Friday, June 19, 2009

Iran's Supreme Leader threw down the Gauntlet, elections were fair, stop the protests or else!

I watched his speech for 2 hours this morning, the sides are now set. I do not care what he says, there is no way in hell you can count 40 million hand votes in 2 hours. He was right about our interference and attempt to influence the turnout. He was right who the hell are we to talk about human rights when we burned to death David Koresh and his 80 followers? Him speaking about human rights at this time now makes me question the timing of the Senates apology yesterday for slavery. That said, please look at the link and look at the events leading up to this. Khatemei also took exception of Ahmadinejad saying Rafsanjani was corrupt as he has known him for 50 years and he is a devoted Revolutionary. Knowing there are protests planned for today and tomorrow what is next? Iran's supreme leader rules out election fraud
We are witnessing maybe a counter Revolution to 1979's Revolution. Just as important if not more for the future of world unity and peace we are witness a technical revolution in communication. The Revolutionary Guard threatens pay back for Anyone caught getting the truth out to the US and the world. I have been watching twitter reports on what is happening in Iran. The Revolutionary Guard has been trying to block all communication by so fare have only succeeded in sporadic interference and being a nuisance.

I remember when Bush's clandestine program with the CIA in Iran was first made public in 2007. I would assume even before but since, the CIA has been in Iran covertly encouraging Democracy and the fact that the USA was their friend not their enemy. That is no secret. So in essence we are behind this but we are not egging anything on. I recommend watching the nine minute video on the CIA's involvement. It is something!

This is up to the people. The seeds have been planted and it is up to then to plant, cultivate, and harvest them. The issue today is that the people were betrayed by the Religious Mullah's who are supposed to be their moral guide and leaders and by the Revolutionary Guard I always thought was to protect Iran and its' people not to control them. I really do not like what we are all watching happen over there.

The people want peace and unity in the middle east and peace with the US. There in lies the problem. Mousavi has long been a part of the system and does not want to change it. He wants nuclear power too. That said, that tells me that nuclear weapons and Israel and US destruction is indeed the ultimate goal, at the very least of Ahmadinejad and the Revolutionary Guard.

For now Khatemei and many but not all of the Religious Mullah's have sided with Ahmadinejad and the Revolutionary Guard and betray the people to keep their Theocracy in power. The system is now eating its own people. Like you, I knew how technically advanced the people are but I am pleasantly surprised to find how well connected with technology and communication the average Iranian is.

The Revolutionary Guard is trying their damnedest but to date they have not succeeded in stifling the public from getting out to the US and the world that their votes were stolen and their action to impress their will and how it is being suppressed. If they want peace and are so connected to us, we can do this! We can come together and that is scaring the hell out of those who do not want it to come to be.

We can put an end to the decades of division and conflict! Bush and Ahmadinejad wanted both our countries to believe the other was evil and the enemy. They kept us in the dark and divided so they could instigate and conquer each other. Obama started to heal the wounds but now the Iranian people are taking it in their hands and can put an end to all that. My thoughts are with them and I wish them safety and luck.

A funny twist of Fate! Bush kept changing his excuse for why he had to attack Iraq until he found one people fell for. That said, he attacked Iraq to get our military back into the middle east with the ultimate goal of attacking Iran. He did everything possible to achieve that end while on their end the Revolutionary Guard did everything they could to get a direct military conflict going.

" I find this hard to say" but we can thank Bush for the covert CIA operation in Iran he set in motion expressing the value to the people of Democracy, peace with the US, and unity in the middle east. The people have been turned away from the theocracy. The people were betrayed by the Religious Mullah's. They will now Hopefully peacefully succeed in having a revote and getting Mousavi elected.

Yesterday's protest was billed as a day of mourning for the stolen election and the people killed in the prior protests. These "peaceful" days of mourning have a habit of getting out of control. More people end up getting killed then there is another day of mourning.

I understand Rafsanjani has even joined the protests. These will eventually swell to more than a million people until?
For the last couple of days Iran has been accusing at least the US of interfering with their internal affairs. As you know, we were behind the scenes but now this is in the Iranian citizen's hands. They merely want their votes counted and their voices heard. That is all this is about to them. Congress can and should write a resolution announcing their support for the people of Iran. President Obama however must remain silent or really do harm to those people and throw more fuel onto this stolen power. I see there protests are not just in Tehran. They were in Shiraz, Tabriz, and Esfehan. This will keep growing until?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

hi James,

how are you doing?

just read your last two postings and you've got some very good points here.

yeah, why aren't they getting them?!

Especially the Bin Laden-story! As far as I know the guy is anyway fatally ill, how come this whole thing is still on and he not caught?

okay, impossible terrain, I know... but I really wonder if he's just playing the clown for the Bushies and others, just to keep us entertained, just to keep our attention off what's really happening.

re Iran: how much power does the iranian president anyway have? Do you think his military leaders are telling him the truth?

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia
I am well and I you all are! It has been unusually wet and cold here for the last month but hopefully next week things will dry up. The cold weather veggies are doing fine but I guess I won't get any corn, Most of the flowers gave rotted this is odd.

Anyway I just heard Pakistan gave the word to close in on Mehsud. He is a major war lord and I would expect he is harboring all the big ones. Pakistan seems to be doing a lot better than we are and public militia is now a big help.

I am watching Iran! The Ayatollah threw down thee Gauntlet. He said any spilled blood will be on the hands of the protesters, They now include ex leader and revolutionary Rafsanjani and the former leader of the Revolutionary Guard. I am very concerned!

Demeur said...

They're in a very strange situation there. Rafsanjani is actually the head of the board that elects or appoints the Supreme leader. I heard that there was a splitting in the Iranian parliment.
We also know that Mousavi having headed the revolution of 79 knows how to work the system. By holding mourning rallies for the fallen protesters they risk more violence and more mourning rallies.
You should keep a link to Naj's two blogs. She's had quite lively discussions there with the Ahmadinejad supporters.

an average patriot said...

Hi Demeur
It is very strange and dire for Iran. Khamenei even discredited Ahmadinejad for calling Rafsanjani corrupt because of what you said and knowing him for 50 years. He also said he was a devoted 1979 Revolutionary. With Khamenei being the Religious leader and an obvious liar this is not good.