Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Clerics are now marching side by side protecting them form the Revolutionary Guard and the Basij, I'm psyched!

* The dynamics are changing! Protesters are now turning on law enforcement. Riot police are running from crowds who are now chasing them down. As violence continues to get much worse the dynamics of this movement are changing constantly. * While we only report the truth and their pictures coming from the front lines we are accused of exaggerating and instigating this. Meanwhile they tell their people everything is fine.

* A large quantity of paramilitary thugs were beating people and chasing them away as they attempted to attend Neda's funeral and hold a vigil at her burial site. Iran has warned Britain of interference and instigating violence. As a result Britain has pulled its authorities from Iran for their safety. * I am happy to hear that the Guardian council now admits the people protesting are right. They admit that Ballots were stuffed in 50 states!

* The Revolutionary Guard publicly warned protesters they will use severe force to crush any and all resistance. As I alluded to Iran's senior clerics are now divided and this along with everything else will further complicate things for the so called Old Guard and the Supreme Leader. * Clerics are now marching side by side with the protesters to protect them from the Revolutionary Guard, the Basij, and other Government thugs.

* This in itself is Revolutionary! The old Guard as Iran and the world new it is now ineffectual and unraveling. The new Guard is still taking shape and I do not believe they will be denied this time around.

* I absolutely love it! The Republicans constantly mouth off accusing Obama of not standing up for Democracy and being more forceful with Iran which would be absolutely stupid. In response Obama says Republican cam make their ineffectual unuseful noise but he is not listening to them. He is the President and is in direct contact with the reformers in Iran. They are telling him he is doing exactly the right thing for Them!

* There were more helicopters flying over Iran yesterday than any other day since this crisis for the people started as the Government tried to stop people from attending services for Neda. That really is cold and sick! They are trying to disperse the still forming protesters. People better carry something to cover their heads and bare skin. Remember helicopters were flying over head dropping acid on the people the other day.

* Now that the Guardian Council has come out and admitted that there was 50 States with stuffed Ballots one State showing 140% of the residents cast votes, calls for a revote now have credence. Ahmadinejad will be gone but Khamenei will have a chance to save his position that is now in jeopardy as he no longer has any authority with the people. He has as out if he wants it!

* People though are starting to question that made the old Guard work. the regime better go out of their way to not kill any more people. You know, having said that I believe they realize it as I was watching the Basij beating a man with clubs and hearing reports that they were firing over head to disperse the crowds and not into them. At this point events are turning against the current regime and the shoe is now on the other foot. They not the people better do what they can to keep this from ratcheting up. It is getting beyond them. Good!

* This is no longer a unified Government and they did it themselves. This is not a normal protest. This is now one faction against the other. Iranian Women are on the front line in this. Iranian's have a name for it but in English they are known as line women and do they ever stand their ground. I listened to one woman saying go ahead beat me while they were clubbing her as she took their pictures and turned them into CNN. She is now in bed recovering!

* One woman was screaming as her 5 year old son was being beaten. If you watched Iran TV you would think everything is fine as that is what they are saying along with saying all the shops are open. * They are calling the protesters terrorist while in fact they are the terrorists. The protesters are in turn telling the world to get it out that they are not terrorists. They just want freedom and the truth to be known about the lie they are living. They want Iran Right! This is not a political issue but is a human rights issue!

* Musavi is urging supporters to carry black candle with green ribbons around them to mourn those killed. He wants them to drive with their lights on in a show of unity. Musavi supporters protest are fighting for equal rights and the presidency. At the same time Rafsanjani is running a campaign to unseat the Supreme Leader "Khamenei" * Iran's assembly of Experts are split as to what to do now and this is critical! Some are in favor of Khamenei and some are against him. They have the final say as to who is the Supreme Leader from what I understand.

* In closing, You can see the dynamics are increasingly against the current Theocracy. This division at the very top has not been seen in 30 years. The protesters in order to succeed must have help from the top and they are beginning to get it. Iran will not be the same country when this ends! Having said that one protester said we are getting rid of this regime that failed us. We will do it right this time. We will not fail Iran!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


betmo said...

the irony is not lost on me :)

an average patriot said...

Hi Billie
This is all snowballing so fast you can't keep up with it.

Demeur said...

This will get uglier unless there's a general strike shutting down the country. That is the only way to prevent more bloodshed.
I wouldn't get my hopes up about them becoming a secular country. I could be wrong but such changes usually don't happen overnight.

Karen said...

Neda... RIP


an average patriot said...

I am not sure what day maybe Thursday but they have called for a general strike. It worked in 1979 by they wonder about today though I think most would respect it. We shall see!

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen
The more I hear about her the angrier I get. She wasn't even a protester but stopped to watch with her music teacher!

Weaseldog said...

Maybe if Obama pulled the $400/million a year program to fund black ops (terrorism) in Iran, this might settle a bit.

But then if Iran stabilizes, we might not be able to have a glorious war there.

an average patriot said...

You know Wease I forgot all about that. They would get the hell out of there if they are smart. If there, capture would be sure death and a major problem for us and worse for the protesters!