Tuesday, October 06, 2009

White House aide says Taliban return to power unlikely : Get a friggen clue will you!

Security Adviser Calls Troop Increase McChrystal's Opinion Oh yeah?
At Least 10 Coalition Troops Killed in Eastern Afghanistan

Taliban return to power unlikely - White House aide

Don't be so friggen stupid! Unless Afghanistan does their own fighting and shows they do not want Sharia law as they appear to you better believe the so called Taliban Al Qaeda or whatever you want to call them are going to prevail. Actually controlling the farce of an Afghanistan Government is not even secondary. It is unnecessary. They can and are controlling the country right from where they are!

I continue to beat a dead horse but again reiterate though it is a waste of time that like Afghanistan Pakistan is largely tribal but they want a central Government and freedom from the Taliban to continue to have their tribal customs and freedoms and are fighting for it! NATO go home! Scale back! Get out! We keep hearing how tough Afghani's are. Prove it! Pakistan has shown what they want and so has Afghanistan. Can't we take a friggen hint?

We keep hearing how we must get to Taliban moderates and Afghan moderates well get with it do it now and let them fight for their country. Moderate tribesmen in parts of militant-ravaged north-west Pakistan are challenging Taliban extremists threatening to overrun their area, in what will develop into a mass resistance movement.That is what Afghanistan must do!

America and NATO must get out! We have been there over 8 years, twice as long as WW2! If Afghanistan wanted freedom from the Taliban they would already be trained and fighting for it instead of just letting themselves be killed as pawns. Get rid of corrupt Karzai!

Why are the Afghan's not forming Lashkar's and killing the Taliban if they want their freedom from them? * Have a fair election, get rid of Karzai,Feed and supply Afghan's to fight if they want their freedom as Pakistan is and get out! That is the only answer not less or more troops.

Our soldiers did their job leave now with heads held high not our tails between our legs like in Saigon! Give food and supplies to the Afghans and if they want their freedom they will fight for it like the Pakistani tribes are. We should be helping Pakistan who has proved they want their freedom from Taliban and Sharia law. Don't add more troops this is Afghanistan graveyard of Nations. Cheat history get out now!

Amidst the wasted American and NATO deaths the flagrantly corrupt Karzai Selection continues as the Afghan election recount begins; 2 more NATO deaths Get Out Now!

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma



Demeur said...

This definitely is beating a dead horse Jim. Most of the regions in Afghanistan are corrupt with tribal rivalries. The northern part of Pakistan is a tribal area and even the Pakistan government must get a pass to enter it. They may say they're for a central government but I think it's more like a tribal turf war. The Taliban and Al Qaeda were looked upon as heros there for kicking out the Russians out of Afghanistan.
Yes I'd agree we need to get out of this situation but how? If we leave it'll be "cut and run" and if we stay it will be Vietnam all over again. The Pakistanis won't let us set up camp there to finish the job. Pakistan just took the money we gave them 6.6 billion to do this job and spent it on other things. Does that sound like somebody who's serious?

Holte Ender said...

I'm reading that Pakistani tribes might be fighting the Taliban, but the the Military is concerned about the US involvement on the Pakistan side of the border, not just military but contractors. The Pakistani Taliban is vowing to fight the US in Pakistan.

General James L. Jones said fighting the Taliban in Pakistan was "the next step" in the war in Afghanistan.

Good article in the NYT yesterday by Jane Perlez on the resistance from Pakistani's on the increasing US movement in Pakistan.

jmsjoin said...

We did what we wanted and we are not supposed to be nation builders. We should get out. Lashkars have formed in Pakistan to kill the Taliban and keep the tribal lands the way they were under the Pakistan Government not sharia law. We should get out of Afghanistan and let them live as they will. The idiots in charge of us should have known from the get go Afghanistan has never been defeated and will not be by us!

jmsjoin said...

I blog with a lot of Pakistani's on a public media site and they are marking the American contractors and under cover. Flagging the houses they are in with bounty's on their heads. They will kill the Taliban to live their own way. We are no different!