Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mourn Michael Jackson if you want but get back to reality!

I am sorry Michael Jackson Died but let's get on with dealing with the world today!
Fans moonwalk, hold worldwide vigils for Jackson

Remember the Climate Bill? It barely passed the house but I don't know about the Senate. House Passes Climate Bill

I have always enjoyed his music and his moves. The guy was quite good but lets face it the guy was a screw ball. Since he died everything is Michael Jackson 24 hours a day. The real issues are starting to get a little time on the air again but Jackson mania has pushed out everything important to our future. He had so many nose jobs he had a prosthesis. Okay he was beat as a kid I don't know anyone that wasn't.

Let's get on with the crises we are dealing with. All of a sudden all that matters is Michael Jackson's autopsy, his $400 million debt, who is going to get his kids, his assets? I was so hard up for real news I was willing to turn to Fox but hell I have never been on it and couldn't find it. Okay a found Fox but all I hear is the mess Obama is making of everything. He can't create jobs and alternate energy won't work. Drill baby drill, I can't stand it.

What happened to the developing crisis with North Korea? China 'deeply committed' to North Korea sanctions: US official Russia Open to Further Nuclear Talks Without North Korea

What about Israel and Palestine? Hamas rejects Israel peace overtures

Iraq turning on each other as we knew they would and they are as we prepare to leave the cities. Baghdad Market Blast Increases Tensions Before June 30 US Pullout

Remember Iran? The Basij is still carrying out night raids and beating people in their homes while Ahmadinejad threatens to crush us. Meanwhile Iran bans Mousavi ally from leaving the country

While continuing to threaten us and criticize Obama to take the focus off the Coup in Iran. Ahmadinejad Again Criticizes Obama Over Election Remarks

* In closing: The entire world wants to know what was wrong, what happened to Michael Jackson. What the hell is wrong with us that's what I want to know? Mourn Michael Jackson if you want but get back to reality! We have numerous real concerns real issues not just in America, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, the entire middle east and beyond. I am disturbed that even our standard Political resources are still caught up in this three ring circus. Lets get on with life!

James Joiner


One Fly said...

That's the truth of it right there Jim.

By the way who gets the monkey?

Why didn't Opie go bad?

Dave Dubya said...

It's just more proof of the conversion of news and journalism into tabloid media.

Enquiring minds need dulling and dumbing down. Corporate media is doing its job.

Washington DC and Wall St. love the distraction.

One Fly said...

They sure as hell do Dave-it don't get no better for these guys!

Demeur said...

Welcome to the ADD generation. Like the cat that spots the moth on the screen all eyes are on Michael. And not one of the media outlets would let you forget that.

an average patriot said...

One fly
That's funny, from what I understand he was 400 million in debt so I have to believe his family already took everything they want protected.

an average patriot said...

Everyone is benefiting including that R senator and his girlfriend as well as Iran N K and everyone else that has something to hide.

an average patriot said...

I am disgusted actually. I am more than a bit bothered to see some hosts I thought were Politically stable fall off the wagon for everything Jackson. I don't get it.

landsker said...

Ah yes, the media is loving the excuse to play music to the crowd, it`s cheaper and less bother than investigative journalism.

By the way, in the fuss about Iran, there seems to be little or no discussion of the policies of the contenders...
Moussavi wanted to reform the oil business, opening it up to outside and private investors... whereas Achmadinajad proposed to stay with a state-controlled entity, whose sales are principally to the Chinese, and are conducted in euros and yuan.

Small wonder that Obama backed the reformer....
No media discussion about the job losses for June, the falling dollar exchange rate, or indeed the continuing cost of "the forever war against terror".

There are whispers too on the financial pages, that Obama might have to "devalue" the dollar in order to monetize/repay the national debt.

Interesting times!

an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker
Long time no hear, hope all is well!
5 of the 8 Brits have now been released. That said, the extraordinary violence already used on the people has forever changed Iran.
The general population will now continue to simmer and will never accept Ahmadinejad. Rafsanjani too wants to nuke Israel if he could.
However I do think that if Iran can somehow get Rafsanjani instead of Khamenei and Moussavi instead of Ahmadinejad , if the most powerful Ayatollah in Iran would return to Iran he would moderate Iran and we and Iran can proceed successfully into the future.