Monday, June 22, 2009

Kill a demonstrator and you create a Martyr Kill a hundred and you create a Revolution! It is up to the Establishment what happens next!

Ahmadinejad and Khamenei are terrorists! The final Authority the so called Supreme Leader has cracked the people are proving the final Authority! Not just Iran but The entire middle east appears to be Obama's Berlin Wall!

Yesterday Ahmadinejad told the US and Britain to stop instigating Iranian's and interfering. He and Khamenei have instigated enough for everyone. That is why this is happening in the first place. Something is stirring in Iran and she will never be the same. I am writing this while watching the tape of the young Woman's murder by a Basij sniper and I an getting chills.

We, America, the west, we must keep our fingerprints out of this. I just heard one protester say I am not here to take back my vote I am here to take back my country. We must keep our two cents to ourselves. This is an internal conflict and it must have the stamp of the Iranian people. They are now protesting the theft of their country, the theft of their values, the theft of their Religion. True Religion does not shoot innocent young Women in the heart.

Not just the streets but anywhere in Tehran at night is sheer terror even in your own house and your own bed. You hear screams of women "they're on the roof their coming in the Balcony. The Basij the paramilitary arm of Iran that is above the law and can terrorize whoever they think is a threat to their fascist Regime are taking them away in the middle of the night. This is all so hard to watch!

Despite all this and much more people continue to return to their roof tops Allahu Akbar! God is Great! Death to the Dictator! Neda!!! Neda!!! Neda!!! They are continuing their defiance communicating in the dark from house to house. I just heard Mousavi sent a message that they have the right to protest, that they have been frauded. I don't know where he is but he better keep his head down. I know he is ready for martyrdom but I dot want it to happen,

The final Authority the so called supreme leader has cracked. I hear Government agents are on twitter encouraging people to violent protest. The SOB's are instigating for a reason to kill more people. I have not seen violence from the people yet. They are getting killed but now the people have proven to be the final authority.The ruling theocracy has tried to undermine Rafsanjani and Khatamei and I believe you are witnessing their failure. I would like to hear from these men but they must be on Iran's most wanted list too and better stay out of sight period.

Whether or not Iran returns to the world of Nations depends on the level of senseless brutality leveled at the people! Per the Chief terrorist Khamenei who [promised this to be bloody they are going to be as brutal as possible and blame it on Musavi and the others that oppose their fascist lies. They could care less what we think. They could care less about the world community. They just want to get back on track and they will always have Russia and China who I have heard absolutely nothing from.

Obama has handled this right thing putting his moral authority behind the people while refusing to get involved until recently when the violence started getting worse. Obama has weakened the Authority of the Ayatollah who is not. Republicans want a confrontation with Iran. Obama is right though in what he is doing. It would be much better to deal with a Musavi regime. Wanting real Democracy and equality with Women he would be much less threatening and confrontational and be much more accommodating. That is one more reason while the election was stolen from him and the people.

Rafsanjani and many other Politically prominent past Government leaders have joined Musavi. There is no stopping this now. This movement will not provoke any change whatsoever though unless the people follow through with this. If not they will change they will not like as the fascist regime will clamp down on them further. They must follow through with this now. Religious leaders following Musavi is both telling and compelling. It all tells me we are right Khamenei and Ahmadinejad are Fascist liars.

Watching Khamenei speaking the other day it was obvious he was no leader but a ruthless leader. It has always been obvious Ahmadinejad was spineless and a puppet. Just look at his face! I see reports that the still non violent citizens when they see regular police are asking them to join them. They can do this but it will be tough because the ruling thugs have all the guns!

This is no longer about the election this is about the obvious supreme liar. It is about being lied to and living a lie, taking back the true Iran and getting it back on track. The people want integration not isolation. Anyway you look at it the reign of the liar Ahmadinejad is over as he knew it, Khamenei is no longer the final authority. This is the era of the people!

