

It pisses me off that he tortures and lies and his daughter defends it.

It pissed me off that not two seconds after Obama finished that phenomenal speech and Liz Cheney was belittling it. I want to puke!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

You both got a very good point about Cheney! I just never understand this... you can be as corrupt as you want to be but at some point there is a price to pay, because you can only go this far and no further!
Are Dicky and the like really that stupid that they think they can get away with that sort of thing forever?

Nice to see that that sort of dishonesty pisses you off James! I mean not just in this case, but in general... it's also always been my fight to get people to see what REALLY happens. And so many are just so unbelievebly naive and blind!!!

Have been checking out blogs of a couple of folks who are leaning a little more to the right... and it's really sad, some of them are actually quite nice guys, with a good sense of humor even, but what they all seem to have in common is that they are just so bloody naive - like small children, believing in authority and not at all aware of what's behind those they believe in. Really really sad, because otherwise they could be okay, you know there basically is plenty to agree apon, if they just would be so blind and have such a low IQ or/and moral standards. Genuine selfdiscipline also seems to be a problem for many, surprisingly enough.

But that's the way it is: it takes quite some guts to face the truth and for most people if they were to do so, their entire world would collapse.

Remember my comment on proscecuting those who are guilty of torturing?
Well the truth is: I lost my faith in the legal system a long time ago and I have no real faith in that anybody can prossibly have the balls to face the actual truth either.

But I recently have taken some different steps and have finally taken one truely sick person to court... it's a start at least, let's see how it goes...

It's true, you can't live without justice forever, sooner or later it just eats you up from inside...

Thanks for your flattering comments on my poem!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah
Sorry for my language but enough is enough and those idiots will never change their story. The truth will never be known and the truth will never be told and justice never served.

It is mind blowing that Republicans still defend everything that was a lie under them and now accuse Obama of destroying us and our goals in the middle east.

I hope by now people see it is not peace and individuality they sought but peace to have their way. They really make me seethe!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah
I was just working on something and realized I forgot to say if I said something flattering you can bet you deserve it. You're no slouch!

Larry said...

If they rounded up all the gutless war cowards who incited and voted for this forever war then surely the blame would be placed correctly.



Did he really say that? The guy is a pillock of the lowest category!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Yep that's also what always bothers me: the wole truth is never told, justice never served. that's always how it is isn't it?! Somebody always wants to cover something up and the reat do really not wanna look beyond their pink glasses, because it would require too much in their daily life to live what they then would come to believe in. This is not just this particular matter. Not just one crook and a single liar who is the problem. It's the level of those who let people like that get away with anything. People need to be lifted beyond that level of it being "too painful to look" and of "not having the guts to stand up for anything".

Don't worry about bad language, my vocabulary consist 90% of swear words - wouldn't be too popular where you live!

Thanks for the compliment, but here's a real shocker:

Am on the way out again, just a day abroad, but amk having B&B-guwests this weekend as well... let's see when I get to the PC again...

see you around!

an average patriot said...

Hi Anna
You bet he said it. It sickens me that there is no end to his lies and his damn daughter defends them and is full of her own.

an average patriot said...

I agree Larry
Cheney and Rummy as you know would have plenty of company!

an average patriot said...

Naive me never realized that but I sure do since Bush! I have to laugh, I guess swearing is universal today. I am worse than most I guess especially when I am with my sons. Good luck with the guests! I am going to check out that link now, Adios!