Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pressing the reset button with Russia continues to look better every day! Cooperation on Iran and a joint missile defense system?

Clinton: We want to eliminate Russian concerns

America wants to protect Israel from Iran' Russian Professor: Russia can really help US!

US, Russia: No New Sanctions on Iran Yet Russia was against sanctions against Iran before they were for them!

US says Medvedev backs sanctions if Iran fails to comply Cooperation on Iran is still a matter of intense negotiation and give and take from Russia and the US but I see it happening. More so than I do with China who at the same time we are strengthening ties with Russia China is also strengthening ties with Russia. I do see a convoluted relationship but when all is said and done something beneficial to all three countries will be worked out as I believe they see the necessity if any of us are too move into the future successfully!

It has only been a short time since Obama pressed the reset button with Russia and decided to drop Bush's worthless war mongering MDS in favor for the proven mobile Aegis missile defense system. I know talk is cheap and nothing concrete has come from pressing the reset button. However it sure is a pleasure to at least be able to talk civilly! Bush was using the missile defense shield to instigate Russia to war! Putting it in Czechoslovakia was by no means the best position for the system.

Britain more than once expressed an interest in having it on their soil. They were flatly refused. I have always agreed with Russia that putting the system on the door step was a direct affront to them and was targeted at them. Putin had expressed his concerns vehemently. Russia even suggested working on the system jointly and of course was flatly refused.

This is fantastic! I had high hopes for this even before Obama met with his Russian counterpart and hinted depending on Russia's stance he might be amenable to altering Bush's plan for a sedentary missile shield in Czechoslovakia and Poland. It was not even known if That MDS worked as we were told it did. It had never been tested in a realistic multiple fire missile situation which in fact is what would be encountered.

Obama did consult our allies including Czechoslovakia and Poland and let them know we would still be there for them. Despite the negative rhetoric we are hearing from the likes of Partisan war monger John McCain Europe is not now in danger and Czechoslovakia and Poland betrayed but once again quite the opposite is true. If you remember. if the MDS was to be deployed there Russia had threatened to once again turn its nuclear missiles in their direction.

That will not be the case now and Russia has even volunteered to stop work on their own missile defense shield. This is a very positive development despite the fear mongering we are once again being fed. This is a win win for Russia NATO and the US. I am psyched at the possibilities. Russia has already said they will entertain sanctions on Iran and their nuclear program. We could be important allies to a prosperous future in ,any instances not just Iran, Afghanistan, and the so called war on terror.

The idea is to swap the system for a better mobile proven system that we already use. This is a far superior idea and a money saver! The Aegis system is well tested! Nothing can be farther from the truth! We use to totally mobile proven aegis right now. It is already for medium and short rang missiles and can be relocated at a moments notice anywhere around the world. Long range ICBM capabilities are well under way.

Robert Gates was Bush's defense secretary too!He too says it is a great idea and you have to believe he kowtowed to Bush the wrongheaded sole decider. Russia and NATO have even been invited to share in it and Moscow shelved their own plans. All bias aside this is a great development! Some said this would never happen but this proposition looks even more promising. I love it!
Clinton Calls for Joint Missile-Defense System on Russia Trip

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Richard T said...

If I might correct you on 'Britain more than once expressed an interest'. The former Dear leader's regime (Blair) might have trailed its coat but the majority public opinion was against having a missile base - high handed military behaviour and a de facto surrender of UK sovereignty at the 2 US sites here does not help - and it is doubtful whether it would have got through.

The unpopularity relates in part to the use of the UK territory of Diego Garcia which has been 'given' to the USA and used for special rendition and, it is suspected here, torture. This has not gone down too well - not least because, under instruction from your government, our heroes have expelled the inhabitants without compensation and despite successful legal challenges will not redress this. I might remark, much like our courts ordering our government to release documents which will reveal collusion with CIA torture and your government instructing their puppet regime in London not to accede to what our courts say.

I think you might pride yourselves that you have finally reversed the War of Independence and we are now your colony.

I have digressed from the main point but I hope you think it germane.

Demeur said...

I look at this with cautious optomism. Russia just might realize that the U.S. will have mobile missles around the world. Eventually the Cons will get back in power and then where will we be?
I agree with Richard. I tend to trust the majority opinion of the British over what the leaders say. They tend to be correct in the long run.

an average patriot said...

Hi Richard T
Welcome and thanks for the input! I know it was Blair but as in Czech and Poland where the people didn''t want it the misleaders do what they damn well please and drag the people along.

an average patriot said...

I agree with you Demeur! It is in Russia's best interest to get involved with this as they could very likely be the world leaders. Or maybe China, damn!

Holte Ender said...

If it wasn't for corrupt and inept government infrastructure in Russia, they could be pushing for real SuperPower status again. They have the resources that the world wants, too bad they tried blackmail with their gas pipeline to western Europe, it forced Germany to jump headlong into alternative sources of power. It's in Russia's best interests not to be like the Soviet Union.

an average patriot said...

Holte I really have hope that Obama can turn the world around from the road to world war Bush had us on. I think Russia China and the US realize we must cooperate at this point or no one will have a successful future!

Karen said...

It feels so good to be friends with most of the world again.

Larry said...

It could also be another smokescreen to take a bit of the mind off of the continuing wars.

an average patriot said...

Yes it does Karen now we can only hope it pays off. It is up to all the world as you kn. We have and can hope!

an average patriot said...

I really hope not Larry! Man they have to realize the fragility of the Planet and the enormity of modern weapons and what a war would mean to our future or lack there of!