Thursday, June 11, 2009

Republicans continue their identity crisis as they call for GM Boycott and Obama failure as he continues to shine!

Republicans never fail to stupefy me. First I have to ask, Did anyone notice that the west just scored their first victory in the middle east? As far as I am concerned it is in direct response to Obama's well received speech in Cairo. The war instigator Bush compelled the Lebanese to vote for Iran aligned Hezbollah to lead them.We now have a peace President who genuinely wants Peace in the middle east not his way but their way. The Lebanese just voted in Hamas to lead them. I for one am psyched and have to hope the same happens in Iran next week and hard liner Ahmadinejad is voted out as looks to be the case right now.

Knowing how the entire world was floored with the beauty of Obama's speech in Cairo with the exception of Republicans and other terrorists as I wrote the other day. I was immensely impressed with Obama's humility and expression of Love for America while expressing to the world as he should have that he was a citizen of the world. That was beautiful and the entire world believes the same thing. We can lead if they want to be led but we are no better than anyone else.

I was stunned to hear Gingrich stupid enough to say to an audience of so called conservative supporters that he was an American and not a citizen of the world. That absolutely blew me away. In you immediate family you are a member of the entire family whether you agree with them or not. You can pick your friends but you can not pick your family as the saying went. Gingrich said he would never be a citizen of North Korea or Venezuela. Neither would I but like it or not they are still part of the world family and we must somehow get along.

Gingrich is definitely not the one to lead the Republicans out of the "wilderness" He would only lead them further into the wilderness. I heard this funny line yesterday and it is dead on. "Gingrich has more baggage than Samsonite" That Partisan mindless idiot said we would be amazingly better off if McCain and Palin got elected. Palin? I mean come on. Have some respect for yourself.

The public was polled yesterday to find out who they thought spoke for the GOP. 52% of the public did not know. Sounds like success to me. The rest were divvied up in small numbers between Cheney, Gingrich, Limbaugh, and McCain with 1% saying GW. They have not reinvented themselves. They are not the big tent party. They are still the pup tent party. The party of angry old white men they did not want to become.

It doesn't stop it just gets worse! John Voight Angelina Jolee's right wing father was speaking and unbelievably called President Obama a false prophet. Prophet? It is still worse, again I am stunned! Republicans are asking for your help! This stupefies me. Heidi Harris and other conservative radio talk show hosts want you to Boycott GM to make Obama look like a failure.They are telling you not to buy"socialists cars"

Don't those fools understand Chrysler was just sold to Italy more pointedly Fiat? Hummer a part of GM was just sold to China with no guarantee that the plants would be in America after 2010? 789 Chrysler dealerships have been forced to close? Those fools want you to only buy foreign cars to make Obama fail. Those asses are safe. They do not care what this would mean to you. If GM was forced into Bankruptcy the American people would lose their money. Hundreds of thousands of people would lose their jobs thus their lifestyle's leading more foreclosures. What the hell is wrong with them?

They have got to stop supporting their Political idiocy I mean Ideology. Support America! They just want Obama to fail. What about average Americans? What about America? There should never have been a bailout in the first place. However it is done and now we must all get behind this. We all must support this. I do not want to see just Ford remaining, no offense.

Remember during the 80s when Chrysler was in trouble. Chrysler came out with the K car and that saved them. We bought Chrysler's to save help average Americans and America not the President. What the hell is wrong with Republicans? There are many employees at stake her and 88,000 throughout North America. The stakes are too high. We must make this work! Buy GM for us. The hell withy the destructive games. Think about America. We can do this!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

It's obvious that the republican party is devoid of ideas and has no leadership. This is the only way they can get their pusses on TV and not be forgotten like What's that political party from long ago?

I say when you see them on the tube switch channels because they're just wasting your time. Until the radical right is removed from the party then it is no party and should be treated as such. Even John McCain's mother doesn't acknowledge them.

It should be interesting to see which ones switch to independent before the next election because they know they can't get elected as republican.

an average patriot said...

I do not see those Anarchist changing. They will continue whipping up the Von Bruun's of America until they get their armed Revolution many of them have been calling for.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Does the name Matthias Rath sound familiar to you guys?
Ever heard about the Ikarus Cult?

