Friday, June 12, 2009

Just one more nut case Republicans have succeeded in triggering, they will continue until they create Anarchy against Obama!

Tiller murdered, the Army recruiter murdered, 3 cops murdered in Pittsburgh, ambushed by someone who believed Republican extremists that Obama was going to take his guns, Now Stephen Tyrone Johns sacrificed his life while guarding the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. By now you know he was killed by a Holocaust denying white supremacist. I was stunned to hear he was 88 but not that his hate for Jews,Blacks, Catholics, and Obama. Racist hate will never die in some.

Von Bruun hated everyone including our Government, he is the classic KKK type. You go to the Holocaust Museum to pay your respects, to get a handle on what happened some 65 years ago. You do not expect someone to try to kill you there. Be on guard everywhere every single time. Hate and racism is still alive. It will never die! The Republicans make sure they keep hate and fear alive. Listen to their hateful words their fear mongering all day every day. I blame all of this and more on Republican fear and hater mongering Extremists. They will keep stoking this fire until it erupts into anarchy and the armed Revolution many of them have called for.

Von Bruun's ex wife said he told her he would not be taken alive and he would eat Jews and Blacks alive. He is just one more right wing extremist. One more right winger with hate towards Obama kept alive by the Limbaugh's of the Republican party until it explodes, This is a crime to incite one to kill!

I am convinced and have always believed the killings of MLK, JFK, and RFK, were instigated if not worse, by right wing Republican party extremists. It is no coincidence those murders have never been satisfactorily answered. I am long convinced of it! The fires for the right to fuel are growing, immigration, a Black President, millions of lost jobs and homes, the Recession,, all meet at the crossroads. They will be fed by the Michelle Malkin's Rush Limbaugh's, and Bill Oreilley's who as you may remember was responsible for egging on Roder until he exploded and killed who Oreilly called Tiller the Baby killer.

I do not care what they say this so called angry fringe is being exploited and fueled by the angry otherwise impotent Republican extremists trying to create anarchy. When they explode it is to the muted joy of Republicans. There will never be a debate in Congress on this growing problem as should be the case. It will only happen if the scum's succeed in getting the Presidency back and the problem persists from the other side.

* In Senator Cohen's own words who by the way witnessed the Holocaust Museum attack "is a crime to instigate someone to murder" I of course agree but why then are the Republicans allowed to continue to incite people to violence? It is blatantly sickeningly obvious. I keep hearing the question, at what point does anger erupt into violence? I'll tell you! When potential lone wolfs have heard enough of Republican fear and hate mongering! Why is nothing done about it? The question I hear is how do we eradicate it? We don't! Republicans are doing what they have to, to keep hate alive for their gain. I do not see anything good coming out of this.
Holocaust museum closed in tribute to slain guard

Just take a quick look at the latest Republican lies and idiocy. This will simply continue until they get the results they want and it will not be good! Frank Gaffney: Obama Duped America Like Hitler Duped Chamberlain

I went on a little longer than planned so I will simply ask you to glance at what we discussed in the past and observe how this is building up! The culture wars will get worse till they blow

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Holocaust Museum suspect tied to W Michigan


Demeur said...

Oh it could be worse. Imagine had McCain been elected. I think the stress would have killed him. He even so much as admitted that he didn't know much about economics. Then we'd have to listen to four years of Palin. She'd would have cut taxes again for the wealthy and cut spending and we'd see bread lines from New York to L.A.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I feel for you guys when you all worry about what to expect of right wing people, extremists, some Republicans... you are definitely not wrong and of course the threat is real, but us agreeing on it isn't really gonna change too much. We have to get ahold of them individually and change people one by one.

I talk to lots of people who basically are the enemy. Usually I don't find that they are evil and there are even a lot of things we can laugh about together or agree apon, even in terms of politics and what went wrong.
But then it comes: somewhere there is that little twist in their minds, which does that whatever they are "putting into their brains" comes out twisted through their mouth (or their pen for that matter!).

Therefore I tend to handle it like that: we talk, I listend, try to understand and then I try to help them figgure out where the twist is and sometimes they really see through the fog and start being able to put two and two together without ending up with "five"!

You know what I mean? keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer! And funny enough, it very often works out. They feel understood, they are happy that finally somebody does care and they loosen up and start acting a little bit more social. So okay slow progress, but eventually you're getting somewhere.

Re JFK and other murders: no idea, if Republicans were behind it, anything is possible and frankly there are so many assholes who fit the profile including his own father - who I think was one of the sickest man around. just look what he did to JFK's sister! Murder is nothing compared to that!

re black PR: even Napoleon feared hostile papers more than hostile armies! And that's what makes the world go round and keeps us all bottled up:
Unlimited access of the media into theatre, them all arguing all day long and covertly setting up different sides against each other.
perfect! because then you've got chaos and anarchy. - And that's exactly what those want, who earn their blood money on us!
they can then opperate in broad daylight without being noticed, because we're just so damn busy arguing with our fellow men.

James what happened? did all of my e-mail-addresses not work?

an average patriot said...

I will always be stupefied by the fact that she is even a politician. I am still stunned that anyone could want her anywhere near the White House. I was just listening to her shit over Letterman. She is such a disingenuous ass.

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia
We really have some nut cases here and being fed by the right. I like what you said here. keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer! So true and we are not doing it and we will pay.

Now, I sent you a picture to the Kieth E to see if it worked. I did not get it returned so I assumed you got it, no?

Demeur said...

If Palin is so concerned about the dignity of women then maybe she should have the entire republican party apologize for the joke John McCain made some years back at a republican dinner:

"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno."

Brother Tim said...


Unfortunately, we have an influx of 'nut cases' on the right, middle, and the left.

I'd go as far as to say it is pandemic. ;)

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Yep, good point re the pandemic, Brother Tim!

Also very right, Demeur! There are still a lot of men out there not just that sick nut, who by pricipal treat women like that.

James, it didn't come through.
My IT-gus tell me, you should use:

sorry about the inconvinience, it seems the E-mail system is totally fucked - which by the way is also quite some sick political story...

anyway, I would appreciate, if you'd try again, and try the calec-address.

an average patriot said...

I will leave Reno alone but I am pissed that Palin capitalizes like the slime she is on every tiny thing but I do think it was stupid of Letterman

an average patriot said...

Brother nice to see you. I do agree and it will get worse!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia
I will try that one, just give me a minute! Good luck!

Dave Dubya said...

American fascism is very much alive and active. ODS, Obama Derangement Syndrome is spreading faster than the flu.

Check out the hateful propaganda republican leader Limbaugh spewed yesterday:

"This guy is a leftist, if anything. This guy's beliefs, this guy's hate stems from influence that you find on the left, not on the right.

The anti-Jew rhetoric in this country today comes from the American left and from the circle of people that are close to Barack Obama.

It is President Obama comparing the Holocaust to what's happening in Gaza.

Who has been preaching hate for eight years? Who has been doing movies about assassinating the president, writing books about it? The left! This guy, the Holocaust museum yesterday, he had a lot of affection for the German national socialists. That's the left wing. Hitler was a leftist."

Rush learned well from the Nazis, the Big Lie works.

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave
I listened to that numerous times and I am stunned people listen to that fascist and he gets away with that, That Racist hated the Government period!

Anonymous said...

So, how's all that hope & change workin' out for you little commie bastards, eh?

Brother Tim said...

Great, Guy. How's it workin' for you lil fascist asswipes?

an average patriot said...

Brother I just saw this, doesn't the idiocy and complacency kill you as scum like that want to see America fail!