Monday, June 08, 2009

The world can be proud of Pakistan's civilian militia taking on the Taliban! An example many must follow to survive!

As we have discussed in the past, the US and Afghan army are succeeding in their efforts to contain the so called Taliban and the insurgency along the border. Meanwhile Pakistan has done a hell of a job squeezing them from their side. Of course at one time the concern was that insurgents from around the world were gathering in Pakistan to gather train and arm to cross the border and fight the US and Nato in Afghanistan.

Not due to our success in Afghanistan but because of Pakistan's success in cleaning up the Swat valley the Taliban were now leaving Afghanistan to head into Pakistan to help their Brother insurgents. That is a good sign of something that has not been mentioned. This is a sign that we are making headway. It is not a bad thing that the Taliban are going into Pakistan primarily because they realize they are up against it and are getting desperate.

The pincer move with the cooperation of Pakistan is working. The Taliban is getting desperate now in Pakistan and are now bring the fight to the bigger cities telling civilians they better abandon them. Batullah Masoud is said to have hundreds of martyrs with suicide belts ready when needed. Recently some of the insurgents killed in a firefight were wearing suicide vests and blew themselves up so I tend to believe this. Batullah must be killed and that will greatly quell the problem in Pakistan.

However this is just beginning! The added US troops have not caused insurgents to head to Pakistan as Pakistan thinks. Their success has brought them there. I believe they are up to the task of dealing with them. Whether it is done in Pakistan or Afghanistan does not matter. It has to be done period. I do not like that the Taliban are doing the Iraq thing and targeting civilian areas. We have seen it before.

Civilians are going to have to join this too. They have the power to nullify Al Qaeda and the Taliban! This is a guerilla war. Armies can do their fighting and win battles but to put this to an end it is going to take an all out concerted effort involving the entire population. Success is in their hands and will not come without them. Like Iraqi citizens those in Pakistan and Afghanistan must be mad to realize the so called insurgents want to kill them. They want to end their life, life as they know it.

At one point I thought this was going to go on for generations and I still think it will like it or not. However I do believe civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan will have their life as they want it if they get involved and fight for it. Eternal Vigilance! Man they are coming through!

I almost have to laugh! The Taliban had me convinced they were indestructible but Pakistan really has them disoriented and making mistakes as they endeavor to even the score for their defeat in Waziristan once their safe haven along with the Swat valley. Militants Attack Army Convoy, Killing 2 of Their Own

I am pretty proud of Pakistan and more pointedly the civilian population in Waziristan. We knew the civilian population was going to have to get involved as they were the obvious targets and increasingly so. The civilians have had enough! The Taliban attack on a mosque the other day that killed some 30 innocent civilians was the final straw.

Nearly 400 Residents have banded together and are taking on and cleaning out the Taliban themselves. The armed group then attacked five villages in the nearby Dhok Darra area where the Taliban is suspected of having bases destroying 20 houses suspected of housing Taliban fighters. I remember the complaints of residents when the military was destroying homes but now they and I can see it is a necessary evil. I am so proud of them and I wish Afghanistan for one would follow their example. We can all do it. Obama is right, we can do this. We must all band together as equals and do our share. Pakistani villagers 'avenge attack

I'm telling you, knowing how all powerful and totally controlling the Taliban was, women having to cover their face, no education, and men could not shave this is a big thing! There were some 100 barbers in Mingora and they were ordered to close down when the Taliban came. Those barbers are now the lucky ones. They are some of the few who can find work in the refugee camps for the displaced. Wow, guys must feel clean and free to do what they want. One small sign of freedom. Keep going brothers!
Swat men's first post-Taliban shave
We can do this!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

Unlike Americans, Pakistanis have demonstrated their willingness to stand up for their rights and freedoms. They took to the streets to demand Musharraf release judges. They demanded fair elections, and they once even elected a woman prime minister.

Also unlike Americans, they have a middle class willing to do what it takes to preserve itself. They know the Taliban are the enemies of the middle class. Americans still don't have a clue that republicans are the enemy to their middle class.

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave
You know I agree! I am so sick of Americans being blind and lazy. Pakistani people are setting a hell of an example. I friend of mine who lives in Islamabad wrote this morning saying how proud she is of her pwople. I ditto that and wish Afghanistan too cared as much!

Weaseldog said...

If the Taliban had just agreed to Ken Lay's price, then we wouldn't have had to slaughter so many Afghanis.

Now we have to empty the country to make it safe for the oil and heroin industries. Like we did in Iraq.

Now as to civilians fighting off the Taliban, they'd better not use guns. From the perspective of a drone, we won't know the difference between an Afghani with a gun or an Afghani with a gun. they both look like Afghanis with a gun.

Once we've slaughtered enough civilians, and the Pakistanis have slaughtered enough refugees, the oil and gas profits can safely flow to the UAE, and the wealthy princes will be happy for what we've done for them.

Obama probably only needs to kill a million more innocents to make Afghanistan a proper slave state.

an average patriot said...

You know, most Americans do not get that this was all about the oil pipeline and forget or do not know or believe of the meetings at Crawford and the White House with the Taliban.
I am pretty pleased with Pakistan but am not convinced Afghanistan wants the Taliban gone. I never thought about that with the guns but you are right!

Weaseldog said...

I've just never understood why we're in the business of wiping out the Taliban.

Is it because they destroyed the Buddhist statues in the caves? Didn't we go blow up the same caves?

If we're worried about woman's rights, why aren't we bombing Saudi Arabia or Kuwait?

As near as I can tell, the reason we are trying to get rid of the Taliban is because they are a threat to the heroin production. Under their law, the production of illegal drugs is punishable by death.

Well, and also because they want us out of their country.

Why do you think the Taliban must be wiped out? And at what cost?

an average patriot said...

Hi Wease
This as you know was all about the oil for us but for Pakistan they must be wiped out because they want the government, the nukes, and absolute Sharia law.
The ass holes our Government can be insist on staying in Afghanistan until they are defeated and a peaceful Democracy is in place. I don't think they want it. I wish to hell we got the hell out but that won't happen.
My youngest who has not been battle tested yet goes in December. He is a combat engineer. I am not looking forward to that but that dummy is.

Larry said...

Obviously the Repugs would be satisfied with forcing women to cover their heads and stay chained to the bedposts of the kitchen and give up their rights as people.

an average patriot said...

Hi Larry
It would certainly be a different party if they actually spoke the way they wanted and espoused their real fellings and views!

Weaseldog said...

I remember that Pakistan was India's problem before Bush got us into Afghanistan.

If we go to war with Afghanistan, then a different nation will become the thorn in our side.

Perhaps we can invade Georgia, then let the Russians supply them with arms to keep us at bay?

Military solutions, always seem to bring more military problems.

And as we're going broke now, just as Sun Tzu predicted, we're not likely to get anything done in Pakistan, except create more enemies, before we collapse into a total economic depression and turn inwards.

Perestroika for the USA is nearly here.

an average patriot said...

Our military solutions always bring more problems. Anyway Perestroika means overcoming the stagnation process, breaking down the braking mechanism, creating a dependable and effective mechanism for acceleration of social and economic progress and giving it greater dynamism.

Perestroika means mass initiative. It is the conference of development of democracy, socialist self-government, encouragement of initiative and creative endeavor, improved water and disciplined, more glasnost, criticism and self-criticism in all spheres of our society. It is utmost respect for the individual and consideration for personal dignity. We are there Bud!