I have to confess I haven't checked them out at all, just know what dr. rath came up with this time round.
- Also: usually when the word "cult" is used the reported news don't have much to do with the truth... however I do know that those fuckers are organized in more than one secret club - networking really, really well.

Little W, Dicky-Pouhs and Johnny-dear are definitely names that keep comming up in that connection.

re possible change: Why should they change?
did their mental condition improve?
Have the unethical acts that they committed made it easier for them to face the truth? I hardly think so!
Once a person is on the way down, he will keep justifying his unethical deeds and as a consequence of that become even more blind and act even more irresponsible.

It really takes quite some strength for a person to turn things around at that point. Frankly as far as they are concerned: they don't have it in them! And they do also not see a reason to do so, since their actions are backed up by their immediate surroundings.

A criminal can be rehabilitated, but first he has to see a glimps of the light and somehow devellop the wish to change for the better.

I must tell you, I actually feel sorry for these people. They must feel completely insecure and absolutely disgusted with themselves. That's why they keep on in the same manner. - Really sad, because as an individium, they've really had it! they're doomed.

However their surroundings can't be made to pay for their own messed up condition and that's why one has to put them into place somehow.
usually it's already enough if one just makes sure that the "good guys" get plenty of support and those who are bad news get none. They'll be out of business soon enough, if the efford is a massive one.

And James - re "hell of a story...": now you've really made me curious!!! But I agree, wrong place! However you know where to find me... or try this one:

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia
Don't feel sorry for them pleasse! In regards to yesterdays Holocaust killing and many that are increasingly happening ar because of the Republican idiocy and hate and fear mongering.

That is tomorrows post but here is a sample.

I am convinced and have always believed the killings of MLK, JFK, and RFK, were instigated if not worse, by right wing Republican party extremists. It is no coincidence those murders have never been satisfactorily answered.

I am long convinced of it! The fires for the right to fuel are growing, immigration, a Black President, millions of lost jobs and homes, the Recession,, all meet at the crossroads.

They will be fed by the Michelle Malkin's Rush Limbaugh's, and Bill Oreilley's who as you may remember was responsible for egging on Roder until he exploded and killed who Oreilly called Tiller the Baby killer.

I do not care what they say this so called angry fringe is being exploited and fueled by the angry otherwise impotent Republican extremists trying to create anarchy. When they explode it is to the muted joy of Republicans.

There will never be a debate in Congress on this growing problem as should be the case. It will only happen if the scum's succeed in getting the Presidency back and the problem persists from the other side.
Now let me see what I got you curious about and I'll see if that E works for me!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia
I just sent you a test but it did not go through. I do not know what the problem is. My story would really take a book. I started it years ago but put it aside for all this crap. Anyway, take care!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

this is totally off-pissing!
We can't even get a mail through from one PC to another. (We've got 5 linked up!)
Have you tried ?

try and see then if this one works:

If that doesn't work, we still got a completely different provider and server we can use. that one doesn't fail, but is not mine.
But it's fucking annoying that the company can't get this right! Afterall it's supposed to be the most reliable provider in the north!

Anyway, now I REALLY wanna know your story, since you managed to make such a mystery out of it! Geez! you really know how to buid up the tension - and you're not even a fiction writer!

Oh something completely different.
I just posted this one

- felt a little spiritual, when I looked through the pics of the north and people have dumped a lot of awards on me, so I thought, I'd use it as an opportunity to get rid of them.
You're one of the victims - enjoy!

an average patriot said...

Sarah Sofia
You make me laugh! I may have left out so I will try again and try the other. I might try to E you something until I get back to you. Hold on but first I will check your link. Take care!

betmo said...

jim, i just wrote a post about the surreal nature of 'reality' and how i have to live in my own world because i can't understand the 'real world.' it is difficult for me to wrap my mind around the fact that there is a significant amount of americans who lockstep and hang on every word of the gingrichs, limbaughs, buchanans, malkins, etc.- and it's why there are so many bullet horders in the south and crazy gunmen all over. jim, i have said it before, they will push us right into a civil war.

an average patriot said...

Hi B
Yes they will instigate the lone wolfs until they get their armed Revolution. I even heard Gingrich angrily alluding to it. The angry old white men are losing their grip on their version of America. All we can do is relax and deal with the results. By the way, sorry I got tied up yesterday and I am busy and behind. Take care!

Jack Reylan said...

FIAT = "Fix It Again, Tony!"