Saturday, June 06, 2009

Obama's speech was received well by the whole world except for the Republicans and other terrorists!

Obama's speech

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Mideast Leaders React To Obama's Cairo Speech | AHN | June 4, 2009
During the Bush misadministration we observed that Bush was the only President I observed that was capable of talking out of both sides of his mouth while his foot was in it, shit eating smirk on his face the entire time. Mr. say one thing and do another! You never knew where you stood beyond knowing he was not going to come through with his promises!

As for the middle east there was two voices! General Powell was the voice of moderation that truly wanted equality and peace. When he went to the middle east and tried to repair damage in the middle east particularly between Palestine and Israel Powell knew he was out on a limb. Cheney would then go to work and cut the roots to that limb out from underneath him. No one at all knew where they stood or where we stood.

As a misadministration Bush routinely said one thing in private and another in public. Obama had to change that and he did! Obama reassured the middle east we would now speak and act as one voice. What was said in private would be what they heard in public. They would be treated as an equal with respect and know where they stood. Peace justice and equality was now in their hands! Not in the hands of extremists, not in the hands of terrorists Republicans or their own.

The middle east generally liked what they heard as did the rest of the world. However the middle east rightly says now it is time to stop talking the talk and walk the walk. Let's see some action now! Israel now knows they can no longer be the bully. No more settlements! They are no longer the prodigal favorite son in the middle east. The middle east now has a shot with Obama as the honest broker! Their is now a chance for equal rights with mutual respect and respected boundaries.

Everyone was generally positive except for those in the Middle east seen as extremists, terrorists, or the Republicans. The Gauntlet has been thrown down in the middle east by Obama and I believe they will pick it up and repair the mess Republicans under Bush created for their new middle east order and Republicans are peeved.

Democratic Congressman D. Kieth Ellison a Muslim from Minnesota is the Congressman is the Congressman Obama was talking about when he said he was sworn in on Thomas Jefferson's Holy Koran. He was quite impressed with Obama's speech both as a Muslim American. He believes Muslims in the middle east and around the world felt the love and respect and will respond accordingly.

The Republican response as expected was unfavorable, a lie, and way off the mark. Cheney's daughter instantly came out against it. Without even thinking she said Obama never once mentioned Democracy. She obviously did not listen to the speech because I heard it 4 times and believe it was number 4 of Obama's 6 points. Those people sicken me!

Boehner said it was irresponsible to say Israel and Palestine shared equal responsibility for peace. What the hell is that?Regardless of what you think of one side or the other or who did what, they do share equal responsibility. One side or the other can not decide on their own. Without mutual cooperation and humanity their will be no peace.

In response to Obama's speech that ass Limbaugh said Obama is beating Al Qaeda in destroying America. He said if Al Qaeda wants to destroy America they better hurry up because Obama is beating them. That is a slam against our President and our military indeed against all of us that know he is doing the right thing. Like the middle east we too have been waiting for years for our shining night to lead us out of the dark abyss Bush has led us down.

The middle east us and the entire world have hope now. This was not an apology tour as billed by Republicans. Obama knows equality is the way forward. While making the middle east feel good and meaning it he at the same time said he would defend us against anybody and anything. This speech was a big deal! He was respectful and understanding but gave no ground. It was powerful when he said in America Blacks got peace and equality without violence and you can too. We've walked in your shoes now walk in ours!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


betmo said...

now, is it any surprise jim? if you say up- they'll say down. anything to obstruct and bully their way back into power. rest assured they are plotting and we have to be on our toes!

Middle Ditch said...

Well done to Obama I'll say

Karen said...

The rethugs hate Prez O and will continue to do so. They should all be shipped over to the middle east.

As Prez O was giving his very moving D-Day speech today, and the camera panned over the cemetery, I couldn't help but think those men all died so the idiot limp-balls of America would have the freedom to spew their hate.

Here's what one of the despicable commenters said over on HuffPo regarding today's D-Day speech by our wonderful president: "just another meaningless and idiotic gathering and another obama PR stunt."

an average patriot said...

Hi B
No, it is just sickening. They see Obama destroying Bush's America and getting ours back and will do anything to stop that. It is what they will do that concerns me.

an average patriot said...

Hi Monique
Not just in Cairo But Germany and at Normandy he has done a hell of a job. It is great to have a leader you can be proud of instead of ashamed.

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen
It really makes me sick as to how far those assholes will go in insulting America just to belittle and make Obama fail. It really is sick!