Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Abdullah rejects power sharing and may Boycott reelection creating crisis Republicans want our troops rushed into. Think! ...

Officials say Karzai rival may choose to boycott runoff

Afghan President, Main Rival Reject Power Sharing

Republicans: Clock Is Ticking on Afghanistan Troop Decision

I ask again, this is what Republicans want us to rush into? The troops that are there will not be abandoned and until the right decision as to what to do next is decided they will take care of business! A reiteration and then my synopsis:
Combatants should not be added with the goal of hunting Al Qaeda. They, Mullah Omar, and Bin Laden are in Pakistan. Our combatants should largely be on the border after we hopefully secure some semblance of a fair election. Then I reiterate Karzai's brother is a drug lord and was found rigging ballots. Why would we think a new vote would bring new results? I just see increased violence and corruption in this battle between truth and fraud to control Afghanistan!

What we should do after the people get their central Government if that is what they want and not what Karzai wants is go home: I reiterate that Our soldiers did their job send them home. Unless their job is to create as many enemies as possible which is all they are doing in Afghanistan get them out. Getting rid of Al Qaeda and eliminating their Afghan safe haven was supposed to be the goal not building a puppet Government like in Vietnam.

Think! Do it the right way! Refocus the mission! After 8 years of mismanagement under Bush it is right that Obama take time think and listen to good advice not war mongering Republicans. Listen to Max Cleland who has learned the lessons of Vietnam the hard way. Listen to Biden! Listen to McCain, then think about it and do the right thing.

They may be now but the Taliban was not the enemy Al Qaeda was and is they attacked us not the Taliban. We keep hearing the Taliban are resurging. Who the hell cares as long as they stay in Afghanistan. THEY ARE NOT THE ENEMY! At least they weren't! Or is the friggen goal to see how many Muslim's we can get to fight us? Get out and Monitor them with drones.

Work on Al Qaeda around the world! Afghanistan and the Taliban as I said were not the enemy though they may be now! Karzai is using us so he can steal Afghanistan for him and his brother! We do not need a hundred years ground war unless keeping our military and a war going in Afghanistan is how they plan on saving and driving our economy! I have faith whatever he decides, Obama will do the right thing no matter how unpalatable it may be!

* This stupefies me! Russ Feingold and others and others in Congress are already prepared to stop Obama if he takes McChrystal's advice and goes with a troop increase. There should be a troop increase but it has to be hybridized to insure success! Success must be redefined as Any Government elected by the people with the proven ability to unify and fight for the average Afghan! We should then go home. Feingold should not fight a troop increase cart blanch. If the job can be done with the troops at hand fine.

There has to be a reeducation of Afghan defense forces and all the people. Teach them to stand up! Give them the equipment. Let them show us they want to and can do this! We can stand down and concentrate on helping Pakistan and Afghanistan on the border. If the Afghan army is ready to stand up take control and fight we can do this! However I have my doubts that they and the people want to do it!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Robert Rouse said...

Months before 9/11 even happened, the Taliban were on my shit list, so I have a huge bone to pick with those assholes.

an average patriot said...

Robert you're funny! It was an absolute pleasure talking to you. Maybe again when we have some time. This is another subject that is extremely long and convoluted. I will shut up and check the link so thanks! Things have been happening here and I have been busy so bear with me. Take care!

an average patriot said...

Man I remember when they did that, that was one of the biggest atrocities in the world. Son of a bitch!

Demeur said...

You guys need to remember that this is the mess that we created. We backed the Taliban when the Russians were sent packing. Much like Sadam in Iraq.
As Kerry pointed out yesterday the solution isn't military. We would need to build a country to win hearts and minds and at present we're doing that with money borrowed from China. But as we all know we don't have bottomless pockets.

an average patriot said...

Demeur we big time created this and staying there will only make it worse. We really do have to get right out but you know we won't we will only get deeper and deeper.

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
The Russians left when the Americans supplied the Mujadhins with SAM`s (stingers).
So far the Talibs haven`t deployed them, but if and when they do, then will the Americans tolerate the loss of aircraft?

As for the Afghan people, it seems that there are insufficient numbers coming forward to join the national army, and many that do simply take the money and the gun, then desert or join the Talibs.
This month alone 55 Americans killed and hundreds grotesquely injured, and it seems the Taliban, after eight years of fighting, now control over 90% of the country.
The Afghan people don`t want rigged elections and puppet governments, and who could blame them.

an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker! We bought as many of those stingers as we could plus we have defenses from them. I have not heard one thing about them.
Anyway I am not a pessimist I just know we are going to join the roll in the graveyard of Nations. We are not smart enough to get the hell out.