Friday, June 05, 2009

Obama's speech in Cairo was world changing:A two State solution, respect for all Nations and peaceful nuclear Power!

Obama lays the middle east road map in Cairo!

Obama: All share in Arab-Israeli conflict

Obama's speech in a nut shell: Act boldly in the years ahead! We are none better than the other! We must share this world and help each other thrive! Any world order that attempts to elevate one Nation over the other will fail! It all boiled down to we will not fail to fight the extremists who threaten all our Nations! It all boils down to Palestine Israel and Peace. A two State solution for them the US and all the middle east, Unfriggenbelievable common sense compassion and world unity! Obama also recognizes Iran's need for nuclear power for their future. Bush ignored it while instigating war but it has been long known by some of us.

Obama says Iran's nuclear concerns are legitimate if peaceful. It is about time, common sense!
Obama: Iran may have right to nuclear energy

Obama says Iran's nuclear concerns are legitimate if peaceful

Otherwise President Barack Obama gives Iran six months to give up nuclear plans

I did my damnedest to find a story I wrote about this a few years back . North Korea concerns me and I am afraid I do not trust Iran's true intentions. I know the standard line is thy just want nuclear power for energy and it is there right. That is there right. It is other intentions I am concerned with and whether or not those that want peaceful use have control over clandestine weapon development.

Plus in the past a desire to spread nuclear knowledge to all Muslim Nations concerns me. Anyway I found out the truth a while back after all the saber rattling by Bush and Cheney that Iran did not need nuclear power but were attempting to build nuclear weapons to use on us and Israel. I found out that Iran really did need nuclear power. They were running out of oil. Iran Needs Nuclear because it's Running Out of Oil

Iran and Saudi Arabia are both running out of oil and estimates are that they could be out in 10 years. We know that is true. Anyway there are two reasons that Iran needs nuclear power. That is for energy and water. I knew desalination was the main source of water over there but I did not know how wide spread. Saudi Arabia already has 27 plants and needs more.

With the populations expected to grow exponentially in the future everywhere and even Japan and India need it for potable water. Nuclear power is here to stay and more Nations are going to need it. Who are we to say you make potable water and survive or not? About a month ago I remember what was it the G8? when Obama made overtures to Russia and Iran about stopping the Missile Defense System pleasing Russia and suggesting nuclear power for Iran was a possibility if Russia took responsibility of guaranteeing that it was for peaceful purposes only.

I am pretty pleased to see that Obama has obviously done his homework here too. Enough to say Iran's energy concerns are valid and obama recognized them in his speech. We have a chance!.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ichabod said...

I agree with your view in respect to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

However, since the bombing in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, why should any nation be deprived of nuclear weapons for self defense?

The only reasonable solution in eliminating weapons of mass destruction is if all nations were deprived of them including the USA.

In respect to Obama's speech, he is an excellent speaker and has ability to touch the soul as it were.

His biggest problem is following through with action.

As long as the prisons holding "suspected" terrorists without benefit of trial, occupation of foreign countries, an innocent one as the previous administration finally admitted to and torture is still alive and well, Obama's words are but empty vessels for those who search for truth.

an average patriot said...

Hi Ichabod
That was Obama's assertion! Everyone has the right for peaceful nuclear power though not nuclear weapons including the US.
He wants them gone some day but that will never happen. What you said is how the middle east feels. The words were great but now let's see the action.