* In closing, 30 Years ago Iran Fundamentalism was born. You see what it has wrought! Iran is still a very Religious society. People are not fed up with Iran but with the lying controlling fundamentalist Government. They have not delivered the goods. People want change! The entire middle east is seeing the power of youth. I just had a thought!

* Do you realize that after the 1979 Revolution people were encourage to procreate. The average age of Iranian's are 30 and out in the streets protesting. They are killing the children of the Revolution ! Doesn't that tell an idiot that their Revolution has failed? Anyway, is Egypt next? I reiterate that Obama set this in motion with his Cairo speech. Now it is in the hands of the Iranian's. It is up to them to take care of the situation and rejoin the world of Nation's as they want. They want to remove the chains.I said it before but the wall Bush built in the middle east appears to be coming down one Nation at a time. Not just Iran but The entire middle east appears to be Obama's Berlin Wall!

* This morning I heard the Professor of Iranian studies at Columbia University say this is not quite a Revolution yet. He rightly said it is not the people but the Iranian Council that is in violation of their legal Rights. You know Ballot fraud is what started the people on this quest. Well finally the Guardian Council has admitted to voting inequities. This will only embolden the Tweeter Revolution and further the Lipstick Revolution in Iran.

** As you know, Neda a voice of one has become the voice of millions and is the rallying cry heard around the world. As I watch Iranian's around the world crying for their family and friends, people in Iran getting Brutalized defending their Rights, they are remembering the vision of Neda shot down by a Basij and Yes I will continue I will never stop! Yes, the establishment is creating their own worse nightmare a second Revolution to replace their failure. The youth will do it right this time!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Contrary to what you might think Iran isn't as secular as one might think. Mousavi on his web page asked his followers to protest within the confines of the law and that would be Islamic law.
Obama is right to stay out of the fray because any appearance of looking like he's getting directly involved may look like an attack on Islam.

two crows said...

hi, Jim--
of course, The Eminent Leader [or whatever he's called] will blame the 'Great Satan' no matter what Obama does. that's just s.o.p.

nevertheless, O MUST stay out. I'm just hoping he doesn't bow to the pressure being brought to bear by the neocons. I hope he has more spine than most Dems do.
and, this is off-thread:
I haven't been able to activate my account at All Voices. I've got an email in to them -- hope they respond. unless they do, I can't use their site at all -- to comment or add a post or anything.

I'm disgusted over here.

an average patriot said...

Hi Demeur
I agree! It is the Government abusing their rights not the people. Khamenei is not even an Ayatollah!

an average patriot said...

Hi two crows
I absolutely love it! The Republicans constantly mouth off accusing Obama of not standing up for Democracy and being more forceful with Iran which would be absolutely stupid.
In response Obama says Republican cam make their ineffectual unuseful noise but he is not listening to them.
He is the President and is in direct contact with the reformers in Iran. They are telling him he is doing exactly the right thing for Them!

Dave Dubya said...

If republicans had their way, many more of those protesters would already be dead from a US invasion.

Now the "republicans" in Iran are doing the killing.

an average patriot said...

I know! We were afraid Bush would find the excuse to attack them and I am glad he didn't. I do not like those brave people being killed but they have had enough of that regime too. They want equality and have had enough of the Ayatollah who isn't.

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
Let`s not forget that Bush, whilst in office,authorised millions of dollars, to set up a team to infiltrate Iran and disrupt the political process.

This was done under the auspices of Cheney, who actually employed his daughter to oversee the plan.

Known as ISOG,(Iran Syria Operations Group) the underhand meddling continues under Obama....

Whilst your press focuses on the protests, they evade the issue of who is behind them...

an average patriot said...

Hey Landsker
Long time no hear hope all is well! Yes I remember when it was made public in 2007!

I posted the video on it a couple days ago. They never mention it but we instigated this too.

Republicans are trying to glorify Iraq adding another lie to the real reason why the attacked Iraq. Now they are saying it had nothing to do with WMD. They are now saying they intended to bring Democracy to Iran. BS!

They attacked Iraq to get in the middle east to attack Iran. When they could not instigate an excuse they set up ISOG. Thanks for the link Bud!