Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iran is looking more and more like a Revolution only a new vote will prevent!

This is the most serious crisis in the last 30 years for the Religious Mullah's. They have joined Ahmadinejad and the Revolutionary Guard. So far they have abandoned the people and betrayed them and Mousavi. The people and Mousavi are demanding a new vote not a worthless recount of a few votes. This is no good. No Government can rule by coercion and force alone and that is all we have been seeing for the last few days.

As far as I know this is the first time protesters have been allowed to take to the streets of Tehran. Of course only if the protests were kept peaceful. Because of the farce of an election as you know it is not peaceful and it will get worse I am afraid. Conservative Groups and clerical leaders have joined the protesters against the fraud Ahmadinejad, the Revolutionary Guard, and the complicit Religious leader in this shamelessly in your face betrayal of the people and their Democracy.

Every day this is looking more and more like a counter Revolution to the Revolution in 1979. We are seeing a fundamental shift. There is a changed position from the fundamental Leader and he is supposedly investigating this mis-election. Several of the top Ayatollah's are backing this new Revolution. Before the election I thought that because of Obama's well timed speech in Cairo this was going to be a runaway election but for Mousavi. At the very least a run off not a run away theft of the election to keep Ahmadinejad's instigation in power.

I was listening to a debate as to whether or not the middle east would accept Israel. I believe after Obama's speech in Cairo they were on track to if there was a President Mousavi. Definitely not now that Ahmadinejad is still in power. I have to believe this is a big reason this election was stolen. However I do not believe the people are going to stand for it being so close to unity in the middle east, Change is in the air and Iranian citizens are on the front.

Obama met with Berlusconi and said it would be wrong to remain silent to what the whole world is watching unfold in Iran. Gibbs simply said we are heartened by the response of the young people of Iran. I first had to wonder, was that in reference to en masse voting for Mousavi or for taking to the streets in defense of their stolen votes? Anyway these people are on the front lines of an" Obama" Revolution in Iran that his speech in Cairo gave birth to.

Obama is handling this right! The elections have to be handled by the Iranian's and as you see, the citizen's are handling their end. Obama like all the rest of us finds the violence disturbing but I am afraid it will get much worse unless Khatemei reverses the turnout somehow. This is a real crisis and for the entire world. Obama is right,the citizens put too much hope and energy into that election to have it turn out like that.

He is right, they should be heard and respected and it would be wrong for him and the world to remain silent. That speech too will ricochet around the world including in Iran. I believe whether this was the intention or not but this will embolden the citizens to continue while Obama promises to continue to be willing to direct talks with Iran.

Rising violence in the streets is a measure of the peoples feelings of betrayal and frustration.All media has been banned from covering but the people are taking care of that too with their cell phone camera's. I do not think Khatemei's so called investigation is going to find anything as he was behind this too. If that is the case it will only serve to inflame the people. What will the people do next?

They know now that Obama can not and will not interfere but the world is watching and he is behind them. I am sure they are encouraged that he believes they should be heard and their feelings respected.I do not think the people will relent and this is just beginning. I do not think this respite of a so called investigation will do anything to quell their feelings of a betrayal. They will only get much worse when the election is found to have been fair as many of us suspect it will.

As you know, this is by no means good for America. Ahmadinejad remaining in power is bad for Iranians, Israel, the middle east, the US, and whether they realize it or not the entire world. This must be played carefully by Obama lest he be accused of of fostering this or encouraging it in any way. All we can do is watch right now. Iran's main problem is that most Americans are young and pro American. Two very opposite sides are clashing. Be very concerned!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


betmo said...

i take a pause with all of this- i am not that trusting. i don't care for mahmood ahmadinejad- but america was behind the deposing of the shah way back when- and now, this 'pro-western' guy is pushing to win with violent protests that have been engineered in the past by our cia. i would love to see iran lose the muslim clerics but no matter who 'wins' the election- they are still in charge. and quite frankly, those folks in iran have more of a democracy than we do at this point.

an average patriot said...

Hi B
I know in the recent past we were in Iran secretly, whipping up opposition to the Ahmadinejad regime. I fully expect we are behind this. That said, the people were definitely fraud-ed and by their Religious leaders. Not good!

Dave Dubya said...

Apparantly Iranians value democacy more than Americans do. Imagine what it would take to motivate Americans to spontaneous mass demonstrattions. I'm not sure anything would get them away from their TV sets.

Stolen elections certainly don't bother US as much. And our theocracy isn't even nearly as oppressive.

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave
I know! We said we need a revolution because of Bush but I like you I'm sure am concerned watching Republican's instigate one and at a time that is not good!