Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Governor Perry knowingly executed an innocent man now he stacks the deck as much as he can to cover it up!

As we discussed two days ago, Governor Perry knowingly hung an innocent man and then tried to cover it up. As it becomes more obvious that Willingham was innocent Perry stacks the deck to cover the truth as far as the law allows him too. First a recap! Governor Perry of Texas first to knowingly execute an innocent man Perry replaces panel members who wanted an investigation!
Perry executed the man based on unproven information and when the truth came out and an investigation was called for Perry dismissed the entire team saying their time was up. Gee it had nothing to do with the fact that they knew the fire was an accident not arson and Perry knowingly hung an innocent man? Nope not the entire team only three of the 7!

Perry abruptly removed three members of the Texas Forensic Science Commission -- including the commission's chairman just two days before they were to meet to review the evidence that Cameron Todd Willingham was innocent. The new chairman a prosecutor not a Defender who has now replaced a defense attorney on the commission canceled the hearing for the time being. Gee what a coincidence and in time to cover up before a reelection campaign!

Perry, who maintains that Willingham was guilty, defended the move by saying that their terms were up, so we replaced them. Nevertheless he said that the abruptness of their dismissal appears a bit suspicious. No you think? Then let them do this first unless you know you're guilty! The innocence project is right saying that it looks an awful lot like a governor who's interfering with a science commission because the science demonstrated that we've executed an innocent person. There was no arson it was an accidental fire!

I am an eye for an eye guy but especially in an instance like execution you have to "know" not think you know. The death penalty should only be used in extreme cases and this was not one of them. Look at the links and there are many more. It is obvious Perry knowingly executed an innocent man. Now the Governor fires the independent Chairman and two other members of this Commission right before they were going to prove he knowingly executed an innocent man. Again The innocence project is right saying It's like Nixon firing Archibald Cox to avoid turning over the Watergate tapes. We can not let him get away with this.

Now only a couple days later instead of begging forgiveness and killing himself the SOB deepens the cover up! This guy is a true Politician he actually says the truth will vindicate him. Once again the truth will never be known and we will never forgive and forget! Now he has replaced a 4th person out of a 7 member board. He has now set it up so he has a controlling majority of deciders in his favor. I am more livid than before and refuse to believe you can legally kill someone and get away with it. Why did they kill; him so fast? What did Willingham know? What is Perry hiding? Perry's office quiet on expert's arson report I am stunned!

Fourth member replaced on Texas panel probing execution

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

Texas politics never ceases to amaze. They stall and stall and hope it goes away. For justice sake let's hope his opponents have more staying power.

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Demeur said...

That's just like Texas. Hang em first and ask questions later. I seem to recall that of all the states that execute Texas is the highest and has also released more on DNA evidence. I wonder when Perry will try to outlaw DNA.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...


And especially since a friend of mine had a friend who probably suffered the same fate. really sick story: first they killed her child and then they framed her for it! And of course everything was covered up, so nobody could get to the evidence afterwards. you're not gonna believe it, but even when a former president of another western country got involved it changed nothing whatsoever. don't know if the lady did get executed or not, because my friend died over all of this...

an average patriot said...

Holte I refuse to believe he can just do this and not be held accountable, I really would like to know why they killed him so quickly and refused to take into account the fact that the fire was an accident?

an average patriot said...

Demeur we should let them secede then attack them for their oil!

an average patriot said...

Sarah it really sickens me but we hear so many stories about stuff like this happening it is sickening. It is just covered up and the perpetrators just carry on! When all is said and done truth and justice is our weakness not our so called convicts I mean Politicians.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

yeah that's also always what bothers me so much: when the truth doesn't get to see the light of day!

I just was in a court case... okay I won, but not at all what I should have gotten out of it and the judge just didn't give a fuck about just how many crimes had been committed and who was the source of it all!

Holte Ender said...

I gave you bum link earlier


an average patriot said...

Sarah many got mad at me when I said it years ago but the truth does not matter. All you need is a good paid liar I mean lawyer. Those friggen judges think they are God too and they have too much control and it is often abused!

an average patriot said...

Thanks Holte I'll check that out now!

landsker said...

The Texas case is sickening, it`s premeditated murder that showcases the power of the state.
Many, many moons ago, a well-connected Canadian lawyer said to me;
"Justice is a commodity my friend, and the more money you got, the more justice you get."

We have foregone the death penalty here, since the 1950`s, the only complaints come from a minority of right-wingers, usually the same voices who to "expel the immigrants, bomb the Iranians, and sterilise the single mothers and socialists".... .

an average patriot said...

It is sick! I can not believe he did it for politics and is now trying to cover it up. It gets worse every day. He better not get away with this!